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Here’s How You Can Coach More People, Make A Bigger Impact And Earn A Ton More Money In A Lot Less Time

Whether you’re just starting out as a coach or you’ve got all the clients you can handle, you can radically increase your income, your impact and your free time by offering group coaching programs your clients can’t resist.

Let me show you how.

You became a coach for all the right reasons.

To help people achieve their biggest goals and wildest dreams.

To have a positive impact on the world.

To go to bed each night knowing that what you do matters.

You also became a coach to experience more freedom, in both your work and your personal life. You wanted to be in charge of your own schedule. And have plenty of time for the things that are most important to you.

But lately you’ve been wondering…

How can you do this work you love, make a bigger impact and generate a lot more income without also generating a lot more work hours?

How are those 6- and 7-figure coaches able to create such high-impact, high-profit businesses yet still have the freedom, flexibility and free time to enjoy the good life?

The Answer: Group Coaching

Imagine what your life and business will be like when you have:

Impact and Income: Unlimited

If you’re only offering 1-to-1 coaching, your income and impact will always be limited to the number of hours you are available to coach. But with group coaching, you can help a lot more clients and make a lot more money… in far less hours.

More Time, Freedom and Fun

Guess what happens when you can serve 10, 20, or 200 paying clients in almost the same amount time it takes you to serve one? Your hourly income goes through the roof! And you get more freedom and flexibility in how you live your life and structure your days.

Goodbye, Money Objection!

You know those potential clients and companies who tell you they can’t afford to hire you? Well, now they can. Because when you have a group option, you can offer a significantly more affordable coaching alternative… that is still very attractive to the client and highly profitable for you!

Get Group Coaching Success Home Learning 2017 – Michelle Schubnel, only price $150

Higher Rates, Better Clients

With a group coaching program in place, you can raise your private coaching rates and be a lot choosier about who you work with 1-1. Won’t it be great to only work with clients who are 100% committed and happy to pay your top-dollar fees?

Greater Visibility & Credibility

With group coaching, you can quickly increase your impact, credibility and reach as a coach. More people can experience your work, benefit from your expertise and become happy customers who eagerly refer others.

So Why Doesn’t Every Coach Offer Group Coaching?
Why Aren’t You?

You’ve been thinking about it, right?

Because you’ve been paying attention and noticing how other coaches have expanded their reach, increased their influence, up-leveled their visibility and skyrocketed their income with group coaching.

But you haven’t made the leap yet because you have questions. Like:

  • “What should the focus of my group be?”
  • “What should I call it? How do I price it?”
  • “How can I be sure to fill it with the right kind of clients?”
  • “What do I need to know about group coaching in order do a great job and give my clients the results they’re looking for?”

These are all great questions.

And I’ve got the answers.

The Group Coaching Success Home Learning Program

How to Design, Market, Fill and Deliver Lucrative and Rewarding Group Coaching Programs… Even if You Are Brand New to Coaching Groups

This comprehensive, step-by-step program gives you everything you need – the tools, templates, systems, resources, guidance and support – to quickly get up to speed and be on your way to a more lucrative, leveraged and lifestyle friendly coaching business.

You don’t need to waste your precious time trying to figure out how to make group coaching profitable and fulfilling for you.

Forget about feeling lost, confused or uncertain.

Because I’ve done all the work for you!

Lifetime Access To The Proven, Step-By-Step Group Coaching Success System

#1 – You’ll get the proven, step-by-step Group Coaching Success System (a $5,000 value) so you can get up to speed fast, know exactly what to do and be certain of your success. Lifetime, 24/7 access to the Online Member Area so you always have the resources you need.

Virtual GCS “Get-It-Done” Bootcamp (Recordings & Transcripts)

#2 – Access Michelle’s “Get-It-Done” Bootcamp virtually at whatever time and pace works best for you (a $2,000 value). The weekly assignments will keep you motivated and on-track as you learn and implement the Group Coaching Success System. Plus the downloadable recordings and transcripts make it easy for you to model how Michelle runs her group program!

Module #1: Design Your Coaching Group

What are the secrets for creating a group coaching program your ideal participants will find irresistible at any price? Here’s some of what you’ll find out…

  • How to identify, find and connect with your ideal group participants.
  • The perfect topic or focus for your group so people can’t wait to sign up.
  • The best structure for your group so it’s a perfect fit for you, your business model and your target market.
  • How to price your group for maximum profitability and accessibility.
  • How much content you need… and what to do if you don’t have any of your own.
  • Bonus items you can include to stand out from the crowd and increase the value of your group

Module #2: Market and Fill Your Coaching Group

Get the insider secrets and proven systems to effectively market and fill your group programs, including:

  • The proven marketing strategies that make attracting and enrolling participants a breeze.
  • How to make that essential emotional connection so people don’t think twice before joining your group.
  • The trick to creating special offers and calls-to-action that motivate people to say YES on the spot.
  • What you need to include on your sales page to get the best results possible.
  • How to handle registration logistics so you don’t lose people during the enrollment process.

