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3,000 Hungry Funnel Hackers Descended On Orlando, Florida To Devour These Brand New Funnel Secrets That Have NEVER Been Revealed To The Masses Ever Before… 


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ATTENTION: How to instantly “download” the game-changing funnel secrets revealed at Funnel Hacking Live 2018…

3,000 Hungry Funnel Hackers Descended On Orlando, Florida To Devour These Brand New Funnel Secrets That Have NEVER Been Revealed To The Masses Ever Before… 

…And We Snuck In To Copy ‘Em All Down FOR YOU!

Couldn’t Make It To Funnel Hacking Live 2018? Now You Can Swipe The Game-Changing Funnel Secrets Revealed By ALL 17 Speakers (Including Garrett J. White And Tony Robbins) 

For Yourself With Our “FHL 2018 Notes”…

Dear Internet Marketer,

3 days. 17 incredible speakers. 3,000 hungry Funnel Hackers.

Not to mention a literal treasure trove of “million dollar” funnel secrets from 6, 7, 8, and even 9 figure business owners.

Yep…Funnel Hacking Live 2018 was definitely one for the record books.

So it’s no surprise that tickets to the live event were a HOT commodity.

After all, with 52,000 active ClickFunnels subscribers and only 3,000 tickets available…

…less than 5% of CF customers got their hands on a ticket.

But here’s the good news…

Russell Brunson Invited US To Act As  The “Official” Note-Takers For The Event!

Hey, Tim Castleman here.

And I’m letting you know that if you couldn’t make it to Funnel Hacking Live 2018…

Don’t worry.

Because for the 4th year in a row, Russell Brunson invited OUR TEAM to act as the “official” note-takers for the event.

So even if you couldn’t get your hands on a ticket to FHL 2018 ($XXX each)… 

…you can still swipe EVERY strategy, tactic, secret, and insight that was revealed at the event.

We’ve got you 100% covered.

And boy, were there a LOT of them!

Because With A Speaker Lineup Like THIS, 

You Know Some Priceless Knowledge Was Shared…

The lineup of speakers for FHL 2018 was easily the BEST yet.

We got to learn from…

Kaelin Poulin 

(founder of LadyBoss)…

Natalie Hodson 

(went from $0 to 2 Comma Club  in just 6 months)…

Dean Holland 

(hit $300K/month in 2016)…

Nick Daugherty 

(who masterminded a $20M Documentary Funnel)…

Jason Fladlien

(the #1 affiliate marketer of  ALL time)…

Rachel Pedersen

(one of the top social media consultants in the world)…

Dave “Kombucha” Lindenbaum (invented the Redemption Funnel)…

Alison Prince 

(2 Comma Club member who taught her daughter how to make $100,000 with CF)…

Myron Goldon 

(creator of the ‘4 Levels of Value’ growth model)…

Anthony DiClementi

(nutrition expert working with Fortune 500 companies)…

Alex Charfen

(pioneered The Entrepreneur Personality Type after working with a group of billionaire business owners)…

Dana Derricks 

(used the Dream 100 to get UNLIMITED traffic)…

Peng Joon 

(#1 affiliate marketer for  Expert Secrets)…

Alex & Leila Hormozi

(went from $0 to 2 Comma Club in less than 60 days with their latest high ticket funnel)…

Garrett J. White 

(founder of Wake Up Warrior)…

Tony Robbins

(who needs NO introduction)…

…and of course, the man himself…

 Russell Brunson!

You couldn’t possibly put a price tag on the mind-blowing marketing secrets that were shared by these pioneers, experts, and icons.

No matter whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned ClickFunnels pro…

And no matter what niche or industry you’re in or what type of business you run…

There was TONS of information shared that applied directly to YOU.

In fact, there was SO much practical, actionable material shared at FHL 2018 that we almost couldn’t get it all down on paper!

It was like drinking from a fire-hose for 4 days straight

The Event Was Broken Down Into 3 Key Phases…


Phase 1: $0 to $1 Million

This Phase was all about 2 key factors:

The “What” and the “How”.

WHAT you’re selling…and HOW you’re selling it.

As soon as you’ve mapped these 2 things out, you can easily go from $0 to $1 million overnight.

And hitting $1 Million means being minted as the NEWEST member of…

The “2 Comma Club”!

Over 200 new “2 Comma Club” Members received their awards at FHL 2018. It was incredible.

From there, we moved into…

Phase 2: $1 to $10 Million

This Phase was all about BUSTING through plateaus. Lots of Funnel Hackers have hit the 7-figure mark, but get stuck around the $2-$3M mark.

