Freelance Copywriter’s Code


This system is designed to show you the EXACT steps for turning out great copy that converts — from before you type a single word, to the MOMENT you send the final copy to the client, and EVERYTHING in between.


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I’m a freelance copywriter who earns over $10,000+/month. 

Now I’ll show YOU exactly how I write high-converting copy clients love — from START to FINISH


Today, I’m excited to share my proven system for writing copy that can help you earn $50+/hr, $125+/hr, and even $10,000+/month and more.

This system is designed to show you the EXACT steps for turning out great copy that converts — from before you type a single word, to the MOMENT you send the final copy to the client, and EVERYTHING in between.   

…No more guessing about how the top pros really do it (and wondering if you’re on the right track)…  

…No more sitting there thinking, “What should I write?” or “Where do I even start?”

…No more suffering from “Impostor Syndrome”, feeling like you’re not a “real” professional…  

…No more wondering if your copy is any good, whether clients will love it, or whether it will convert…  

…No more nagging worries about whether you have the skills to compete with more experienced professionals (I’ll show you how you can drive the Old Pros nuts, just like I’ve been doing for years)…    

  • Whether you’ve never done an ounce of freelance copywriting before…
  • Or you’ve worked with a few clients, but don’t feel like a confident pro… 
  • Or even if you have months or years of freelance copywriting experience — but still feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants.

Want to turn out a piece of copy for a client and know they’ll love it — and be confident that it’ll convert?  

No problem… Just follow the steps and you can do it. Yes, the exact steps — as in, “do this…then do this…then do that.”  

This exact system has… 

  • Increased profits for my clients — while creating a 6-figure freelance copywriting income stream for me
  • Helped thousands of new and even experienced freelance copywriters around the world rapidly increase their incomes and skyrocket their success  
  • Gotten me featured in Business Insider, Bloomberg News, Inc. Magazine, and many other top-shelf publications around the world


How I went from zero to 6-figure freelance copywriter

Hi, my name is Danny Margulies, and I’ve personally gone from barely knowing what copywriting is, to earning over $100,000+ per year as a freelance copywriter.  

All with no experience, no college degree, and no network.

But today I want to tell you the part of the story I’ve never told before.

I want to show you what it was like when I was new to copywriting, just trying to “figure it all out.”  

Back then, I spent months winging it, learning on the go, and flying by the seat of my pants.  

I was barely scratching out a living with small jobs like these: 

I was stuck at low rates for months

And even when I could land a job, there was no guarantee that I could even deliver:

The client chewed me out AND rewrote all my copy. Not fun

I was almost ready to throw in the towel. Until…

Every fiber of my being told me there had to be a way to make freelance copywriting fun, exciting, and profitable.  

I finally decided: “if it is to be, it’s up to me.”  

So I turned my freelance copywriting business into a laboratory…  

I examined all of my successes — and failures — to see exactly what was working (so I could do more of that)…  

As well as where my process broke down, so I could FIX it, or replace it with a new approach.  

I paid attention to the most minute details…  

And questioned EVERYTHING. I took nothing for granted, not even the most cherished conventional copywriting wisdom.  

It took years of dedicated effort and painstaking trial and error, but eventually, all of this hard work led me to 3 game-changing discoveries.


You can INFLUENCE how clients feel about your copy

Think of a great chef. She doesn’t just make what she thinks is a good meal and cross her fingers, hoping and praying you’ll love it.

Every detail — from the choice of ingredients to the way the dish is described, and even how the food is presented to you — is carefully designed to ensure you have an amazing experience.  

Freelance copywriting works the same way.  

For example, did you know that… 

  • Certain questions can instantly lead to amazing ideas that propel your copy forward, while virtually guaranteeing the client will love it? (To average copywriters, you’ll seem lucky. Or psychic.)  /
  • Or that clients often unknowingly feed you false information that can lead to bland, generic copy? Being able to spot this — and figure out the truth — is one of the key differentiators between average and GREAT freelance copywriters.
  • Or that even the words you use when you send your copy to clients can mean the difference between whether they love it — or feel lukewarm about it?

