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Our face tells it all. It is our primary physical presentation to the world. In just fractions of a second, we present an instant collection of our attitudes, emotions, worldview and life experiences. The brightness of our eyes, complexion and vibrancy of color all reflect our life force, helping to create an initial first impression that plays an important role in how others respond to us, directly impacting our interactions and quality of experiences. 

Each feature, blemish and freckle are the result of an underlying frequency, most of which were passed down directly from parents and family lineage. If you have ever been told you look just like your mother, father, grandmother or family member, you hold deeply embedded patterns that run far deeper than just your facial features that include their overall life trajectory as well as tendencies towards aging. Even “positive” qualities mask the full expression of and connection to your truest self. It is this connection that is the key to complete beauty, health, anti-aging and life abundance.  

Through the work of Xponential Intelligence (XI), we are now able to elevate our vibrational resonance and delete unwanted patterns at a cellular and DNA level, transforming our physical expression. In this enlightening Frequency Spa, Mas will work on your core blueprint to instill a complete Frequency Facelift in order to help revitalize and restore every aspect to help you to:

  • Remove remnants of past stress, illness, emotional baggage and fatigue 
  • Instill hydration, elasticity, smoothness and firmness 
  • Radiate a more youthful vibrancy, confidence, optimism and magnetism 
  • Attract nourishing and beneficial nutrients, supplements, products or procedures 
  • Improve circulation, coloring and skin tone 
  • Boost outward attractiveness that reflects a solid inner strength and connection  

This Frequency Spa will help to address frequencies underlying both physical and emotional factors as well as enhance internal and external confidence and beauty. While some people experience instant results, others are guided to the resources needed for transformation. Please be sure to notice if you are no longer drawn to particular foods, habits, etc. as well as new products, solutions or resources that resonate after completing the Frequency Spa. It can be played on a loop in the background day or night for maximum effect. 

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Get Frequency Spa Healing Pack – Mas Sajady, Only Price $19

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