That’s because it takes an entirely different set of skills to punch past the $3M mark.

And that’s exactly where Russell’s 3 Scaling Strategies came in. Implement these and your 7-figure business will hit 8 figures in NO time.

Phase 3: $10 to $100 Million

Making the jump from 8 figures to 9 figures is MASSIVE.

Russell explained how one of the most important factors is using strategies that don’t take up MORE of your time.

And at the end of the day, it all comes down to…


We learned a bunch of new, cutting-edge strategies that some of the world’s top marketers are using to drive TONS of 

Here Are Just A Few Of The Laser-Focused

Topics Covered At FHL 2018:

The Identity Shift with Kaelin Poulin

Kaelin has MASTERED the art of creating a cult-ure. And she’s grown her business to over 8 figures by harnessing that power to its fullest.

She broke down things like…

“How do I get my tribe to LOVE me?”

“How do I get my followers to buy from me over and over again?”

“How do I create raving fans who’ll drop what they’re doing and listen to me?”

…and MUCH more.

We all know communities are becoming more and more important in 2018 and beyond. Knowing how to leverage these strategies to create your own cult-ure is going to be critical for success in the future.

The Ultimate Funnel with Dean Holland

Dean’s business hit a whopping $300K/month in 2016.

But that wasn’t enough. He wanted MORE.

So Dean created a new type of funnel that was 100% focused on repelling the wrong type of people…

…so he could attract ONLY his ideal “dream” clients!

It worked like a charm. Now Dean is cruising towards 9 figures, all thanks to the Ultimate Funnel.

And he broke down exactly what it is, how it works, and how YOU can deploy one in your own business right away.

Unique Webinar Funnels with Jason Fladlien

This guy personally got ME going with online marketing, so whenever he talks I listen.

At FHL 2018, he broke down what he’s focusing on with his INSANE webinar funnels:

  •  Getting more people to SHOW UP to your webinar
  •  Getting more people on the webinar to BUY
  •  Getting more people who didn’t show up to BUY

He went over how to leverage webinar funnels as both an affiliate AND as a product or service owner.

But the best part by FAR was his “behind the scenes” case study of the infamous NDA Webinar.

That one was worth the price of admission alone for me, and I’ll guarantee you’ll love it too.

Unlimited Traffic In Just 3 Days with Peng Joon

Peng Joon is the #1 affiliate for Expert Secrets, so you KNOW this guy is the real deal.

He’s got over 1.7 million followers, and he’s mastered the art of driving traffic.

Peng broke down his 3-day unlimited traffic process for us. It was wild. Once you’ve deployed this strategy you literally get to decide how much traffic you want each week.

Isn’t that crazy?

After seeing his presentation, it’s no surprise this guy absolutely CRUSHED all the other affiliates for Expert Secrets (some of whom were big names too).

False Beliefs with Russell Brunson

Of course we heard from the man himself more than a few times over the course of FHL 2018.

But this presentation was one to remember. Trust me.

Because Russell focused 100% on false beliefs…not in your audience’s mind, but in YOUR mind.

It was a game-changer. 

Everybody walked away from this one with their limiting beliefs absolutely shattered, and feeling like they had exactly what they needed to go out and CRUSH their next funnel.

Again, worth the price of admission all by itself.

How To Achieve Greatness WHILE Feeling Completely Fulfilled with Tony Robbins

As the special Keynote Speaker, everybody knew Tony Robbins was going to blow the roof off the place.

But he STILL managed to overdeliver. His presentation was off the charts.

It was 3 hour transformational JOURNEY based on his 2 Core Principles for creating an extraordinary life:

1) The Science of Achievement

2) The Art of Fulfillment

If you’ve never seen Tony speak before, it’s an experience that’s in a class all of its own.

There’s just nobody else there like him. And seeing him in person is surreal.

The effect he has on people is borderline magical. With his step-by-step process for achieving greatness, he pumped everybody up and left an impression that will last a lifetime.

The Best Part Is You Can Get My Notes Today…For A Tiny FRACTION Of What You Would Have Paid To Attend FHL 2018 In Person

Tickets for FHL 2018 were $XXX a pop at the “early bird” price.

Once that discount ran out, the price went up to $XXXX.

And with 52,000 active ClickFunnels subscribers and only 3,000 tickets available, you know they went FAST.

Even if you somehow managed to get your hands on a ticket, then you would’ve needed to book a hotel. 

