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How to Breakthrough the Top 10 Obstacles in Meditation with Ashley


Every problem starts (and ends) in your mind. And…MEDITATION is the single most effective tool to get + stay happy!

Science proves it. Psychologists prescribe it. All spiritual traditions preach it. Oprah, Deepak, the Seattle Seahawks, NY Knicks and Steve Jobs swear by it.

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Every problem starts (and ends) in your mind. And…MEDITATION is the single most effective tool to get + stay happy!

Science proves it. Psychologists prescribe it. All spiritual traditions preach it. Oprah, Deepak, the Seattle Seahawks, NY Knicks and Steve Jobs swear by it.


I created ‘How to Meditate’ for one, simple reason:

It’s EXACTLY what I do to handle all the curve balls life throws my way (relationship, credit card debt, breakups, ‘those last 10 pounds’)…and I couldn’t find a simple, easy, step-by-step, easy-to-follow course online teaching the nuts + bolts of “How to Meditate” and master your mind…so I created it.

When you meditate, you’ll:

  • complain less
  • stay free, calm, at peace + totally centered amidst life’s ups-and-downs
  • have unwavering confidence to boldly take action + stop procrastinating on your dreams
  • be more optimistic + open-hearted
  • stop letting fear of failure (or success) hold you back
  • finally quit the story of “I’m not good enough”
  • trust yourself to know exactly when to say no, thank you and hell yes!
  • break through your glass ceiling of joy, love and happiness


The neuroscience is sexy. Your heart will crack wide open. Your boss, your partner and your kids will thank you!

So many people don’t experience the incredible benefits of meditation in their lives simply because they feel:

  • overwhelmed with all the different methods and techniques
  • frustrated about not getting any results or “doing it all wrong” and
  • absolutely clueless about HOW + WHAT you actually need to do!

What’s unique approximately HOW TO MEDITATE, is that now no longer simplest will you discover ways to meditate, you will additionally get the maximum robust equipment from psychotherapy to get rid of the foundation reason of your distorted beliefs, testimonies and poor internal voices, for good! They pass hand in hand.

I’ve pulled collectively a dream group of mythical meditation instructors and world-magnificence psychotherapists (who’ve additionally been coaching meditation for decades!) Together, we will display you:

  • how to solidify a daily meditation practice
  • why it’s the best thing you can do for any life challenge
  • how to overcome your inner critic
  • stay motivated
  • open the floodgates of your creative mind to download inspiration effortlessly
  • deal with chronic pain and difficult emotions
  • vastly improve all your relationships
  • overcome fears or doubts that hold you back.

On some level you know it: Happiness is not about doing or having more. It’s about being more. Being more yourself. Being more present. Being more connected.

Meditation is the answer. Less proving. More living (and loving).

In 5 weeks YOU’LL LEARN:

  • step by step HOW to meditate efficaciously and get solutions to all of your questions like how long, how regularly and which posture you ought to exercise
  • a way to select the meditation exercise that paintings first-rate for you, your personality + constitution
    the psychology + fundamental neuroscience of meditation
  • a way to subsequently flow past the lure of searching for delight and heading off pain
  • a way to paintings together along with your emotions (I’ve were given a few mystery Ninja capabilities in this one!) to dramatically lessen strain and boom love, happiness, peace and pleasure in all regions of your life
  • scientifically demonstrated strategies on a way to make your thoughts paintings FOR you and now no longer in opposition to you
  • a way to set up a each day exercise regardless of a jam-packed schedule + weave mindfulness into your each day activities
  • a way to expand the willpower + motivation to STICK WITH your exercise
  • powerful strategies to convert your internal critic
  • effective each day practices to be extra patient, loving, compassionate and forgiving with your self and to permit pass of anger and resentment for good

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned practitioner, I guarantee that after this course you’ll be happier, calmer and more confident than ever before! You’ll wake up energized and excited — looking forward to meditate every day.



  • The truth about what Mindfulness is and how it will improve your day-to-day life
  • 2 basic forms of meditation that will make it easy + fun for you to kick-off your practice
  • Correct posture + beginning practices explained in a step-by-step manner
  • How Stressed Are You? Quiz — figure out your personal stress-level and gain ultimate awareness on how to reduce it
  • How to set up a formal + informal practice — choose which one works best for you


  • 5 types of brainwaves + how meditation positively affects all of them
  • Basic neuroscience of meditation
  • “Good Parent Messages” (from IBP) to strengthen + retrofit your psyche and subconscious mind
  • 7 most common mindtraps that sabotage your happiness + all the remedies for instant relief
  • 8 Attitudes of Mindfulness that will get you maximum results
  • Intro to Breath Meditation — the easiest way to meditate


