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In week one you will learn the key building blocks of FB advertising!

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  • LIFETIME ACCESS – To The FB Ads Mastery Members Area!  Every live training will be recorded and uploaded into your protected members area where you will have lifetime access – (Value $3,000).
  • 6 Week STEP by STEP Course – We’ll cover everything from ADVANCED Facebook Advertising Formulas to Q&A sessions that you can instantly apply to your practice – (Value $4,500).
  • Week 5 and 6 Bonus –  At the end of the live masterclass we decided to pile on two more weeks of key content, which is included at no additional charge – (Value $750.00)
  • Facebook Ads Vs. Movie Theater Ads – Live Bonus Interview with Dr. Doug Depew – (Value $250.00)
  • 39.5 Proven Facebook Advertising And Marketing Strategies – Fast action strategies and tactics for deploying and scaling your Facebook ads fast, while spotting road blocks along the way! – (Value – $350.00)
  • 10 Hours of ADA / CERP Continuing  Education Credit – You or your practice staff member will receive 10 hours of C.E. – (Value $1,000).



In week one you will learn the key building blocks of FB advertising!

We’ll cover the the secret to setting up the ideal fan page, ads account set up and optimization, your key ads objectives and how to easily make ideal ad images.

In addition you will learn how to avoid critical mistakes that most practices make when setting up and launching their FB ads.


In week two we teach you how to strategically upload your existing patient database into Facebook and tactically target friends and family of existing patients.

We like to call this the art of the invisible referral!

Finally in week two you learn how to leverage of the “invisible email list”!


During week 3 we deliver your FB Ads Mastery formula content plan.

You’ll learn how to make strategic posts to your fan page each day of the week, how to find good content and then how to weave it into your FB plan so they don’t become overly promotional.


In week 4 things start getting even more interesting! You will learn how to target your non-patients, starting with the likes of your competitors fan pages.

We will begin targeting your ideal patient by income, gender, interests, spending habits, and much more!

Behind the scenes as this is taking place on auto pilot you will be building your custom audiences and then re-targeting those people with LIKE campaigns as we build the fan page up with the RIGHT kind of audience.


In week 5 we will show you the successful way to use the custom audiences we have built and the LIKES we have won to garner pre-market new patient opt-ins.

From here we show you the magic of a new exam “tripwire” to drive new exams!


Finally in week 6 we put it all together as you learn the ninja way to email your new prospective patient contact list with stories, blogs, promotions, and much more!

You will learn how to run offers and promotions to your new custom audiences / fans on a consistent recurring basis.

You will be in the driver’s seat as your custom audiences grow, lead volume builds and your practice’s top-of-mind becomes a synonym for orthodontics in your market!

Here’s even more of what we’ll be covering over the next six weeks!

  • Eddie & J.R.’s 3 favorite –   new patient audience targeting methods that will produce the highest return on investment right now!  The “Pixel Strategy” that decreases your cost per optin (CPL) anywhere from 50%-70%! Super Cool Thing #1
  • The secret of the – “Invisible Email Address”.
  • COMPETITOR X-RAY: How to uncover what targeting options other practices and even the big manufactures are using to target patients on Facebook.
  • How J.R. pushed three buttons – for one campaign and dropped the cost per conversion from $122.30 instantly down to $56.26!
  • FACEBOOK AD COMPLIANCE TRICK: What you need to include on your practice’s Facebook Fan Page that makes it fully FB compliant… and prevents your page from getting flagged (which as you know is happening in the medical arena quite often in 2015!
  • Exactly how many characters – each of your Facebook Page Posts should have (according to Facebook’s compliance department) so you get maximum distribution to your fans.
  • The Set & Step System J.R. uses – with all his private 10k a month clients to skyrocket their revenue from Facebook with predictable and scalable traffic.
  • DID YOU KNOW?: There are actually 2 conversion pixels you need to be aware of and use… if you want to achieve the highest conversion rate from all your FB advertising. Eddie & J.R. explain both (after they walk your through an easy to follow base-camp pixel training).
  • The “Story Start” – Ad Creation Tactic that boosts ad approval rate and bumps new patient optin rate!
  • How to use Behavior Categories – to pinpoint target the prospective new patient most likely to schedule and accept treatment from your practice’s Facebook Ads!
  • WARNING! – What Facebook software you should absolutely NEVER use. It will get your account shut-off, banned and blacklisted.
  • How to combine Optimized CPM + Conversion Tracking (if you don’t know what those acronyms mean don’t worry, we’ll make you an expert in no time) the right way so Facebook automatically optimizes your ads for maximum sales while decreasing your practice ad costs.
  • … and more (if you can believe that)!

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