It took me years to figure all of this out. But once I did, I was able to consistently produce great copy clients LOVED, usually on the first try.


There’s only 1 tool you need to write high-converting copy (and it’s not what most people think)

Take a look at this email I got from a client a few years back. I’ve never shown this to anyone before:

As you can see, I helped them increase their conversions.  

Do you know how I did it?  

You might think I used a bunch of complicated tools and techniques…like A/B split testing, heat mapping, or some other weird thing I don’t even know about.

But I didn’t use any of that stuff.  

I did use one advanced tool — but it’s something that “conversion experts” never seem to mention…  

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about my brain.  

And it’s more effective than any of the tools the “experts” recommend. Yours can be, too, once you train it to be what I call a Conversion Machine.

For example, did you know that…  

  • Writing high-converting copy has more in common with solving a mystery than it does with “selling”? (This might seem to fly in the face of the conventional wisdom that copywriting is “salesmanship in print” — but that hasn’t been true for over 20 years.)  
  • You can learn more about the psychology of conversion copy by watching movies than you can by using fancy tools?  
  • Most A/B tests result in a TIE, making them largely useless? (And providing even more evidence that your own thought and strategy are all you need to write copy that converts.)  

Which means that, like me, you can get paid JUST TO WRITE if that’s what you want to do. And you can still write copy that’s effective, that gets results, and that converts for your clients, consistently and unapologetically.


You can 10x your freelance copywriting success with systems

Think of top advertising agencies, like McCann, or Ogilvy & Mather. Do you think their creative departments sit around praying for inspiration to strike? Of course not… They have rock-solid systems to guide and propel them every step of the way, so they can produce lots of great work effectively and efficiently.

Even the most productive creative INDIVIDUALS use systems to get more done. How else could James Patterson, the world’s #1 best selling novelist, write more than 147 books over the course of his career?

No coincidence: James started his career as a copywriter! 

Having a system allows you to: 

  • Produce BETTER quality copy, time and time again  
  • Consistently turn out great copy FASTER — and with LESS effort  
  • And you can charge more because you’re delivering 10x-100x the value to clients that they’d get from someone else

For example, I have an arsenal of tools, templates, and processes at my disposal for writing just about any type of copy imaginable.  

Clients are happy to pay me 10-20x what many of my competitors charge because they know they’ll get lots of great copy AND great results. 


Freelance Copywriter's Code

My proven step-by-step system for writing high-converting copy clients love…from start to finish.

I'll never forget what my favorite teacher told me back in high school:

“The best way to walk through a minefield…is in someone else’s footsteps.” 

For years, Freelance To Win students have been asking me for a freelance copywriting course. Now, after years of development and testing, I’m finally ready to offer it to you.

Take a look inside Freelance Copywriter's Code…

Freelance Copywriter’s Code is a 7-week course packed with real world, cutting edge training for freelance copywriters at all levels.

In Week 1, you’ll learn how to write copy that gets results and is virtually guaranteed to be loved by clients — even if you’re brand new. (You’ll find the complete details on Week 1 in the next section below.)  

Then, in Weeks 2-6, you’ll learn my exact step-by-step systems for writing SPECIFIC types of copy, from start to finish… Including what to do before you’ve written a single word, all the way through to the finished product.

