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If you bring your mind, your focus, right here right now, what I am about to reveal to you, may change your life forever. Sorry about the cliché, but fortunately it's the plain truth. It has changed mine and not only (proof below). Just give me your hand and let me do the rest.


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"From Newbie To $142,685 Per Year Online




>> Facebook Algorithm Changes RESISTANT – No PPC <<


>> It Has Already Changed Mine <<

Let Me Explain How All Of This Works, Who I Am And More Importantly, Why You Should Listen To What I Have To Say

True (Short) Story

Dear Friend,

My name is Tony Lucas. You might have not heard of me before, at least if you are not one of my private students.

If you bring your mind, your focus, right here right now, what I am about to reveal to you, may change your life forever. Sorry about the cliché, but fortunately it's the plain truth. It has changed mine and not only (proof below). Just give me your hand and let me do the rest.


…the newbies that are trying to make money online:

  • Are you struggling to make a living online?
  • Do you wake up in the morning and check your email accounts STRANGELY HOPING that something miraculous has happened to turn your situation upside down?
  • Do you often STARE at your computer screen not knowing what to do next? © Are you jumping from Shiny Object to Shiny Object without getting you any decent results?
  • Are you in a Desperate Need of some CASH… recurring cash?

…everyone who is already having some income online:

Do you want to ADD an Income Stream which will increase your monthly profit?

…the Facebook page managers:

  • Have the Facebook algorithm changes HIT your pages so bad?
  • Is the "Talking About This" LOW like never before?
  • Are your posts getting a historic Minimum Reach?
  • Are you getting a DRASTICALLY Lower Revenue from your pages?
  • Are you feeling powerless to recover the interactivity your pages once had?

You're NOT Alone

I totally understand you my friends, really, because I have felt the same way… but not anymore and this is valid for you too. How did my life change? Read on to discover the answer that may change yours too.

I have been trying to make a living online for about 2 years and a half now. During my first year I tried every possible info product and guide that promised cash on demand. I was completely newbie, inexperienced and I was amazed by this whole new world I was discovering.

I had the will to succeed, I wanted to make the amounts of money those guides were promising, I was in a desperate need for money and I had the burning desire to turn this whole around, to change my life finally, but… nothing seemed to work for me.

  • I built websites and tried to rank them… without any success
  • Tried surveys by registering in tens of survey websites but never got chosen to complete a survey
  • Tried to advertise my services on (raigslist and also contacted other people that were looking for those services, but no one ever contacted me back
  • Tried to sell on eBay, but didn't make any sales
  • I did media buying by advertising products as an affiliate, but it didn't work

I mean, I can go on and on… you name it, I tried it… but from all this, during my first year as an internet marketer aspirant, I was able in fact to make $100. Of course, what I spent was much more than that, but… I had made my first dollar online.

That meant that I had something that 95% of those that try to be internet marketers didn't have, I had the ability to make money online. The same way I made $100, the same way I could make how much money I wanted.

That's why I didn't give up and luckily for me, in the process, I got in my hands a guide on how to make money on Facebook. I thought it would be the same like all the guides out there, but in fact it was the starting point of my life change.

Making Money On Facebook Very Soon Became My Field Of Expertise

The second year online was unbelievable for me… my life changed forever, I made more than $140,000 and all that was coming from just managing Facebook pages… but not like everybody does!

Payments of value $2,500+ received during 2014

As you can see, there are no super hyped numbers above. I am not pretending that I made millions of dollars with the push of a button, no, I am just revealing that these numbers are totally possible… if you simply do the right things that work.

Facebook algorithm changes began in December 2013 and affected almost every page by decreasing the reach of their posts. As a matter of fact a small number of pages didn't feel any change and SURPRISINGLY some of them saw an INCREASE In the reach of their posts.

What do these successful pages have that the other pages don't? The answer is simple: They give Facebook what it wants.

What does Facebook want?…


…to reveal to you the exact evergreen secrets and techniques I follow myself to earn 4-5 figures per month… in the middle of Facebook algorithm changes era.

Who is this for?

Basically… For Everyone

  • If you are a newbie, you can earn that first dollar online and a lot more after that, so that you can be part of the blessed 5%
  • If you have already made your first dollar online, you can now discover some unique ways you can make money on Facebook that no one has ever talked about
  • If you are a Facebook page manager or marketer and want to take your expertise to a whole new level, you will discover some secrets that you never thought were possible and that again… no one has ever talked about

Why do you need FB Cash Master?

If you are not interested in discovering how I make 4-5 figures per month online…

Stop reading this page right now…but…

If you are looking to discover the Insider Secrets that make this income possible,


This is a membership video course with videos in the HD Quality format and in a Responsive Layout

It is organized in 4 modules where important secrets are included in each of them that will be immediately available to you when you enroll:



  • Ever wondered in what niche to build your Facebook page in order to be profitable? Stop wondering. You won't fail after discovering the indicators a niche should have. Plus, I am going to reveal to you some hot niches.
  • The first secret to have a successful Facebook pages is hidden in the moment you create it. It's a little step that you do or don't that determinates its destiny. (Never Revealed)
  • Give to Facebook what it wants now. After the Facebook algorithm changes, what, when and how much to post is not like it used to be. Do this wrong and your system will fall down.


  • The 11 tricks of the new era to grow your page for free. (Including Super Powerful And Never Revealed Tricks)
  • Do you want to grow your page on turbo? You will discover how easy it is to get 0 cent -1 cent page likes that have a huge return on investment. Plus real examples.
  • 2 super ninja methods that can make it possible for you to multiply the number of page likes for the same cost. Just by teaching to others these 2 methods, you can make thousands of dollars.These are 2 techniques I am proud of. No one revealed those to me and for the first time ever they will be available for you.


  • What networks you should join and what products you should promote to earn as much as possible.
  • The power of AdSense on Facebook. (Great Potential And Very Eye-Opening) » How to make your posts and links look beautiful by pulling the fans to click on them. (Including Super Powerful And Never Revealed Tricks)
  • There is a very specific posting sequence that you should follow. Do this wrong and you will see your page suffer.
  • Get paid for just making a post, any post… with a twist!
  • Do you want to outsource everything for free? Absolutely no catches!». You got it! I will show you how.


  • What I am about to reveal to you in this module is unique… and the beauty is that there is no extra work involved for the huge payouts you can get.


  • The latest FB methods/tips/tricks/techniques/strategies to increase the engagement, minimize the ads costs and maximize the profit added to every lesson continuously after tested.
  • Awesome brand new list building method revealed for the first time added.
  • Webinars added as they are done.

I Will Reveal You Everything. You Will Have The Chance To See Some Of My Pages Too. I Will Not Hide Any Of My Niches. There Will Be Nothing Held Back.

But it doesn't end here!

After having a review copy, a student was asked recently how much was this course worth to him… He was ready to pay $2,000 just only for the 2 super ninja methods that make it possible to multiply the number of page likes for the same cost because not only he would be able to master those 2 techniques for himself, but he would be also able to earn thousands by just teaching them to others.

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