Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts - Bruce Frantzis

Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts – Bruce Frantzis


Welcome to our online program, The Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts.

This qigong course features Energy Arts Senior Instructor Paul Cavel who has been teaching for nearly 20 years. He has created a program that takes five specific exercises that every serious student must learn and master to be good and eventually great at qigong, tai chi and bagua.

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Hi folks,

Welcome to our on line application, The Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts.

This qigong direction functions Energy Arts Senior Instructor Paul Cavel who has been coaching for almost 20 years. He has created a application that takes 5 precise sporting events that each critical pupil should research and grasp to be correct and ultimately awesome at qigong, tai chi and bagua.

You may also name those Five Key sporting events the Secrets to Longevity or the Secrets to Great Qigong, Tai Chi and Bagua.

Paul is a talented trainer who’s completely committed to those arts, coaching and touring complete time in Europe. I actually have visible him assist others construct extremely good active foundations of their bodies. Paul is capable of encompass the humanities and ruin them down into smooth steps, so you have the high-quality hazard of fulfillment and development to awesome depths with those effective Taoist electricity arts.

The Five Keys take one middle workout from every of my foundational qigong units, making use of the Pareto precept states that eighty percentage of the effects come from 20 pecent of the work. With those Five Keys you’ll research practices which are on the middle of every qigong set, tai chi and bagua. This application additionally serves as an exceptional advent to look what Tao arts and qigong units you’re certainly drawn in the direction of studying.

There is an vintage saying, “It is higher to do one factor nicely then one thousand matters poorly.” I genuinely accept as true with this application will let you research middle essential principles, that if completed nicely, will higher your exercise. This is actual for novices and specifically in case you are inquisitive about advancing to the very best levels. If you already exercise any of the units which are a part of this application, you’ll find out deeper and deeper layers, rooting out your weaknesses and developing your ability every week.

Whether you need to recharge your modern-day exercise or research the basics for the primary time, The Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts is awesome manner to create a every day exercise ritual now to hold your frame energetically match and healthy.

Enjoy the direction

Message from Paul Cavel

For over 25 years I’ve studied Tao arts in-intensity, inclusive of qigong, tai chi, bagua, Tao meditation and qigong tui na. Through my very own courses, one-to-one training and helping my trainer on worldwide teacher trainings, I’ve helped teach lots of college students considering that 1995. After years of teaching, I observed that senior executives, lifetime martial artists and different athletes had been regularly coming to me to reinforce overall performance and heal their our bodies from accidents sustained from their sport. So I have become a licensed sports activities damage and deep tissue therapist to higher combine Eastern education strategies with the Western mindset.
Over the years of education with my trainer, I’ve continually targeted at the questions, “What additives are at play to create the synergy and fluidity that handiest masters appear to embody?” and “How can I teach issue portions and combine them in approaches that enhance my typical forms?” As a trainer definitely devoted to supporting my college students expand strategies for accomplishing their goals, I’ve searched relentlessly for the maximum green and powerful strategies for growing high-quality alternate in frame, thoughts and qi.

I got here to recognize that 5 key physical games from my trainer Bruce’s qigong application shape the inspiration of all different physical games, inclusive of exceptionally state-of-the-art and delicate Tao arts like Gods Playing withinside the Clouds, tai chi, bagua or even Tao meditation. I’ve located that a concentrated, in-intensity recognition on those 5 physical games, the “Five Keys,” as I like to name them, regularly cause non-public improvement in my customers and college students past my and, extra importantly, their expectations.

For many years, I actually have emphasised those issue practices in pretty much each path I train, and the effects human beings have completed have ranged from overcoming debilitating accidents, restoring stability of their our bodies to enhancing recognition and thoughts-frame consciousness to being capable of listen higher, in particular for extended periods. I’ve watched as pressure and anxiety has melted away and been changed with a vibrancy and feel of lifestyles this is turning into too uncommon withinside the current age.

Two vital elements make the Five Keys so powerful. The first is that after you expand ability in a single key, you could placed that key into any active exercise. A qigong set or motion shape is only a box for inner strategies, referred to as neigong in Chinese, which interprets as “inner strength improvement.” The splendor of the keys is that the advantages you reap from exercise may be carried out to any workout you teach. Whether you exercise healing, martial arts, qigong, tai chi, yoga or meditation, via way of means of getting to know the Five Keys you may growth the pleasant of your motion and capability qi strength.

The 2d large realisation that I located each in my very own frame and in operating with my college students is that whilst you placed keys together, the end result isn’t always addition, together with 2+2+2+2=8. Instead, the effects multiply, like 2x2x2x2=16, growing exponential qi strength withinside the frame. Over time and with committed exercise, you could significantly improve qi improvement in a innovative but secure manner. This is specially first-rate due to the fact the physical games are so simple, pretty much each person who can rise up and stroll round can do them.

