Healers Training Program - Houston Vetter

Healers Training Program – Houston Vetter


Dear Friend, Even if you already are a healer imagine… being more effective, knowing which tool to use at the right time and getting results faster. Wouldn’t that draw more people to you and they would show their gratitude by supporting you financially while you support their wellness? How would your life be different if you could actually…

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Dear Friend, Even if you already are a healer imagine… being more effective, knowing which tool to use at the right time and getting results faster. Wouldn’t that draw more people to you and they would show their gratitude by supporting you financially while you support their wellness? How would your life be different if you could actually… change how you feel about negative stuff and at the same time shift the negative stuff so it could change to what you want!

Alright, let’s say you don’t want to be happier and have things start to work out better for you and the world. Let’s say you are comfortable with the way things seem to be and you just want some energy healing classes to change one or two things… For example all you want to do is learn an energy healing technique to heal a particular problem or regrow some hair or regenerate an organ or two. Maybe you want more harmony in your love life or your family life. Then you want to get this program.

Why listen to me?

Besides all of the testimonials in this web page and all the ones we haven’t placed here… My call is Dr. Houston Vetter and I’ve been in, what a international magnificence instructor calls, the “Teaching Others How To Live Happily Ever After” Business for over 25 years. I am what’s referred to as a modeler. A modeler fashions the subconscious abilties of excellence and then teaches and trains different if you want to get the identical effects because the version of excellence. If you need to be happy, healthy, even rich our schooling packages are designed for you. Here is how a international magnificence modeler explains it… “A modeler hunts down and discover the whole lot that says to be slicing aspect in getting the effects human beings need. There are heaps of stuff obtainable to move through, Dr. Vetter has Mastery Level coaching and schooling in over 35 specific modalities that certainly work.” This schooling is what’s referred to as a fundamental healers schooling. It isn’t always the whole lot, as you may’t train the whole lot to the extent of excellence in most effective one schooling. It takes a variety of specific understandings and reviews in order to get to the extent of subconscious mastery. And the only issue I can promise is after you are taking this schooling and exercise you becomes able sufficient to make a distinction on your and others international and you may start making a cushty residing from doing so.

Basic Healers Training Program

Inside the Basic Healers Training Program, you’ll discover and learn PROVEN methods that work (I know because I’ve tried and tested them, remember and so have my students): What aspect of your life do you want to heal first?

  • Money/Finances
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Age/Future
  • Occupation/Career
  • Life Purpose

Which part of your body would you like to regenerate, renew and add more youth and vitality too?

  • Skin
  • Teeth
  • Organs (kidney, liver, gall bladder, sexual, etc.)
  • Glands (adrenal, thyroid, pancreases, ovaries, etc.)

What area could you use the most transformation?

  • The way you feel
  • The way you look
  • The way you handle money
  • Relating with people you love
  • Relating with people at work
  • Your mental attitude

And Then There’s More…

Do it all that from the comfort of your home!

Are You A…

  • Light-worker
  • Healer
  • Helper
  • Caregiver
  • Aid to a Loved One
  • Salesperson
  • Manager
  • Company Owner
  • Employee
  • Spouse
  • Parent

What would it feel like to add these skills to what you do?

Instead of…

  • Having to interrupt your life and figuring out if you have the time available… then
  • make arrangements to get off work, probably using vacation time, to go to a seminar… then
  • call the airlines and make reservations and at the same time
  • call some hotel in a strange city to reserve a room to stay in and don’t forget
  • reserve transportation
  • pay for the workshop
  • pack your bags
  • drive to the airport
  • go through Airport Security
  • spend time cramped in what looks like a Pringle’s potato chip can with wings and a tail
  • spend money on an unfamiliar hotel room
  • spend money on hotel food
  • etc., etc., etc.Don’t waste all that time, inconvenience and money that it would cost you to do all that and instead save time, trouble and money by going to the workshop right in the comfort of your own home?

And even better…

What if the training was broken up into 4 parts so you could practice in-between sections and get feedback to improve as you go along?

  • Module 1: Foundational Fundamental self-work
  • Module 2: Self-Healing and Healing of others
  • Module 3: Specific Organ Regeneration processes
  • Module 4: Transformation and putting it all together

This training is a combination of lots of stuff…

  • The Russian New Knowledge/Organ Regeneration material is taught throughout the whole program
  • Every module contains RNK/OR specifically designed for the module
  • Module 1 & 2 are for working with self and others
  • Module 3 is for working with others
  • Module 4 wraps it all up and continues to put it together for you

…And All that is in the Basic Healers Training Program

The regular fee of attending one in every of our packages are normally between $795-$995 which isn’t a terrible deal from a commercial enterprise stand point. What university or alternate faculty may want to you cross research a alternate or talent you can use for the relaxation of your lifestyles and in fact make a dwelling with? Even at a reduction to $595 for one schooling that could be a correct deal.

Because I need to assist you, right here is what I am inclined to do for you now… I might also additionally determine to elevate the charge due to how treasured this facts without a doubt is… and for proper now, right here is what we’re going to do… Instead of $995 or $795 or even $395 you may get the Basic Healers Training Program for most effective $295.

Right now we’re nevertheless accepting human beings into the certification software wherein you now no longer most effective can assist others, you may be licensed to train the cloth in a manner wherein your college students in reality can get results.

Keep improving yourself today with this “Healers Training Program – Houston Vetter” course at only [$57]

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