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James Van  Elswyk.

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You may know me from previous Geek Out events, the Purple Knowledge Lab Group or my previous speaking events and masterminds. Or, perhaps you are familiar with Purple Leads – my seven-figure lead generation company that has grown from 1 man to a team of 35 employees in just 2 years.

In all my time teaching and growing teams, I have discovered one problem that seems to plague even the best of the best in this industry:

“It’s easy to scale campaigns… but it’s hard to scale teams”

Josh Elizetxe

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Josh Elizetxe has built multiple 8-figure business across numerous verticals, all using the power of media buying. He sold his ad agency of over 50 employees for tens of millions at 23 years old, and although he tried to retire, the game pulled him back in.

Josh currently owns a massive pay-per-call lead generation outfit, multiple 8-figure brands as well investing and consulting in startups and tech plays.

With the “easy part” behind him, he’s now focused on his next challenge: bringing people like you to his level, one private event at a time.

If you truly want to reach the top level of entrepreneurship, you can’t do everything alone. You need a team – but not just any team. Not a team of VAs scrapped together from Upwork – you need a fully functioning machine that can help you escape the slavery of “solopreneurship”:

A team you can trust to take over when you’re away.

A team that will grow and manage itself

A team that will feed you with new opportunities and ideas.

A team that synergizes, so you don’t have to waste time and energy micro-managing.

I’m not going to lie. Building a team like that is hard. But one thing is for sure: If you try to do it alone, you’ll struggle. There are too many mistakes to make:

Poor hiring methods = more work, more stress, less time and lower profits as a result Investing in the wrong employee = toxic environment that leeches energy and revenue (and by the time you realize it, it’s too late)

Lack of systems = constant running around, plugging holes, putting out fires; without systems, you might as well do it all yourself!

Random compensation plan = you either lose money or you lose employees (but you surely won’t be inspiring any growth)

The list of headaches goes on and on…

I’m sure you’ve made it to your current success because you know when to call in the right help. No worries, my friend… I’ve got your back!

I’ve scaled my Lead Generation and Ecommerce media buying business from 1 outsourced campaign manager to 35 employees (25 in-house) and 10s of millions in revenue – in 2 years.

I have hired and fired 1000s of people across many industries for 26 years.

I have scaled businesses from 8-80 employees in one year and up to 440 in 2.5 years.

I have spent 10s of millions on payroll and ad spend to create a system based on experience and real life usage.

My media buying teams currently includes:

Campaign managers (buying media across Google, Facebook, Natives, Snapchat… anywhere we can place a pixel)

Video editors



Tracking specialist

Business intelligence analysts

Business development managers

This is the first time I have shared how and what I do.

I want to teach this to  30 of the RIGHT people.

  • 10 people  per classroom. 
  • 3 locations around the world. 
  • 2 crazy-intense learning days at each.

Are you in?

Geek Out:

intensive classroom

This nonstop 2-day training is ONLY for top-level business owners of small size who are making at least $30k profit per month.

  • James Van Elswyk’s full hiring system revealed for the first time (see below)
  • 100% private
  • All training materials included (requires Non-Disclosure Agreement)
  • Only attendees receive a recording (no replays available)
  • Limited seating (10 people per session)

Three cities. 

Three weekends. 

10 spots in each. 

2 days of learning. 

1 unforgettable dinner. 

Day 1 Schedule

Profitably Scaling a Media Buying Business: Theory and Tactics

On Day 1, I give you every successful tactic I’ve ever used to improve and grow my businesses. I’ve tested and optimized these methods over the years and use them myself.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create detailed reports for labor management (using my personal template)
  • Hire better employees with effective job descriptions
  • Ask interview questions that automatically eliminate poor candidates
  • Proactively monitor and improve labor quality
  • Find the ideal balance in your compensation plans
  • Train new employees across diverse fields
  • Hire managers you can trust to put your business on autopilot
  • Maximize performance and revenue with advanced yield optimization
  • Apply social engineering to consistently create win-win situations
  • Lead teams with confidence and direction

Day 2 Schedule:

We’ll be joined by one of the most successful businessmen I know: Josh Elizetxe. Together, we’ll break down your business in a hot seat format. After learning about your business, we’ll tell you how we would improve it, step by step, and help design a plan of attack.