I’ve carefully chosen each specific type of copy you’ll learn in Freelance Copywriter’s Code based on the following factors: 

  • They’re all in high demand, so you’ll always be able to find clients who pay well for them  
  • You don’t need to spend weeks or even days on each piece — some can be completed in as little as 1-2 hours with practice  
  • I’ve systematized them, so you’ll never have to reinvent the wheel, start from scratch, or stare at a blank page wondering what to write about 
  • They’re high value pieces, so you can charge above average (or even premium) rates for them  
  • They can be learned and even mastered relatively quickly, so you don’t have to spend years “paying your dues” in order to become great at them

What you’ll find inside Freelance Copywriter’s Code:


How to quickly turn out high-converting copy clients love, consistently and predictably

  • How to train your brain to become a Conversion Machine, so you can write copy that converts without worrying about needless and complicated tools (like A/B testing platforms and other approaches I’ve never used as a freelance copywriter) 
  • My counterintuitive and unconventional method for ensuring you always have more than enough information to turn out awesome copy (while avoiding getting bogged down with painstaking research or info-overload)
  • Proven psychology hacks for making any piece of copy 10-100x more persuasive — in minutes  
  • Why there’s no way to write a “perfect” piece of way to write a “perfect” piece of copy — and what to do instead  
  • How to avoid the most common copywriter-crushing misconceptions about the psychology of conversion copy (and what to think about instead)  
  • In-Depth Case Study: How I quickly helped a client increase their conversions when nothing else seemed to work (even though they thought they were doing everything right)  
  • Why clients have trouble seeing things about their business, even when it’s staring them in the face (and how you can leverage it to look like an instant genius)  
  • In-Depth Case Study: How I helped a client sell high-end $30,000 websites — by IGNORING practically everything he told me  
  • My “Magic Question” for instantly cutting right to the heart of what clients really want (this took me YEARS to figure out, and even most top professional copywriters have never picked up on it)  
  • In-Depth Case Study: The unconventional strategy I used to persuade people to buy an expensive product (hint: it wasn’t the overused “Time’s Running Out” tactic)  
  • Why canned questionnaires usually result in bad intel and mediocre copy — and what you should use instead  
  • Why “fact-finding” before you start writing copy often results in mediocre or even poor results (and what to do instead)  
  • Advanced strategies to virtually guarantee clients love your work, even before you write a single word  
  • A complete list of powerfully penetrating questions you can use (word for word) to get amazing material for your copy — every single time (again, most copywriters miss these in favor of more obvious, but less effective, questions)  
  • Advanced tactics to transform yourself into more than “just a writer” and 10X your value to clients  
  • My rock solid technique for minimizing “back and forth” with clients, and eliminating do-overs  
  • My exact process for delivering and presenting copy to clients in a way that makes them fall in love with it (this was inspired by eating at world class restaurants — not reading copywriting books)  
  • How to quickly turn lukewarm, mediocre, or even awful first drafts into great copy clients love — quickly and effectively  
  • How to tap into the client’s own ideas to create instant “source material” and make your life and job 100x easier  
  • The exact formula I use to write copy 10x faster than my competitors, and how you can too  
  • My word for word script for getting positive, helpful feedback from clients when you send them your first drafts — so you can use it to polish your copy into something they’ll love 
  • How to ensure you never miss a deadline and ALWAYS deliver your copy on time (even if the client doesn’t follow your schedule)  
  • The exact word-for-word script I use to lay out a simple and easy timeline for clients before starting a project (I’m bad at planning, but this script makes it dead simple, even for me)  
  • The 3 questions I ask myself to quickly get inside the head of the reader and write copy that converts  
  • Why so-called “conversion” gimmicks often don’t work — and the time tested psychology you should use instead  
  • How to write high-converting copy without resorting to tired old tactics like “agitating” readers  
  • The exact “filters” and tests I use to tell me if a piece of copy will convert, or bomb  
  • How to write persuasive copy for today’s modern reader (Hint: Most conventional copywriting wisdom literally predates sliced bread, and a lot of it is downright hopeless today) 
  • My 4 favorite “conversion levers” — the ultimate shortcut to create copy that’s highly persuasive, without needing to reinvent the wheel every time
  • What to do when clients don’t give you enough information to work with (and how you can get paid extra to solve this problem)  
  • How to become indispensable to clients, so they keep calling you over and over and practically throw money at you to help them solve their problems  
  • 3 hidden “revenue generators” most freelance copywriters miss — and how to use them to earn more money while doing less work  
  • And more…


