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Hangout Domination is a new approach to leverage the power of online webinars for your business.


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Hangout Domination is a new approach to leverage the power of online webinars for your business. In contrast with GotoWebinar, a platform extremely difficult to turn into a video conference or an image-heavy web conference, Hangout Domination works with Google +, an amazing platform well known for its usefulness and user-friendliness. Hangout Domination is predicted to break new ground in the business world due to its efficiency, ease of use and its potential.

Who is behind Hangout Domination?

The creator of Hangout Domination is a legendary marketer called Laura Betterly. Over the past 14 years, she has been making a lot of money online, working with many top marketers, such as Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, John Reese and Russell Brunson. Laura has a wide background, using anything from music software to email and affiliate marketing to promote her businesses. Today, Laura Betterly is considered one of the top female marketers in the internet marketing world.

Why you need Google Hangouts – Top Features

Hangout Domination works with Google Hangouts because it is the best webinar hosting platform available today. Among the many benefits offered by Google Hangouts, one of the most amazing functions is that you will be able to host webinars right on your website. With Hangouts, you can allow your visitors to better interact with each other, buy right on the platform and even share and record your webinar. You can also use your Hangouts to do interviews, make info products and promote a product or a service via YouTube.

Hangout Domination can replace practically any other webinar solutions on the market because the trend is shifting towards getting more friends and going to “hangouts”, rather than just watching a regular webinar. This is actually one of the strongest benefits of Hangout Domination – allows users to interact with each other and does not suppress their curiosity.

How to Use Hangout Domination

First of all, you need to find a good niche to promote. Make the most out of Google Hangout’s apps which allow you to make your own unique videos. In addition, you can capitalize on the SEO benefits of Hangouts on your YouTube channel. Have some social interaction, get some links from new subscribers, share a video and ask for feedback in order to maximize your impact on YouTube.

There is one thing you need to stay away from – buying traffic and links. Most marketers who have done that were penalized by Google and ultimately lost all of their investment. The best way to go when promoting your business via Hangout Domination is to make the most out of YouTube and Google Hangouts. Together, these two networking tools can easily become an unstoppable force.

In order to get your customers to want your products, all you have to do is be an authority in your niche and have a few original top-quality products or services. After you use Google Hangouts to build up your list, you can promote your products to your list with ease. Newsletters, causes and events are just some of the methods you can employ to make your products known to the world.

Top Benefits of Hangout Domination

Hangout Domination leverages the power of YouTube, Google Hangouts and Facebook, allowing you to create more traffic using fewer resources. Moreover, this new marketing tool is extremely cheap compared to its competitor. For example, GotoWebinar is $499 per month and you are limited to 1000 people per webinar. On the other hand, with Google Hangouts you have unlimited people who can attend your webinars and the webinar software is included in the training.

Another huge benefit of Hangout Domination is that you don’t have to use a live stream because you can easily add a chat script to the webinar. Building your own list is another tremendous benefit of Hangout Domination. You can easily use all the features and plug-ins available.


Hangout Domination is a system that helps you to host unlimited webinars in order to attract more leads, convert them into customers and earn a lifetime income. This course comes with an additional WordPress plugin that eases your workload and smooths out the whole process. In addition to all these features, you will get precious insights directly from Laura Betterly on how to build your own list, SEO your hangout, have successful online sharing and earn residual income online.

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