  • Instant Stress Reduction through the S-T-O-P method
  • 4 unexpected barriers to awareness of emotions + how exactly to overcome them
  • Identifying emotions in your body
  • Working with the emotions in physical pain
  • What to do when you don’t feel loving (or loved)
  • Transforming fear through the Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Forgiveness Meditation for more love, joy and abundance in your life


  • How to deal with physical pain, chronic illness, tension, emotional eating + discomfort
  • Optimal health and easy weightloss through Mindful Eating
  •  5 Minute Body Scan Meditation to identify areas that need healing and care
  • Intro to Vipassana Meditation
  • Mindful exercise, mindful eating, rest + connection
  • Walking Meditation — how the power of nature will amplify the positive effects of meditation


  • How to be mindful of your habits and take control of them once and for all
  • Mindful self–inquiry to get rid of all forms of Stress + Anxiety
  • R-A-I-N technique for stress reduction
  • Break through your belief systems, inner rules, stories + judgments that hold you back and keep you small
  • Qualities of interpersonal mindfulness, conscious communication + mindful listening
  • Mindfulness + meditation at work
  • Continuing your formal + informal practice
  • More meditation resources to serve you on your path


  • PERSONAL GUIDANCE + LASER COACHING from Ashley during the calls
  • DOWNLOADABLE MP3 AUDIO RECORDINGS of each call, so you can listen again or catch up if you miss a class
  • WEEKLY EMAILS to keep you inspired + on track
  • DOWNLOADABLE WORKSHEETS + MANUAL for each of the 5 modules
  • PRIVATE ONLINE FORUM to stay accountable, connect with community, share inspiration + ideas


Why Meditate?

Scientifically Proven Benefits . . .

LESS DEPRESSION, STRESS + ANXIETY: Studies performed on the University of California display that Meditation practiced for five months, decreases mind responses to pressure and ache with the aid of using 40–50%.

MORE WELLBEING+ COMPASSION: Harvard University determined out that short, day by day meditation practices result in increase of the grey depend withinside the regions of the mind related to well being and compassion at the same time as the regions related to pressure and ache in reality shrink.

IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY + FOCUS: In a 2012 observe performed on the University of Washington, researchers determined that meditation results in a large development in attention and to time getting used extra efficiently.

LESS PAIN: Studies show that meditation reduces bodily and emotional ache, in a few instances even after simply 4 days of 20-minute trainings.

HIGHER EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE + BETTER SOCIAL CONNECTIONS: Stanford Medical School determined an growth of as much as 40% in compassion (for your self and others) which results in higher social connections and emotional intelligence — after a consistent exercise of meditation for best nine weeks.

NO MORE LONELINESS: Researchers at UCLA document that meditating for simply half-hour an afternoon reduces the sensation of loneliness.

BETTER QUALITY OF SLEEP: The University of Utah observed that meditation allows you sleep higher due to decrease cognitive and physiological activation at bedtime.

INCREASED ATTENTIVENESS: A observe performed with the aid of using the University of Kentucky discovered that meditation will increase the overall performance on exams that degree attention — even after the topics had misplaced a night’s sleep!

Other research display that meditation has super bodily advantages as nicely such as:

  • lowering high blood pressure by 40 – 60%
  • increasing your immune function
  • decreasing inflammation at a cellular level
  • improving ADHD
  • preventing heart attacks + strokes

Why Ashley? Meet Your Teacher:

Ashley has introduced thousands of people to meditation, created the popular MEDITATION 101 Virtual Conference (25,000 participants), 10 best selling yoga dvd’s and is a featured expert on new meditation apps for Gaiam and MindValley’s OmVana.

She has taught yoga for over 16 years and is a practicing psychotherapy intern bridging the best of neuroscience, psychology and spirituality. Most of all….her passion is to help you meditate. It’s time to change the world…one thought at a time!

What People Are Saying

“Ashley changed my practice. For the first time, she taught me how to combine strength and flexibility with mind and spirit.”

Tony Horton

Fitness Guru, Creator of P90X | Los Angeles, CA

“Ashley makes meditation fun, simple, yet powerful. She’s a pleasure to work with and we’re thrilled to have her on OmVana + MindVallley.”

Kshitij Minglani

CEO OmVana by MindValley – #1 Grossing Health + Fitness APP

Kuala Lampur, Malyasia

Keep improving yourself today with this “How to Breakthrough the Top 10 Obstacles in Meditation with Ashley – Entheos Academy” course at only [$62]

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