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Hands-On Physical Assessment: More Patients, Less Time – Angelica Dizon


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In our clinical lives we are faced with the task of seeing more patients in much less time. How do we manage? By spending less time on each patient and yet ensuring a precise physical assessment in the process.

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  • Proven Physical Assessment Techniques in Today’s Fast-Paced Environment
  • Improve Your Confidence, Increase Efficiency, and Eliminate Errors
  • Normal vs. Pathology – When Abnormal Becomes an Issue
  • Conduct Efficient and Precise Head-To-Toe Proper Assessment –
  • Eliminate “Eye-Balling” Patients
  • Predict a Differential Diagnosis By Identifying Cardiac, Respiratory and Neurological Disorders
  • Hands-On Clinical Demo Labs

In our medical lives we’re confronted with the venture of seeing greater sufferers in a good deal much less time. How will we manage? By spending much less time on every affected person and but making sure a particular bodily evaluation withinside the process.

“8 in 10 misdiagnoses were due, in part, to problems in the patient encounter, such as errors during the physical exam or medical history-taking.” -American Medical Association

We can not find the money for to overlook any clues in the course of the treasured window of time that we’ve with every affected person. That’s why, now greater than ever – we ought to include right bodily evaluation abilties and listening strategies into our day by day practice. Attend this seminar and you may enhance your confidence, boom efficiency, and take away mistakes. We assure this lecture will come up with the gear you need, ensuing in peace of thoughts that no mistakes had been made on the give up of every busy day – collectively we can extrade your practice.


Head-to-Toe Approach – Learn tips, tricks, and tools to conduct a quick and precise head-to-toe assessment

  • Assess the patient using the most comprehensive approach
  • Evaluate baseline and identify patient status changes
  • Devise tips and tools to perform a more efficient exam without missing key clues
  • Conduct proper assessment skills – inspection, palpation, percussions, auscultation

Neurological Exam – Mastering the 6-Part components of a Neuro exam in less time

  • Unraveling the 6-Part components of a thorough Neurological Examination
  • ABCT Components of Mental Status
  • Key points and clues of using Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) Instrument and what can be diagnosed as a result
  • Evaluate an efficient and accurate assessment of normal vs. abnormal findings for: altered mental status, cranial nerves, motor, sensory, cerebellar functions, reflexes
  • Danger Signs for abnormal findings and how to identify diseases by physical examination
  • LIVE PARTNER DEMOS: Practice with case studies and proper assessment
    • Key clues you can’t miss
    • Risk factors, readings, subjective and objective data
    • Plan of care

Respiratory Exam – Identifying the different breath sounds and their locations to narrow down diagnosis

  • Physical assessment of the respiratory system – key points of normal anatomy to remember
  • Identification of normal, abnormal, decreased or absent breath and lung sounds
  • Assessment and techniques of Tactile Fremitus, percussion, lung auscultation
  • Interpreting what you are hearing and what you should expect to hear:
  • Bronchial, Broncho-vesicular, Vesicular Breath Sounds
  • Bronchophony, Egophony, Whispered Petroliloquy
  • Death Rattle, Absent Breath Sounds
  • Learning the adventitious sounds like Crackles, Rhonchi, Stridor, Wheezes and what to do with them
  • What Lung Sounds to expect in different disease states
  • LIVE PARTNER DEMOS: Practice with sounds: Listen, assess, and learn

Cardiac Exam – Knowing the different murmurs, their presentation, sounds and location to accurately pinpoint the disease process

  • Examination of mitral, tricuspid, pulmonary, and aortic
  • Auscultation sites, sequencing and skills
  • Characteristics of a functional murmur
  • How to identify?
  • 7-point classification
  • When does a murmur become pathologic?
  • Strategies for detection of abnormal cardiac sounds
  • LIVE PARTNER DEMOS: Practice and learn with examples


  1. Assess where and why vesicular, bronchovesicular and bronchial sounds can be normal or abnormal and the significance of the abnormalities.
  2. Interpret pathophysiology and differential diagnoses for crackles, wheezes, rhonchi and rubs.
  3. Discuss management of obstructive vs. restrictive lung disease.
  4. Practice a thorough 6-part neurological exam and document findings.
  5. Evaluate primary causes of mental status changes and patients most at risk for delirium for quick intervention.
  6. Distinguish whether abnormal S1 and S2 heart sounds are pathological or benign.
  7. Determine whether systolic and diastolic murmurs indicate cardiac disease.

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