Not to mention a round-trip flight there and back.

Simply put:

Your costs to attend FHL 2018 could’ve easily reached $4,000+.

And guess what? It still would have been 100% worth it.

Because the cutting-edge funnel secrets that were shared at this event would have paid for themselves 10 times over.

At least.

But since me and my team were there (at Russell’s invitation) to serve as the “official” note takers for the event…

…you can swipe ALL those cutting-edge funnel secrets for a tiny fraction of the price you would have paid to attend in person!

In fact, at $37, “tiny fraction” doesn’t even do it justice.

Because I’m prepared to let you have all my notes for less than the cost of a dinner out at your favorite restaurant.

Yep…dead serious.

That’s all it will take to get YOUR hands on the game-changing funnel secrets that were shared at FHL 2018…

Here’s What You’re Getting With My Notes:

Preview Of Notes From The 2017 Funnel Hacking Event…


This is your chance to comb through every single strategy, tactic, secret and insight that was shared at the event.

As you can see with my notes, you won’t miss a thing.

You’ll be able to review every single point that was made. From EVERY speaker.

That includes:

  •  Kaelin Poulin 
  •  Natalie Hodson 
  •  Dean Holland 
  •  Nick Daugherty 
  •  Jason Fladlien 
  •  Rachel Pedersen
  •  Dave “Kombucha” Lindenbaum 
  •  Alison Prince 
  • Myron Goldon 
  •  Anthony DiClementi 
  •  Alex Charfen 
  •  Dana Derricks 
  •  Peng Joon 
  •  Alex & Leila Hormozi 
  •  Garrett J. White 
  •  Tony Robbins 
  •  Russell Brunson

You Really Are Only One Funnel Away…

Funnel Hacking Live 2018 was all about driving this point home.

You’re only ONE funnel away from…

  •  Financial Freedom…
  •  Sharing Your Message With More People…
  •  Providing For Your Family…
  •  More Time Freedom…
  •  Changing The World…
  •  Serving More People…
  •  Quitting Your Job…
  •  Spending More Time With Your Loved Ones…

Everything you want could be around the corner…

All it takes is one funnel.

That’s what makes the information that was shared at this event so incredibly life-changing.

And why so many people were eager to fork over $1000s of their hard-earned money to attend.

But you won’t have to.

Because for just $37, you can get instant access to my 100% fluff-free notes.

Not to mention…

Getting The Notes From FHL 2018 Right NOW Means You Can Cash In On The Strategies And Tactics That Were Shared…

(Before Everyone ELSE Does!)

This is your chance to get an “inside edge” with cutting-edge funnel secrets. Stuff that’s working right NOW.

These are strategies and tactics that are going to literally FLOOD the market in 2018.

And you can be one of the early adopters. One of the first to actually profit from them.

Forget the fact that you couldn’t afford a ticket or find time to make it to the event.

Because it doesn’t matter.

With my notes, you’ll still have ALL the important information. 

It will be like you were there. Even though you weren’t.

And for just $37, it couldn’t POSSIBLY be any more of a “no-brainer”…

Plus, Real Players Know That Live Events Are Where The 

Most High-Impact Knowledge Is Shared…

Here’s an industry fact you may not realize:

Live events are where the biggest, juiciest secrets get shared.

I’m talking about stuff you simply won’t find in an online course or digital info product.

Which means that if you wanted to get your hands on these high-impact funnel secretsyou had to be there.


You can get my notes.

Because I promise you:

This information is 10X more impactful than ANYTHING you’ll learn from an online course or info product in 2018.


So for just $37, you can get your hands on:

  •  Proven funnel blueprints you can copy-and-paste immediately
  •  Cutting-edge funnel secrets that are delivering MASSIVE results…right now!
  •  Advanced step-by-step breakdowns and case studies from some of the biggest names in the industry
  •  Powerful growth strategies and tactics that will help you scale FAST
  •  Incredible mindset and personal development hacks that will TRANSFORM your life forever
  •  And SO much more…


Get The Notes NOW To Lock In Your Discount…

(Price Going Up To $67 On April 2)

This is your chance to lock in a major discount on the notes.

If you get the notes right NOW, you’ll guarantee your savings, but more importantly…

…you’ll secure the future of your business.


This is the most impactful marketing and funnel training you’ll see or hear about all year.

And you have a chance right NOW to “swipe and deploy” it ALL… 

Before the masses trample every single new strategy and tactic into the ground!

So go ahead and click the button below NOW to get your FHL 2018 Notes right away:

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