How to write captivating emails that get opened and read every single time

  • Why email copywriting is totally different from all other forms of copy, and how to seamlessly adjust for it  
  • How to create emails that cut through the endless clutter and grab the reader’s attention (and make you look great to your clients)  
  • The one question that leads to great email copy — even though most of your competitors never think to ask it  
  • Real examples of high-open-rate emails, with in-depth breakdowns of why they performed so well  
  • The secret to writing emails that people are EXCITED to read (rather than just tolerate, or worse, ignore)  
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs of actual email projects I did for clients, with a detailed explanation of the approach I used and why it improved their results 
  • Side-by-side comparisons of different email copywriting approaches and when to use each one 
  • How to determine the optimal length for email for any piece of email copy you write  
  • My surefire approach for always knowing exactly how to start each email, so you’re never staring at a blank page wondering where to begin
  • How to write emails that clients love because they engage their audience and get responses (including real examples)  
  • Real examples of effective B2C and B2B emails, and how to tackle each one 
  • Examples of real emails I wrote for clients with detailed breakdowns on my exact thought process and what each section was designed to achieve 
  • In-depth Case Study: A step-by-step explanation of how I increased a client’s conversion rate by 300% (without using fancy tools OR A/B testing), and why their previous campaign failed  
  • How to write an email series for clients who need one — including how to know what each email should contain  
  • An easy way to uncover readers’ hidden desires and use them to supercharge your email copy’s effectiveness (most of your competitors won’t do this)  
  • How to write email sales copy that doesn’t feel like sales copy  
  • How to write emails that captivate and entertain readers — even if you’re writing for a boring industry, or you’re not a “natural storyteller”  
  • My secret for generating attention-grabbing stories for emails ON DEMAND
  • My never before revealed PERSONAL vault of story prompts you can use to kickstart your email copywriting today immediately  
  • The exact method I use to find interesting facts virtually anywhere and turn them into pure email copywriting gold  
  • My powerful technique for turning ordinary (even seemingly “boring”) stories into amazing email copy  
  • How to consistently generate fascinating subject lines that get readers excited to open emails 
  • The different types of subject lines, and how to choose which one makes the most sense in any situation  
  • The exact method I use to come up with awesome subject lines in minutes, every single time (includes real examples AND even a list of “bad” subject lines I’ve thrown out)  
  •  And more…


How to write powerhouse press releases that get clients publicity and exposure

  • How to write press releases that have the potential to be seen by millions of people — even if you know nothing about Public Relations or Journalism  
  • The reasons most press releases get ignored, and how to craft one that grabs attention  
  • The 3 most important ingredients journalists look for before they decide to share a press release with the masses  
  • Real examples of powerful press release headlines (and detailed explanations of what makes them so good)  
  • My exact process for taking just about ANY press release idea a client gives you — no matter how boring — and making it newsworthy  
  • The psychology of writing press releases reporters will want to share with massive audiences
  • Why the traditional “write for your audience” copywriting advice is misguided when it comes to writing amazing press releases — and what you should do instead  
  • Why some press releases fail, and how to flip the odds in your favor  
  • Side by side comparisons of great vs. lukewarm press release headlines 
  • REAL examples of successful press releases I’ve written, and a line-by-line walk-through of my exact process  
  • Case Study: How I beefed up a dull “check out this new app” story, and turned it into a powerful press release with a solid news angle 
  • My proven formula for coming up with a newsworthy “hook” that grabs
  • attention and gets reporters interested (including lots of real life examples you can use for inspiration or model off of)  
  • Case study: How I took a mundane story and strategically turned it into a cool and relevant piece of business news
  • Line-by-line teardowns of real press releases I wrote for real clients  
  • The exact questions I ask a client prior to writing even a single word of a press release  
  • Writing press releases for local businesses vs. national companies (including examples of both)  
  • How to quickly and easily make any press release 10x  more credible and more interesting (with very little effort)  
  • My actual notes from a real press release I worked on for a huge Fortune 500 company  
  • My 4 key criteria for a great press release headline (these will grab attention in a split second)  
  • The biggest mistake average and amateur press release writers make (Hint: they teach this in journalism school…but you can skip class and learn it here instead) 
  • How to transition from a catchy headline to the opening of your press release without losing momentum or missing a beat (no vague advice here — I’ll show you exactly what to write)  
  • Real life side-by-side comparisons of GREAT vs. “not so great” openings 
  • Beyond the headline and opening: A straightforward roadmap for seamlessly gliding through the body of your press release quickly and easily  
  • The all-too-common copywriting habit that journalists have zero patience for, and how to eliminate it from your writing  
  • Additional go-to “ingredients” you can use whenever you get stuck, need inspiration, or need to beef up your press release (I’ve personally used these countless times)  
  • A detailed, paragraph-by-paragraph breakdown of a press release I wrote for a well-known client  
  • A complete analysis of a mediocre press release that may look OK to the untrained eye, but really needed a lot of work (as well as a complete “rewrite” from me personally so you can see exactly how I improved it)  
  • Advanced PR tactics you can use to DOUBLE your value to your clients (these are simple tricks ANYONE can learn, regardless of your background or experience level)  
  • And more…


