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Over the past year and a half I've been building email list in multiple markets and can proudly say that I make more than a full time income from email marketing. As a matter of fact, since I started focusing on email marketing,


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Are you Sick and Tired of Hearing People Say "The Money is in the List' but not giving you any idea how to build one?

Redneck from " Middle of Nowhere" Missouri Exposes How He's Getting 1000+ Optins A Week in any niche he goes after.

And The Dead Simple way he's building giant niche list will make your jaw drop.

If you're anything like I was when I first started out you probably:

  • Built a Blog
  • Threw some backlinks at it.
  • Put an optin form in the sidebar
  • And Waited..

Even though you probably snagged a few optins,you probably realized very quickly you're spending the majority of your day on something that will only net you a few optins a day for a massive amount of work that you're putting in.

When you add up all the time that you're spending trying to put together a squeeze page, find something to give away to those that sign up, as well as driving traffic to the page using old and outdated methods…. IT HARDLY SEEMS WORTH IT.

Building Profitable, Targeted lists is the Key to living the Internet Lifestyle, but 99% of the People Reading this have No Idea How to Do it Properly.

Dear Frustrated IMer, Ben Adkins here and yes… I know the struggles most people face when they first start out and are trying to build a profitable email list.

Over the past year and a half I’ve been building email list in multiple markets and can proudly say that I make more than a full time income from email marketing. As a matter of fact, since I started focusing on email marketing, I have been able to make in one month what I used to make in an entire year at other jobs.

Not only do I use email marketing to make my living, I have also helped a ton of other young internet marketers learn how to build their list and make a full time income with email marketing themselves.

Despite all the success I’ve had in the past year and a half, however, things weren’t always so easy. As a matter of fact, I almost gave up on Internet Marketing when I first started out because I had so many frustrating early failures.

I was probably a lot like you when I first started out. I wanted to make money on the internet but was stuck as to how in the world I was going to be able to do it. I literally must have tried everything when I first started.

I remember hearing every “IM Guru” out there say “the money is in the list” but, while I could see how what they were saying could be true, I never could seem to figure out how any of these guys were building these monster list and making money from them.

I spent hours trying to learn how use paid traffic, solo ads, as well as good old fashioned SEO to get my squeeze pages in front of people, but I never seemed to make enough money to justify the time and money I was spending to get people to optin to my list.

I was spending countless hours and money trying to build my list but the Fabled “Big Payoff” just wasn’t coming.

No matter How Hard I tried I kept running into 5 major issues:

1)    I was Never Sure if A Niche was Good to Go After before I put in the work.

This was a huge problem because I would spend hours working on building squeeze pages and autoresponder sequences only to find out the niche wasn't something I could ever make money on. HUGE WASTE OF MY TIME.

2)    I never had a consistent traffic source that brought in optins day in and day out.

This sucked because one day I would be getting a good amount of optins and the next day the exact campaign would do horribly. There was no rhyme or reason to any of it.

3)    My Squeeze Pages Never Seemed to Convert Well.

This was bad because I would spend my money running ads to a page that didn't get the majority of the people that saw it to sign up. HUGE WASTE OF MONEY.

4)    I Was Horrible at getting people to open my Emails.

Of the few people that I did get to actually optin, very few of them actually opened my emails. Without opens, the list was worthless.

5)    I couldn't seem to get anyone to click the links in my Emails.

The very few people who actually saw my emails rarely clicked the links inside so I was left with next to zero conversions that made me any money.

Does any of the above sound familiar?

I was Starting to Believe that this “list Building” thing was a load of Crap, but that’s when a Chance Encounter Changed everything.

One day I was browsing on Facebook when I came across a fan page for a singer in a very popular band at the time. I absolutely hated the band but I was amazed at how many fans this page had as well as how many likes and comments each post was getting.

I was fascinated because, upon further inspection, I found out that this was not an official page. It turns out that this page was being run by someone who had nothing to do with the band.

I started examining the post that the person who owned the page was making and realized that they were sending people to affiliate offers that were associated with the band.

These people were extremely engaged with the page so I knew that the person had to be making a ton of money on the affiliate offers. These people were so consumed with the page that they would do anything the post asked them to do.

And that's when it hit me.

This seemingly innocent page was the key to building a monster list in any niche I wanted… any time I wanted.

I realized that the reason I wasn't having success had alot to do with the way I was trying to build my list…. off cold traffic. Facebook pages were the perfect way to build trust with people so that when you pointed them to a squeeze page they were ready to optin and interact with your emails. The page also helped me separate the serious fans of a niche from the casual enthusiast.

Even though this concept seemed very easy, I needed to test it out for myself.

I built my first "niche page" on facebook and started building it up. While I made a ton of mistakes in the beginning, it wasn't long until I got the hang of running the page and getting the fans of the page to engage.

A let a little time pass and then I dropped my first optin form link on the page. Below is a screenshot of what happened the first 7 days.

Ok… So I was getting the optins now, but the real test was whether or not I could get people to open the email that I sent out and then click on a link.

Check out the screenshot showing opens/clicks.

JACKPOT!!! I had stumbled onto a unique method ot building a list using facebook traffic… and it turned out to be infinitely scalable across any niche I wanted to go after.

Over the next few months I refined the method and mastered:

1)    A Simple Way to See if A Niche was Worth Going After before I did any work.

