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What do you think leadership is?

  • A person “in charge” who tells you and others what to do?
  • Someone who has a major influence on a large number of people?
  • A celebrity with a large influence?
    A parent who is trying to raise their children?
  • A strong & knowledgeable person who knows all the answers?
  • The person at the “top” of a pyramid organizational structure?

Leadership today doesn’t have to be what you may imagine. In fact, it can be quite opposite of what you’ve ever experienced.

Use your skills as a Releaser
to bring out the best in people.

To give some perspective, corporate leadership has taken a drastically different turn in the last 20 years from top-down leadership to a more team style of leadership whereby leaders are given the chance to recognize their team members for skills and contribution, not just performance. These smaller teams, as a 2016 Forbes study suggests, have been the trend in not only responding to customer needs but also to employees’ needs to be recognized as individuals in the organization, thereby improving performance all around.

Why is that? Is it possible that the world is catching on to the idea that leaders have an enormous responsibility to their employees – not just their bottom line?

How can you be a leader that brings your employees (or co-workers, or children) to a place of encouragement and nourishment as they perform their functions in the organization (or family)?

We can all encourage the leaders of tomorrow starting in our own homes as parents and in our daily positions in whatever career path we have chosen, even if you are not in that leadership role – yet.

You have a leadership role right where you are and through your influence, you can use your skills as a Releaser to bring out the best in people.

In this course, you will gain even more tools to encourage and build up your fellow co-workers, your children, and your employees.

In this course you will learn:

The key to great leadership: How to ask the right questions.

How to identify and encourage the individual gifts of each person you influence.

Why struggle is a limitation that impacts our ability to be the best version of ourselves.

How to help others recognize their inherent desire to expand and to see their own talents.

Keep improving yourself today with this “Heart Of Releasing-Leadership-Empowerment – Kate Freeman” course at only [$85]

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