How to write explainer video scripts that get watched and shared

  • Why explainer videos often have tight deadlines, and how to deal with them
  • The business behind explainer videos, and how to work seamlessly with the companies that produce them 
  • How to pump out explainer videos in record time, maximizing your income
  • The #1 mistake most copywriters make when writing explainer videos (Hint: it has to do with what happens to your script AFTER you submit it to the client) — and what to do instead  
  • Why EVERY business — including small and local businesses — can benefit from having explainer videos (not just apps and tech companies)
  • The misnomer behind the word “explainer video”, and how to write a script for just about any goal a client might have  
  • Tons of real examples of varied explainer video scripts — and the common threads they all share
  • The psychological triggers I use to grab viewers’ interest, keep them engaged, and even get them to take action  
  • My 3 rules for consistently turning out scripts that connect with readers emotionally in any situation  
  • What people will relate to most about your video script — and how to use that to your maximum advantage when writing it  
  • How to use “VIP Power” to write an awesome script clients and viewers love (this is the same principle that makes celebrities’ tweets go viral, and anyone can use it once they know how)
  • The exact questions I ask clients BEFORE writing a single word of an explainer video script (these are different than most other forms of copy, and most writers miss them) 
  • The one thing I spend HALF of my time on when writing an explainer video script  
  • Why you don’t need to know every detail of the “target audience” — and the specific details you should seek out instead  
  • How to write explainer videos that are easy for clients to create visuals for (clients LOVE this because it cuts down their costs and production time, while increasing their profits)  
  • The “hidden” agenda of any explainer video script (Hint: It’s not really about “explaining”)  
  • The #1 mistake amateur copywriters make when writing their explainer video story  
  • Specific side-by-side comparisons of great explainer video copy, vs. mediocre or bad copy (you’ll also learn exactly WHAT makes one better than the other)  
  • The 2 key ingredients that will help you amp up the drama of your script and make it more entertaining and engaging  
  • How to use the “Law Of Opposites” to supercharge your script’s engagement capability  
  • Why charging a flat fee for your explainer video copywriting will usually earn you more money (plus the exact word-for-word script I use to flip hourly-paying clients to flat fee)  
  • How to write the first draft of your explainer video script in MINUTES — not hours — and still have it turn out GREAT  
  • A simple method for quickly organizing all of your information before you start writing, making the process much simpler and easier  
  • The exact checklist I use to go from “rough draft” to polished script in MINUTES (not hours or days)  
  • Real script examples, including progressions from “first draft” to “final draft” so you can see exactly what changes from draft to draft  
  • Line by line teardown of an actual script, including specific suggestions, critiques, and comments  
  • My “Idea Toolbox” that guarantees you’ll never run out of ideas  
  • Tricks for filling up space in case you run out of useful information to write about (these hacks took me YEARS to figure out, but you’ll have them TODAY)
  • How to position your script in a way that helps clients stand out from their competition (clients go crazy over this because it helps them achieve their business goals and shows them you’re so much more than “just a writer”)  
  • And more…