My Five Keys application is specially desirable to 2 kinds of college students. The first is people who need to research qigong from the floor up. If you’re gaining knowledge of Tao arts for the primary time, you’ll stroll a dramatically less difficult course via way of means of focusing at the basics proper from the start. You will research the nice strategies and strategies to experience and domesticate your qi. However, this application is similarly desirable to skilled inner arts college students and teachers who need to deepen their inner method and active level. This application will let you launch the anxiety and diffused blockages to your frame, so that you can boost up your gaining knowledge of and reap a miles better ability level. It will even assist instructors construct lesson plans to assist their college students do the same.

I’ve designed the application, so that during simply 10 weeks you could revel in actual effects to your frame, thoughts and qi. Of path, what you could reap continually relies upon at the accuracy and consistency of your exercise. My application will train you strategies for particular education that yields advantages with only a few mins of every day exercise.

I look ahead to education with you over the following 10 weeks in The Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts path.

Keep your practice alive and well, and it’ll do the same for you,

Paul Cavel

The Secret to Superior Qigong, Tai Chi and Bagua

You regularly see human beings take in a recreation and exercise it for years with out noticable improvement. Why is this?

Often it’s far due to the fact they do now no longer apprehend the essential motion structure. They additionally do now no longer exercise the MOST crucial elements in an effort to make the difference. This is the case from the whole lot from golfing to yoga to tai chi.

A mystery of all the ones who’ve accomplished greatness in what they do is to exercise the issue elements that make the difference. This is likewise the name of the game to outstanding qigong and tai chi.

If your respiratory is poor, how will you be comfortable and flowing? If your alignments are offline, how can qi power glide effortlessly? If you do now no longer have circularity on your shape and also you continuously forestall and start, you’re growing the alternative of what you desire to reap on your qigong and tai chi exercise.

The Five Keys breaks down the maximum crucial additives which you want to grasp Taoist power arts. I even have used this myself and taught lots of human beings. These keys paintings and will let you enhance any sort of power art.

The Five Keys are the constructing blocks for greatness. I’ll deconstruct every Key, step with the aid of using step. I’ll display you the best methods. I’ll manual you and provide you with practices that you could use to make a quantum jump on your exercise.

Let’s test the Five Keys, why every one is magic in itself and as how they supercharge the mind-body-qi matrix together:

Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts

I’ve had the top notch possibility to accomplice with my teacher, Bruce, to create a ten-week programme in order to systematically construct your basis for all qi gong, tai chi and bagua bureaucracy—particularly designated and multifaceted arts taken into consideration to be lifelong practices.

Each of the keys may be practiced by myself or in tandem with all or any different keys to enhance the blessings of Tao arts training.

Over this ten-week course, you’ll examine every of the Five Keys in-intensity and weave in precise components of the horizontal (turning and twisting) and vertical (bending and stretching) planes of motion, supercharging and strengthening your center with every modern lesson.

Working with the horizontal and vertical planes collectively is what permits you deeper get admission to for your insides. It additionally bureaucracy the premise for circularity and subsequently round paintings withinside the inner arts, which all devoted inner arts college students purpose to achieve.

The First Key: Taoist Whole-body Breathing

Deep breathing techniques have been used by spiritual traditions since the dawn of time.

Almost every stress reduction system of the modern age also includes some form of breathing exercises because breathing can be so helpful for calming the nervous system during stressful events and gaining access to your inner world.

To say more, my teacher has said that if could only teach one health practice it would be breathing because of how profoundly it affects health on every level. Taoist, whole-body breathing methods:

  • Are a tool you can use anytime, anywhere to increase the circulation of blood and other bodily fluids, which are responsible for delivering life-sustaining nutrients to and removing waste by-products from the cells of your body.
  • Enable direct access to your nervous system to relax your body and mind–the necessary prerequisites for healing and achieving high-performance results of any kind.
  • Serve as the bridge to genuine meditation practice.

The Second Key: Standing Qigong and Outer Dissolving

Standing Qigong, including sinking qi and the Outer Dissolving technique will help you achieve proper postural alignments to ensure safe internal arts training, including to relax deeply and sink your qi–necessary prerequisites for Tao meditation, specifically Inner and Outer Dissolving.

The Dissolving technique systematically and progressively encourages the downwards flow of qi to:

  • More firmly ground and root your energy.
  • Help you become aware of physical and energetic blockages inside your body.
  • Clear any blockages you encounter in the physical or energy bodies, allowing you to let go and deeply relax.

Once you have dissolved any physical and energetic blockages—to the extent that you are able—you are ready to energise yourself with physical movements.