Plus… customizable templates and scripts for your sales page, email promotions and more.

Module #3: Set Your Group Up For Success

Discover the most efficient, hassle-free ways to handle the management and administration of your group so it runs like a dream.

  •  How to set up your registration and sign up process.
  • The various ways to collect payment and how to choose the best option for you.
  • The secrets for getting the people who sign up to show up.
  • The technologies you need if you are running a virtual group… and how to choose between all the different options.
  • How to allow the group to influence the agenda while still keeping your sessions on track.

 Module #4: Group Coaching Skills and Secrets

Develop the critical core group coaching skills you need to confidently lead and coach your group… in person or by phone… even if you’ve never coached a group before.

  • Learn how to leverage your current coaching skills in the group environment.
  • Discover a fool-proof strategy for handling challenging participants and situations.
  • Know exactly what to do in the first session to start your group off strong.
  • Create the perfect framework for your group sessions so they run without a hitch.
  • Understand the critical importance of establishing group guidelines and ground rules, and how to get participant buy-in.

Plus, you’ll also discover what you need to do differently so you are super successful when coaching groups within companies and organizations.

Phenomenal Results… Fast

Since 2009 I’ve been helping hundreds and hundreds of coaches just like you get fast and reliable results with my step-by-step Group Coaching Success System. Most of these coaches had never coached a group before!

But now they’re rocking it, bringing in more income than ever before and having the time of their lives serving more clients while enjoying more freedom and fun.

This is the same system I have used and fine-tuned for years to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in group coaching income and months and months of time off.

I’m telling you, it works.

And it works fast.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

Instead, you have a proven, step-by-step formula that covers all the bases. And you get the materials, tools, templates, and resources you need. As well as the personal guidance and community support to stay on track and enjoy your journey to massive group coaching success.

Let’s get started!

Here’s how the Group Coaching Success Program works:

1. Lifetime Access to the Group Coaching Success Private Member Area (Value: $5,000)

As soon as you register, you’ll get instant access to the Group Coaching Success Private Member Area, which contains all the materials, lessons, tools, templates, resources and everything else you need for the course.

You’ll have access to this course and all the materials forever so you can review or refer to them any time you want.

2. Virtual GCS “Get-It-Done” Bootcamp (Recordings & Transcripts) with Michelle Schubnel (Value: $2,000)

Go thru Michelle’s “Get-It-Done” Bootcamp at the time and pace that works best for you. The step-by-step assignments will keep you motivated and on-track as you learn and implement the Group Coaching Success System. Plus the downloadable recordings and transcripts make it easy for you to model how Michelle runs her group program!

That’s Not All!

You also get access to 2 Recorded Virtual Workshops:

Recorded Virtual Workshop #1: Create Your Own Signature Coaching System (Value: $1,500)

If you’re serious about building a sustainable, thriving coaching business, you need to position yourself as an expert. An expert who has a proven system for getting results.

In this Recorded Virtual Workshop, you’ll transform what you know into your own signature coaching system… a system you can use in both your group and 1-to-1 coaching… or even your own online course.

Recorded Virtual Workshop #2: Fill Your Group Program with Teleseminars and Webinars (Value: $1,500)

One of the best ways to fill your group programs is by offering a free teleseminar or webinar, a training that provides true value and inspires people to take the next step and join your group.

In this Recorded Virtual Workshop, you’ll create a free teleseminar/webinar that serves your audience without giving too much away and develop a non-salesy offer you can use to fill your group coaching program right away.

Now… let’s get REAL.

The total dollar value of the Group Coaching Success Home Learning Program, which includes the Online Training, the recorded “Get-It-Done” Bootcamp and Virtual Workshops, the 3 month Jump Start Program and the 3 other Special Bonuses is more than $16,500.

But that’s just the dollar value.

The real value is this:

For only $1,997, you get everything you need to quickly, easily and effectively design, market, fill and deliver group coaching programs that can radically increase your income while dramatically decreasing your work hours.

For $1,997, you will get the skills, means and know-how to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, serve as many clients as you choose, and take your coaching business to new heights of visibility, credibility and renown.

And that 1-to-1 coaching income ceiling? Obsolete.

For just $1,997, you’ll be able to turn your love of coaching into a sustainable, highly leveraged business that allows you more freedom, fun and free time than you can even imagine.

You’re not investing in a group coaching how-to program.

You’re investing in unlimited income potential, increased impact on those you were meant to serve, a strong, sustainable business model and the life and lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Get Group Coaching Success Home Learning 2017 – Michelle Schubnel, only price $150

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