How to write mouth-watering case studies that help clients make more sales

  • The difference between an average case study, and one that CONVERTS readers into customers  
  • How to write mouth-watering case studies for any client regardless of their business, profession, or industry  
  • Why all clients have a never-ending need for case studies — and how you can fill it  
  • The psychology behind what clients look for in a case study copywriter (and how to use that information to get more business)  
  • How to write case studies clients can share via email, social media, and more — and their readers will love it  
  • How to position your case study in a way that appeals to the broadest number of people — without being boring or “vanilla”  
  • The exact step-by-step process I’ve been using for years to produce amazing case studies that convert like crazy  
  • How to use information you’ve ALREADY gathered in order to produce case studies quicker and easier (this creates a win-win for you and your client — they get more valuable copy, while you earn more) 
  • The difference between case studies that fascinate vs. boring, “corporate,” or total snoozefest ones 
  • What your favorite movies can teach you about writing case studies that command — and keep — attention  
  • The simple framework you can use to plan out any case study in just a few minutes  
  • Complete breakdowns of real, proven case studies that continue to engage and convert
  • The #1 factor that can make or break your case study copy
  • My 3-point approach for writing the perfect title, without wasting time or energy overthinking it  
  • How to write an entire case study without using an ounce of imagination or creativity  
  • The exact questions you should ask before you write any case study (these took me years to develop and refine, and you can have them all today)  
  • How to guarantee you get detailed, juicy answers to all of your questions (while avoiding vague, generic answers that lead to dull copy) 
  • The most important factor to consider when deciding which information to include in your case study, and what to leave out  
  • My personal case study template that will allow you to practically copy and paste your way to a workable first draft  
  • The 3 key criteria that will help you quickly choose which quotes to use in your case study, and which ones to instantly discard (including lots of real examples of each)  
  • How to quickly decide what to cut when editing your first draft  
  • What to do if you have two quotes that are similar (Hint: You shouldn’t automatically discard one of them)
  • How to create exciting drama, twists and turns that keep readers engaged (and are fun to write)  
  • How to easily identify any “gaps” in your story — and quickly fix them so you can move on
  • How to structure your story so that the subject of the case study does most of the “writing” for you  
  • My simple rule for doing a minimal amount of writing, while still creating an awesome case study (so you can be faster, more productive, and earn more)
  • Your #1 job as a case study writer (Hint: this is far from obvious. It isn’t writing…or selling…or even keeping the reader engaged.)  
  • Tons of examples of real case studies, quotes, and breakdowns that will help you every step of the way  
  • The 2 types of words that help you infuse case studies with excitement and drama (these require minimal effort on your part, yet they’re incredibly powerful)  
  • My simple trick for turning ordinary facts into dramatic twists and turns  
  • The #1 narrative mistake most writers make, and how to easily avoid it 
  • How to create “mini chapters” that keep readers engaged and entertained  
  • A simple way to handle stories that don’t seem to have a clear beginning, middle, or end  
  • How to know exactly where to place each subheadline, so you never have to sit there thinking about it  
  • How to use “dumb subheads” to speed up your process and pump out case studies faster, without sacrificing an ounce of quality  
  • The most important — and underrated — part of a case study (most writers gloss over this, but you’ll know better)  
  • Why it’s OK to have only a vague idea of your story before you start writing it — and how to “automatically” figure it out as you go
  • How to position your case study in a way that’s extremely compelling to readers (writers whose mantra is “just write a good story” get this all wrong, and pay the price)  
  • The simple checklist I use to tighten up my story so it reads like a masterpiece  
  • And more…


