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    When purchasing this course: Genius Webinars – Rapid Crush, You can get it with the LIFETIME SUPPORT and UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD.

    When purchasing course, You can get it with the LIFETIME SUPPORT and UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD.

    Genius Webinars – Rapid Crush

    • 11 Hi-Def Professional Recorded Sessions 
    • Webinar Builder Workbook
    • Proprietary 4-Step Formula EZ Layout
    • ALL 210 Slides
    • Webinar Presentation Template

    What’s Inside Genius Webinars

    While what you’re offering and the audience you’re presenting to is important to the success of a webinar… what makes or breaks a webinar is the presentation itself.

    The goal of every webinar presentation is to create a behavioral change in your audience that allows them to do something that they couldn’t do before. If you give someone more options than they had when they showed up for your presentation, they will be much more open to saying yes to an offer that is consistent with that newfound behavior.

    This is the simplest way to make your webinars more effective and impactful.

    Jason has spent 10 years studying, testing, tweaking, and perfecting his webinar process to make creating effective webinars easier and more enjoyable. When you sign up today, you’ll get access to everything you need to understand and implement Jason’s proven webinar strategy to create your own webinars.

    Module Breakdown

    Inside the member’s area, you’ll have access to 11 Hi-Def Professional Recorded Sessions covering the Rapid Crush webinar framework and methodology. The training goes in-depth on every element needed for creating a webinar that is more valuable to your audience, and as a result, improves your conversions.

    Module 1: Offer, Price & Bonuses

    Discover why you should start with your offer, how to price your product or service (and create perceived value with how you present it), and include bonuses that will push your audience over-the-edge to say “yes.”

    Module 2: Guarantee, Scarcity & Objections

    Learn the importance of a guarantee, and what type will work best, how and when to use scarcity to motivate your audience, and the only way you should handle any objections potential buyers will throw at you.

    Module 3: Defined Outcome & Step By Step

    Define the outcome you want to achieve with your webinar, and how to break down your content using a step-by-step process to help your audience achieve that result.

    Module 4: Context, Vision, Strategy & Commitment

    Discover how to set up your content so your audience understands why it’s important, create a vision so the audience will believe it, the best way to teach your steps, and how to create micro and macro-commitments to set up your pitch.

    Module 5: Transition

    This portion is to put you into the right mindset as you go into your Close and make you comfortable asking for the YES. Learn the correct way to execute a transition that will create the momentum you need to effectively sell your offer.

    Module 6: Authority

    Learn how to cement your authority status during your introduction, so the audience will know why they should listen to you and believe everything that you share and show during your webinar.

    Module 7: Commitment, Hope, Objections & Intrigue

    Find out how to get the audience to commit to do what you teach them, how to handle objections in advance, create hope for a future that will be better for them after the webinar is over, and hook your audience right from the start.

    Module 8: Putting It All Together

    Discover the importance of creating your presentation while in the right mindset, and our best-practices for putting the pieces you’ve created together and optimizing them into a webinar that gets results.

    Course Materials

    In addition to the training videos, you’ll have access to several resources designed to help you better understand and implement what you learn, so that by the time you’ve completed the course, you can have a completed webinar for your offer!

    Proprietary Framework

    See the overview of the entire Genius Webinars framework and methodology at a glance with this image.

    Webinar Builder  Workbook

    Fill in the blanks of this workbook as you complete each module, and you’ll easily  put together your webinar.

    Presentation Template

    Use the same slide deck template that Jason uses to help you get started with the slides for your presentation

    All 210 training Slides

    Utilize the training presentation to easily reference or follow along as you go through each of the modules.

    Module Quizzes

    Prove that you know your stuff by testing your understanding using the Module Quizzes.

    Module Resources

    Take advantage of Module Transcripts and Summaries to accommodate your preferred method of learning.

    Plus, When You Sign Up, You’ll Get These Exclusive Bonuses!

    Bonus #1:

    Immediate Webinar Profits

    Want to get the quickest results possible with your webinars? Have a webinar coming up less than 48 hours from now and want to know how you can – with the least amount of effort – immediately unlock tons of profit?

    This video training and supplemental PDF will walk you through step-by-step how to do just that.