The Third Key: Dragon and Tiger Qigong Exercise 1

Dragon and Tiger Qigong was passed down to Bruce in China from Zhang Jia Hua, a doctor of Chinese medicine. She was extremely proficient in the use of qigong for medical purposes. At one time, she was the vice president of the All China Qigong Association.

The first movement from the Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong system is designed to teach students how to stir up, brush and pull and push qi to release and neutralise stagnant energy. Many students find it difficult to clearly feel qi en­ergy, even after some years of training.

Dragon and Tiger Exercise 1 can help you tune into and manipulate the eth­eric energy, commonly called the “aura”, with your hands in progressive stages that can yield profound results. In time and with practice, the heightened aware­ness of qi energy can easily be transferred to other qigong, tai chi and bagua, generating a different quality of motion in all forms and boosting the results you can achieve from your training.

Ongoing practice of Dragon and Tiger strengthens and increases the etheric field, making it more tangible with increased spine and organ activity. All of it serves to help you pull and push more qi energy through your system, and achieve deeper relaxation and releases of bound energy.

In Chinese medicine, the tiger’s immense strength and responsiveness are traits derived from the liver—hence the tiger is a metaphor for a healthy and strong liver. The dragon’s ability to fly comes from the sophistication of their lungs—hence the dragon is a metaphor for healthy and strong lungs.

The Fourth Key: Energy Gate Qigong’s Cloud Hands

Training on the Horizontal Plane of Motion to Create Circularity

The weight-shift is the bottom of Clouds Hands, the primary motion withinside the Opening the Energy Gates of your Body Qigong system. In aggregate with turning and twisting, exercise elongates the muscular tissues and stretches the fascia.

Over time and with correct training, you could loosen the muscular tissues off the bone, supplying you with more freedom of movement and dramatically lowering tension.

But that’s now no longer all.

Since Cloud Hands turns on bending-and-stretching, turning and twisting neigong in this kind of profound way, it lets in you to get right of entry to and prompt the kwa. This is wherein whole-frame movement will become a possibility—that which what makes blood flow into greater powerfully via your frame, drives manufacturing of interstitial and lymph fluids and serves as an green device for establishing and recovery the frame.

This 3,000-12 months vintage motion is unheard of via way of means of any unmarried contemporary-day day exercise.

The Fifth Key: Tai Chi Circling Hands

Training on the Vertical Plane of Motion to Create Circularity

In Circling Hands, the kwa physical games cross but deeper into the frame, developing a company but mild rubdown on your inner organs, which in addition will increase blood and fluid activation.

In aggregate with the C-curve, this generates robust hydraulic interest that lets in the frame to be exercised from the interior out, even as closing extraordinarily relaxed.

This is why Circling Hands releases the nerves and generates plentiful qi—again, unheard of era now no longer to be had in current exercising programs.

Circling Hands develops the inner content material within the outer shell with the aid of using upgrading and advancing the neigong physical games with the aid of using lulling the frightened machine right into a nation of deep relaxation, permitting you to feel, get right of entry to and improve each feature for your frame.

Learn These Powerful Keys in 10 Weeks

This 10-week program creates a potent synergy that is difficult to beat in 15-20 minutes. Beginners will learn the methodology for creating a firm grounding in neigong, while experienced students and instructors will improve and systematically upgrade their qigong, tai chi and/or bagua practice.

As you progress and practice the exercises in the program, you will:

  • Boost qi energy levels.
  • Stretch and open the soft tissues of your body, allowing blood and qi energy to circulate more powerfully.
  • Contact and release many layers of tension in the body, mind and qi.
  • Develop your ability to be present, aware, focused and to concentrate your efforts for greater effect.
  • Integrate the operations of your body, mind and qi, so thay more of you is available to focus on any goal you deem worth pursuing, such as healing from injury or illness, increasing health, fitness and vitality or achieving goals in your business, sport, hobby or life in general.

The Five Keys 10-Week Online Program

In this special program, Paul Cavel will guide you through the Five Keys in a special step-by-step progression.

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive:

1. OVER 80 ONLINE & DOWNLOADABLE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS carefully-crafted to teach you exactly how to easily and successfully learn each exercise

2. Weekly downloadable Practice Logs that allow you to easily track your learning and practice progress

3. Private MEMBERSHIP PORTAL to easily consume all your course materials

4. Access to our ENERGY ARTS TRAINING FORUM on Facebook


5. BONUS #1 – An Introduction to Tai Chi Circling Hands Practice Guide PDF

6. BONUS #2 – A Guided Dissolving Meditation Audio Practice Session

7. BONUS #3 – New Super Bonus – CULTIVATED SUPPORT VIDEOS: Additional Selected Trainings with Bruce Frantzis to Assist Your Growth and Learning

Keep improving yourself today with this “Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts – Bruce Frantzis” course at only [$37]

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