How to write landing pages that get your clients leads and subscribers

  • The first and most important question I ask clients before I write a word of landing page copy (Hint: It has nothing to do with the writing — or even their target audience — yet it will make or break your copy) 
  • How to help your client figure out what type of landing page they need (clients are often confused about this, and you can skyrocket your value by helping them with it) 
  • How to write great opt-in copy that helps clients turn their landing pages into leads (and eventually sales)  
  • Tons of real examples of landing pages I’ve written for REAL clients 
  • Done-for-you templates you can use to write a landing page (in a fraction of the time it takes to do it from scratch — plus, the client will love it because it’s ready to send straight to the designer)  
  • 3 key questions you MUST ask in order to write a successful landing page (Hint: These are unique to landing pages…and most copywriters overlook them completely)  
  • A simple, 60-second hack you can use to write a high-converting landing page, even if you’re totally clueless  
  • How to choose the best landing page for every situation  
  • How to create landing page copy that looks amazing in your portfolio and helps you attract high-paying clients  
  • The exact landing page portfolio samples I used to land a client worth tens of thousands of dollars 
  • The mental framework I use to break even the most complex landing pages down into easy-to-complete tidbits  
  • What to do if you discover you’re short on info or source material (without having to call or email the client to get more)
  • The 2 strategies for masterfully crafting captivating bullet points, and when to use each one  
  • How to use your landing page copywriting skills to write awesome Home Page copy too (this gives you more options for finding new clients, higher earning potential — and I’ll even give you a template you can use to make it dead simple)  
  • The danger of “headline confusion,” and how to avoid it  
  • My personal headline generator tool for cranking out great headlines in less than 5 minutes (this flies in the face of the conventional advice to spend tons of time on your headline — “ain’t nobody got time for that”)  
  • Why copywriters’ headlines often get rewritten by the client, and how to avoid it  
  • The best place to find source material for all of your opt-in page copy (this can also lead to a great upsell for you)  
  • Why readers don’t really care about lead magnets — and what they are really interested in instead 
  • My “Subtraction Strategy” for writing mouth watering bullet points that convert (without any external research whatsoever)  
  • A simple but powerful hack for writing Calls To Action that convert 
  • How to squeeze more conversions out of clients’ existing landing pages (and become known as a “Conversion Rescue Copywriter” they rely and depend on to help them get more leads and more sales)  
  • What to do if your landing page copy doesn’t convert as well as the client hoped (Hint: You can turn this temporary setback into a great opportunity to earn even more AND help the client win)  
  • The clues you can use to figure out when a landing page can be tweaked for more conversions, vs. when it needs to be rewritten completely  
  • Why most copywriters shy away from clients who want to improve their existing landing pages’ conversion rates — and why that’s a big mistake
  • Going beyond the copy: How to get paid extra to advise clients on landing page design (even if you think you’re clueless about design, I’ll show you exactly what you need to know)  
  • The single most important piece of information you need to write a landing page that converts (even most professional copywriters don’t think of this)  
  • And more…


[NEW] Bonus Module: Expert interviews

How to make $150/hr writing web copy (with Kaleigh Cox)

How to earn thousands of dollars writing Ultimate Guides  (with Primoz Bozic)

How to write a $6,000 sales page (with Daniel Throssell)

Get a personalized review of your copy, directly from me (this will probably only be available for a very limited time)

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Having someone who’s “been there” show you exactly what you’re doing right, what you can improve on, and even exactly how you can make your copy 10x better can skyrocket your success and your confidence, and save you weeks or months of trial and error.

That’s why I’m offering a special, exclusive bonus:

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I may never offer it again. I don’t even offer it as a paid service, and if I did, I’d charge thousands of dollars for this alone. But if you join Freelance Copywriter’s Code this week, you’ll get my personalized review of your copy at no additional charge as part of my commitment to help you succeed and thrive as a freelance copywriter.

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