    Bonus #2:

    Ultimate Webinar Funnel

    You’ll get a fill-in-the-blank template that covers the webinar registration page, the thank you page, the order form and more.

    Not only is it designed to covert, it will contain the right sales copy that you can easily tweak to immediately have a full-on funnel that will take your webinar conversions to the next level.

    In addition, you’ll get a whole video training from Jason where he walks through the psychology behind a webinar funnel, from registration page to thank you page, to replay page and sales page.

    Bonus #3:

    Slide Envy

    There are certain ways you should design your Keynote/Power Point presentations so that your webinars have the maximum psychological impact on your audience, creating the maximum revenue.

    This step-by-step training will show you how to develop amazing looking slides that will convert like crazy. Includes: The Isolation Effect, the Major Point Slide Technique, the Circle Flow, Quote Styles, and a bunch of other effective slide design techniques that look great and more importantly boost sales!

    Bonus #4:

    Webinar Swipes

    Want to see Jason in-action with his most profitable webinar ever? You get to watch a recording of a webinar that’s generated over $30MM in sales in the last 4 years.

    In addition, you will get emails you can reference for your webinar promotions, following a time tested and perfected sequence for promoting a webinar. And more!

    Bonus #5:

    Pure Webinars Training

    This is the previous webinar course Jason created a few years back that was sold for $2,000. The most valuable benefit to you this – there is no other place where Jason break downs as deeply and intently actual specific successful webinars he’s done.

    You’ll get video, audio, PDFs and transcript access to this training. Also, make sure you check out the Advanced Tactics session of Pure Webinars if you’re already a successful webinar presenter…

    Bonus #6:

    Webinar Pitch Secrets 1 & 2

    These two eBooks have more word-for-word universally applicable closes than any other training in existence on the internet.

    If you ever wanted to just copy specific, time-tested and word-for-word, proven closes you can drop into any webinar pitch for virtually any product or niche – you’ll love this bonus!

    Bonus #7:

    GoToWebinar Mastery

    How do you set up your webinars? How to customize and manage them to get the most out of them? What type of webinar emails settings should you use? What about creating polls and surveys for your webinar as well as recording and creating replays for your webinar?

    These series of SOPs will walk you through in-detail and screenshot exactly how to do everything important, from a tech perspective, to make your webinars super duper successful. With this training, you can tame the tech in minute, so you focus on the most important thing – creating and selling on your webinars.

    Bonus #8:

    Webinar Integrator

    Don’t have an audience or product of your own? In this bonus, you can discover how to leverage someone else’s existing audience, products, or other assets – by enhancing what they already have using webinars.  I will show you how to craft integration deals that can build your reputation, give you an audience, and potentially make a lot of money.

    This PDF will walk-through the seven steps of the process, including examples of real-life deals that I’ve done.

    Bonus #9:

    Consultant Webinar Model

    During this training, I’ll break down multiple successful funnels on how to use webinars specifically for getting high ticket consulting clients.

    This bonus is designed to show you exactly how to sell at least six figures (if not seven!) worth of consulting services.

    Bonus #10:

    Evergreen Webinars

    During this training, you’ll learn about how to utilize evergreen webinars to maximize your time and resources.

    It’s all about how to potentially reach even more people, and how to solve the problems that come with creating an evergreen webinar.

    Bonus #11:

    Ziglar Webinar Analysis

    Jason recently wrote and delivered a webinar for Kevin Harrington (creator of the infomercial and “As Seen On TV” brand) for a product that he put together sharing Zig Ziglar’s greatest secrets of wealth and selling, along with his own training and expertise.

    In this bonus, Jason walks you through the presentation slides and explains his thought-process behind what he created – along with his notes for what to do differently for future audiences.

    Bonus #12:

    Special Funnels Training

    In this bonus training, Jason will be breaking down two more webinar funnels: The Evergreen Webinar Funnel and The NDA Webinar Funnel.

    Along with the ins and outs of how and when to use these types of funnels, you also get access to the funnels themselves to plug your own webinar into and start using asap.

    Bonus #13:

    Get Paid To Create A Product

    In this training, you’ll learn a model for using webinars to test product ideas with an audience to see if there’s actually interest (something they want to PAY for) before going through the time and effort of creating it. Rapid Crush

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