  • Exec Slice and Dice
  • One-on-one analysis of your current situation
  • Help with your biggest challenges
  • Open question and answer format
  • Deep-dive into selected topics

Purple Dinner: P3 Edition

This may be the highest-value part of the whole package!

The Purple Dinner will be held on the last night in a private setting with myself, Josh and some baller friends. This is for SUPER high-level information and networking. These dinners have been held around the globe and have become a thing of legend. Do not make the mistake of thinking this is just an added bonus – Purple Dinners are unforgettable!

Remote Attendance

Due to requests from people who are unable to attend the physical location, we are offering a limited Remote Attendance option.

You will be given access to the Live Stream during the event. After that, your access will be valid for 3 days (in case you are in a different time zone).

Geek Out: P3Edition is ONLY available LIVE and FOR 3 DAYS (72 hours) after the event is complete!

What you’ll learn


  • Using cash metrics and company audit to decide who and how to scale.
  • Monthly closeouts and reviews.
  • Hiring protocols: Scripts, tests, pitch to new employees, avatars.
  • Training: Steps, comp, testing and evaluations.
  • Firing: Clean fires, "write up" emails and templates/scripts for actual firing to the "post-firing pump-up talk” to teams.
  • Media buyer compensation plans (and theory behind them specific to geo and business goals).
  • Creating company image and employee standards (speed of email response, interaction training with vendors/partners).
  • Media buying structure.
  • Using media buyers per traffic source or by offer.
  • First manager: who and how to properly transition shifts of power.
  • My exact monthly schedule of team meetings and protocols – to the day.
  • Accounting, collections, cashflow analysis for auction-dependent businesses.
  • Upwork for research as opposed to hiring.


  • Gamification.
  • Statistical management vs operational management.
  • Corporate unity contests.
  • Deal flow analysis: regimented to stop "shiny object syndrome".
  • Building each department – creative, business intelligence, business development and accounting (collections-focused) Inter-departmental efficiency.
  • Labor: geo arbitrage, hiring and managing by avatar.
  • Lawyers, compliance and insurance.
  • Social engineering to achieve strong chain of command and good morale.
  • Using optics to create, amplify or cement employee sentiments towards owner and company.
  • Pump up talk scripts.
  • "Dangling the carrot" and other subconscious motivation techniques.

Who is this for?

  • This is not how to buy media.
  • This is not f or people making less than 30k profit per month.
  • This is not for someone who wants one secret tip or trick – this requires hard work over time.
  • This is not for someone who doesn't want to learn the theories of labor management as well as the tactics.
  • This is for people already making money but want to make more.
  • Agencies or internal teams that want to learn to increase efficiency, yield and profits.
  • CMOs that want to learn to make your internal teams your strongest channel.
  • People who want to build something sustainable and self-sufficient.

Important Disclosure –

NDA Required

The information revealed at this event will not be available anywhere else. I have never taught this before.

We will provide all slides, templates, spreadsheets and collaterals as well as replays… however, you must sign a severe NDA.

These items cost me every dollar I have spent since I had my first employee at 16.

It is incredibly valuable and I do NOT want it leaked.

I had to think long and hard about whether or not I even wanted to do this. I am basically offering the keys to my kingdom here. That’s also why I only want people who will commit to implementing this information… once you see how powerful it is, I am sure you’ll keep the secret, too.



As usual, this comes with our bulletproof Geek Out Guarantee:

If it's not worth the money, I'll give it back.

That’s why everyone must apply for eligibility. If I can help you, and you’re among the first to apply… then you’ll be happy.

Bottom line: If I can’t seriously help you, I won’t even allow you into the program. That’s why I’m so confident with this guarantee.

Half-Price Offer:

Second Attendee

For this event, we are allowing you to bring a business partner for half the price. This is limited to one extra attendee per company.

Are you ready to Geek Out?!

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