I no longer waste any time going after niches that are hard to grow a list in and monetize.

2)    How to get fast traffic and then turn that initial into free viral traffic for my squeeze pages. I built my special "sticky pages" fast and then use that initial traffic to grow my list virally (it's insane how people help me grow my list now)

3)    How to presell my audience so any squeeze page converted like mad.

This rocks because I never have to worry about someone getting on my list and not taking action on what I put in front of them. My list is made up of people passionate about the topic of the list.

4)    How to get people to open up my emails and actually look forward to getting them. I save a ton of time because my emails are lOOx simpler than they used to be and people seem to love them alot more too!

5)    Put irresistible offers in front of my readers so they want to click on my email's "money" links. My lists are so targeted and easy to read that people can't wait to take action on the offers inside. I make it easy for my readers to take action on an offer.

After months of testing and tweaking my method I’ve finally refined it down to a simple format that almost anyone can learn and follow…

As much success as I've had with this method, I realized very quickly that there was no way that I could go after every hot niche out there. I also remember what it was like to struggle and think that there was no way that this list building stuff was for real.

I'm here to tell you that it is real and I want to make sure that I help as many people as I can start their first profitable email list and get their IM Career off the ground. In my life I've been lucky enough to have some breaks and I never take them for granted.

One of the best ways I can make sure I don't ever take them for granted is help others achieve the same success that I have.

And that's why I want to share my "facebook list building method" with as many people as I can.

(Considering we use facebook as a traffic source there is no way that this method could become overly saturated.)


This is the documentation of my exact, step by step methods I use to build a monster, responsive list in any niche I want to attack.

Inside the member's area you'll learn:

The Magic Stopwatch Research" Trick Value $27

Inside this Chapter you'll learn:

  • How I use Google to Instantly Lock in on other Marketers that have already done a ton of my research for me.
  • How I use a very Secret (but public) Website to decode what Google tells me and figure out exactly what kind of person I need to "talk to and target" when I go after the niche I'm looking for on facebook.
  • How I take all of the information that I've gathered and use a simple facebook search trick to decide whether or not I need to go after that niche or not (this is the "Make or Break Step")
  • How I do my entire niche research in under 10 minutes and decide whether or not the niche is worth my time.

The “Facebook-Proof Page Setup” Trick Value $27

Inside this Chapter you'll learn:

  • How to Setup what I call a "Sticky Facebook Page" and avoid the risk of having if Facebook take it away from you. This is a simple thing that that 90% of facebook page owners mess up and it puts their page and their "list building funnel" at risk.
  • Why I usually avoid using fancy on-page apps that are designed to help a page ^ grow virally and why you should avoid it too.
  • The Simple things that I have in place before I ever drive any traffic to my page. If you don't have these things in place, no one will like your page and ultimately you'll never be able to build a profitable list. Make sure go through this section.

The Magic Wand Traffic" Trick Value $67

Inside this Chapter you'll learn:

  • The secret to getting a ton of traffic to your facebook page so you can start building trust, tunneling out the "tire kickers", and sending people to your lead sucking optin page.
  • My quick and dirty targeting trick that allows me to run facebook ads for next to no money and get huge results.
  • I'll walk your through the keys to writing a facebook ad that gets a ton of clicks. HINT: It has a ton to do with what you name your facebook page in the first place.

The“Page-lock Virus’' Trick (This is where things get crazy) Value $67

Inside this Chapter you'll learn:

  • How to lock in the people that "like" your page so they'll trust you and grow your ™ page for you.
  • How I use simple facebook post to get people to go crazy over everything M happening on the page.
  • And Finally How to use your facebook page/post to get your optin form to go viral and get people who don't even "like" your page yet on your email list.

My “Secret list Vortex” Trick Value $197

Inside this Chapter you'll learn:

  • Exactly how I put my list building and emails on autopilot so that one day of work turns into a month's worth of optins and conversions.
  • The Way that I get near 50% open rates and near 25% clickthru rates on the emails that I send out to these list.
  • The exact template that I use in my emails so that we almost eliminate unsubscribes and continue to increase our conversions.
  • An over the shoulder walkthrough of my entire funnel that I copy and paste every time I move into a new niche.
  • How I monetize my list in a "in your face and straightforward manner" that keeps people reading my emails and clicking my "money links"

If it Sounds like I’ve put a ton of Research into cracking the “list building code’’, you’re 100% correct… but the real questions is, How Much is this going to cost you to Learn?

Considering all the time and effort I've put into refining my "Facebook List Building Method" over the last year I could easily charge over $500 for this course and all the bonuses that I'm including inside this package (more on the bonuses soon).

But I didn't put this product together for people that were already making a ton of money on the internet. I wrote it for my friends that are still struggling with the concept of list building.

Don't Worry.

Because I wrote it for struggling Internet Marketers, I'm actually going to be letting you inside this course for a price that is much less than it should be.

As a matter of fact, I'm going to let this course go for much less than the $500+ price tag that it is absolutely worth.

I'm going to let you see all of my list building secrets for much less than the $500/hr cost that I charge people who hire me for private list building coaching.

I'm going to put this in your hands for significantly less that what similar, more bloated courses cost you (around $1997) and I'm going to teach you everything in less than 2 hours.

Before I talk about price however…

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