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Behind the scenes of how I’ve made precisely $5,184,552.70, just in the last 5 year period, from high ticket coaching, zero sales calls. Plus $627,732.30 from VIP upgrades on low-cost programs!

High Ticket Sales Queen now available as a Home-Study Course!

High Ticket Sales Queen is a $999 program, but you pay only $69!! 

I’ll teach you exactly what I do, multiple times per year on the repeat, year in and year out, to consistently sell out my high ticket offers with ONLY soulmate hell yes clients who do the work, get incredible results, refer their friends, and often return for more. All of it completely via me just being ME, doing and saying and creating and unleashing whatever I like and what comes out of me!

In actual fact it’s the exact breakdown and full behind the scenes of how I’ve generated precisely $5,184,552.70 just in the last 5 year period, from the High Ticket Sales side of my online biz and digital product creation. Plus $627,732.30 from VIP upgrades on low-cost programs!

More importantly, I’ll teach you how no matter where you are now and what you’ve already created or not, there is already a part of you knows how to communicate to, serve and SELL to your ideal clients in a way that is as much of a win for THEM as it is for YOU, and that simultaneously feels like fun and flow to do!

And, whilst you may personally LOVE sales / discovery calls and desire to do that, if you’re like me and most of my badass clients, you may prefer to spend your time on messaging and creating and doin’ the thing of being you, and have the sales side be a HELLUVA lot simpler and faster than that, while still bringing you ONLY aligned clients who are already ready to say yes.

^^ which is why I’ll be teaching you how to sell entirely off short text and / or audio (audio optional) conversations which generally are EXTREMELY quick … even minutes.

Newsflash >>> High Ticket Selling gets to be easy, fun, flow and just feel RIGHT!

This is not a ‘how to make more money for the hell of it’ sort of training. This is a ‘this is who you already are and it’s time to go all in on that’ sort of FUCK yesery.

You know what I’m saying 😉

Here’s what you get in my High Ticket Sales Secrets course!

  • Full length training on my Multi-Million $ High Ticket Sales Secrets Strategy: the mindset, philosophy and practical action taken by myself (and, where relevant, my team) to position me CONTINUALLy as ‘the’ mentor for my ideal client, such that whenever I DO open any high level offers, which is generally 3-5 x / year, places sell out FAST. This deep dive training takes you behind the scenes of the exact thought process I took, and continue to take, to defy all the so-called rules of high-ticket marketing online and ensure that I'm getting the results I desire as a mentor without EVER having to do anything that goes against putting my art and messaging and ‘me-ness’ first, whilst also ensuring it is a hell yes for my ideal clients!
  • ​I’ll also be discussing and kicking your butt back to soul around common resistances, ‘I’m not good enough’s’, readiness, fears and sabotages around being a high level mentor who people ALWAYS wanna work with. Look … this is not about being ‘cool’, or fancy, or anything. It’s about understanding that you just being you, but doing so FULLY, with unapologetic badassery and just a calm roundedness around who you are and how you show up ALWAYS magnetises in your ideal peeps. AL-ways.
  • ​And! I’ll talk about exactly what the ‘process’ is that I’ve used in order to call in my HIGHEST level clients, many of whom (like … dozens and dozens and dozens!) are your favourite and most well-known leaders online! There is a reason I have privately mentored a LOT of the leaders and badasses in this space, and it’s actually not because I am so amazing! It’s about what I put out and how I reflect who THEY are back to them. I’ll be going through EVERYTHING I believe, practice, and know is truth on this!
  • Speaking of which! And OMG this is so good! I’ll be sharing the EXACT scripts and conversational processes I use to make these sales over DM or other quick text based chats! Including full breakdown and explanation and ‘what you need to know’ in order to utilise as a basis for your own soul-led sales chats!
  • ​You’ll also receive a bonus PDF worksheet on knowing when to ‘overcome an objection’ or no, how to ALWAYS get it right, let the ‘not for you’ ones go, but lovingly kick the butt of those who are in resistance, and do so in a way that feels aligned and yes for BOTH of you
  • ​Our entire high ticket sales follow up process revealed!
  • ​My favourite journal prompts and affirmations on attracting in your soulmate clients and ‘being’ the person even when you yourself (of course!) still have your shit
  • ​Systems and structure around how we market our high-ticket sales emails, covering social media, email, stories, ManyChat (automated messenger on FB) sequences and more!
  • ​How I align to my exact desired outcomes (money and / or #’s and anything else) when it comes to selling high ticket, without gettin’ myself all into attachment … ever!
  • ​What ‘else’ I have in place that generates a steady stream of badasses who want to work with me at this level!

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