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  • Bonus 1- $788 Per Day Method.mp4
  • Bonus 2- Client Super Hero FB Strategy.mp4
  • Client Super Hero FB Strategy Slides.pdf

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  • FB Lead Ads Champion – Session 1.mp4
  • FB Lead Ads Champion-Session 1 Slides.pdf

Session 2

  • 1- Lead Ad Basics.mp4
  • 2- Targeting.mp4
  • 3- Tying It All Together.mp4
  • 4- Targeting the Perfect Clients.mp4
  • 5- Bringing Clients On Board.mp4
  • 6- Scaling Clients to Monthly Recurring.mp4
  • FB Lead Ads Champion-Session2 Slides.pdf

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FB Lead Ads Hack Level: Crazy Awesome

This is the method we’ve been using for the past 11 months to dominate FB Lead Ads for our clients.It is single-handedly responsible for an eye-popping average of 615% profit for us immediately…each and every time we put it in action…

To put that in a fun way, every dollar we put in…We get $6 back out.

So if we put that $6 back in…we’d get $36 out. 6x profits over and over and over.

More importantly than our profits, it allows us to provide way more value to our clients. They freaking LOVE US for doing this for them.

Because it brings them new, paying customers almost instantly after we implement it.

GRAB YOUR SPOT to FB Lead Ads Champion for 1 Payment of Just $199

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WARNING Only 100 Spots Are Available

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Discover how I use FB Lead Ads in an entirely unique way to bring my business 5x revenue and my clients a higher ROI than they’ve ever seen before.

You’re going to be able to quickly set up and deploy the exact, all-new customer grabbing F.L.O.S. system – Facebook Lead Optimization Sequence – that we painstakingly refined and tested to maximum efficacy.

You’re going to swipe our exact sequence and emails that get prospective customers to drop what they’re doing and take immediate buyer action – making you an absolute HERO to your clients.

You’re going to see my 100% unique method of getting clients for FB Lead Ads where you’ll easily find the hungriest prospects that don’t waste time…and respect you because you don’t waste theirs.

The BEST and EXACT landing page templates that we use in the F.L.O.S. system – Facebook Lead Optimization Sequence so you’re never left guessing, “Will this work?”

This is absolutely, the most paint by the numbers blueprint to this kind of FB Lead Ads strategy you’ve ever seen.

F.L.O.S. System – Facebook Lead Optimization Sequence:

Months of excruciating testing, tweaking, and refinement has made the our most responsive, powerful customer and client-getting funnel ever. You get the entire schematic and walk-thru for quick deployment. Value: $489

Expanded & Advanced N.R.R. – No Rejection Remedy: Absolutely no one likes being told “No” – least of all me or the people in my agency. So we developed the N.R.R. (No Rejection Remedy) which is the methodology on which the F.L.O.S. is built. Everything is designed, specifically, to make sure that by the time a client gets to you, there’s not only no selling, there’s no rejection…only happy purchasing.

Value: $399

Prospecting Cheat Sheet: My 100% unique method of getting clients for FB Lead Ads where you’ll easily find the hungriest prospects that don’t waste time…and respect you because you don’t waste theirs. These are the hungry clients that need our services NOW. Value: $279

Pre-Written Email Sequence Swipes: Look, it’s one thing to show you a funnel and say, “ok, go build it!” but it’s another thing to hand you the exact email sequences we use that get prospects to email us back immediately either asking us how to buy or, at least, asking for more information. After that, we simply answer their questions and take the order. Value: $99

Exact Landing Page Templates: Just like with the pre-written email sequence swipes, you don’t want to be left in the dark wondering if your pages will convert or not. You’re going to benefit from our exhaustive testing to see the (really surprising!) pages that build trust, build curiosity, and get interested prospects to turn into paying clients quickly. Value: $79

“Zero Confusion, Quick-Start” Step-By-Step Blueprint: What makes FB Lead Ads Champion great is that it’s easy to set up for quick deployment. And on the live immersion calls, we go through everything, front to back to make sure that you hit the ground running with everything you need (and nothing you don’t) to get started FAST. Value: $199

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