How You do Food is How You do Life Course - Catherine L. Taylor

How You do Food is How You do Life Course – Catherine L. Taylor


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How You do Food is How You do Life Course – Catherine L. Taylor

Catherine L. Taylor’s How You do Food is How You do Life  Weight Loss and Emotional Eating Program

Make Peace with Food, Lose Weight with Joy, and Leave Dieting Behind Forever!

Are You Ready to Get Off the Dieting Rollercoaster and Make Peace with Food?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably tried willpower and dieting to lose weight. Unfortunately, for most people this is not enough. The reason willpower and diets fail is because most people overeat for emotional reasons. Emotional eating is a response to various environmental and emotional triggers. These triggers range from stress, exhaustion, uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, procrastination, boredom, and a need for pleasure and comfort.

The How You do Food is How You do Life Emotional Eating Program is designed to get at the core issues of what triggers overeating. It provides you with solid strategies to overcome the reasons why you turn to food. It teaches you how to identify what your true needs are and teaches you appropriate ways to meet them so that you won’t be tempted to turn to food. This is the key to overcoming emotional eating.

The online 12 week self-paced home study program consists of 6 modules that will transform your relationship with food, get you off the dieting hamster wheel, teach you ways to deal with your stressful and sabotaging thoughts and emotions, teach you how to eat mindfully, and allow your body to lose weight naturally without dieting.

You will also learn how to set up a self-care routine that isn’t time consuming so that you can start your day calm, centered, and nurtured. You will become more mindful and peaceful in all areas of your life because “how you do food is how you do life!”

So what does the phrase “How you do food is how you do life” mean?

People who eat overeat often don’t realize that their issue with food and weight isn’t the real problem. It’s only a symptom – a symptom of how they are living their life. If your life is stressful, then you will turn to food to cope with that stress. If your life lacks pleasure and excitement, you will turn to food looking for pleasure and excitement. If you try to control and restrict your food, you will become obsessed with food and overeat. You eat how you are. When you’re at peace with yourself, you become at peace with food. How you do food is how you do life!

Course details:

This course is delivered by email over a period of 12 weeks. You will receive 1 module MP3 recording every 2 weeks for a total of 6 module recordings and PDF handouts and assignments sent out on a weekly basis. This allows you to work this course at a comfortable pace. All handouts and recordings can be downloaded and saved for your later use.

This is an experiental course: what you put into it is what you get out of it.
Simply listening to the recordings will not be as effective as actually doing the assignments and applying the information to your daily life.

If you have any questions as you move through the material, I am available through email to help you.

You can purchase this course as a stand-alone or you can purchase 2 half hour private coaching sessions with me along with this course. The buy buttons for both are at the bottom of this page.

Buying the 2 coaching sessions allows you to get personal guidance in the areas that you feel are your greatest challenges. One of the coaching sessions can be used at the end of the course so that you can develop a personal plan to move forward after the course.

Course Guarantee: 

You can try the course for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied, you will receive a full refund minus the PayPal processing fee.

Module 1 Overcoming Eating

In this module you will learn why diets fail and ultimately make you fatter. You will learn the foundational skills for overcoming overeating. We will explore how to find your motivation and look at the reasons that tend to derail that motivation.

Module 1 Overview

  • Discover your eating triggers and learn strategies to overcome them.
  • Learn to identify what your real needs are.
  • Learn the role of pleasure in your life and find simple and nourishing ways to bring more joy and pleasure back into your life.
  • Learn about secondary gains and how they are sabotaging your weight loss success.
  • Learn how to pause and ride out urges to binge and overeat so that you feel more in control of your eating.
  • Work with the Hunger Scale in order to key into feelings of hunger and satiety.

Module 2  The Inner Critic, Thinking Distortions, and Self-Sabotage

This module explores the self-limiting thinking patterns that lead to self-sabotage and overeating.

  • Discover how your explanatory style can make or break your success.
  • Learn to inquire into the truth of the excuses and stories you use that keep you stuck.
  • Discover how resistance plays out in your journey and what to do to overcome it.
  • Learn how to deal with self-sabotage and that pesky inner critic that keeps you from moving forward.

Module 3 Exploring Mindfulness

This module explores the different aspects of mindfulness, including how to eat mindfully and how to tune in to your body’s true wants and needs. You will learn mindfulness meditation and how to connect with your body and inner stillness.

Module 3 Overview

  • Learn how to eat mindfully and truly savor your food.
  • Learn to let go of food rules and transform your relationship with food.
  • Learn mindfulness meditation and how to connect with your breath and body in order to become more present and grounded.

Module 4  The Art of Self-Care

In this module, you will learn the importance of self-care and how to create a self-care routine that can be fit into the busiest of schedules. You will also learn how to create a structure for your success to happen.

Module 4 Overview

  • Learn a simple body check-in that will help ground and center you and help you release stress and tension.
  • Learn how to start your day with a simple self-care routine that will get your day off to a great start: with you feeling positive and nurtured.
  • Learn a 5 minute visualization to set your intention for the day.
  • Discover how to set goals and intentions that actually work.
  • Find out how to create a simple structure for your success to happen!

Module 5 The Language of Feelings

This module explores the language and differences between feelings and emotions. You will learn how to identify and process your feelings and emotions. You will also learn how to develop the witness self: the thinker of your thoughts, so that you can become a witness to your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This allows you to make better choices in the moment.

Module 5 Overview

  • Discover the difference between a feeling and an emotion.
  • Learn how to identify your emotions and how to process them.
  • Learn how the brain processes emotions and discover how to calm the brain down instantly.
  • Develop the silent witness or observer self, so that you can become more aware of your thoughts and feelings, become less reactive, and make better choices for yourself in the moment.
  • Learn meditation techniques to help you manage stress, deal with emotions, and help you lose weight.

Module 6 Self-Love and Compassion The Foundation of Positive Change

Lack of self-love and self-neglect is often at the root of overeating and dieting. Losing weight as an act of self-love is a radically different experience than trying to whip yourself into submission because you hate yourself and your body.

Module 6 Overview

  • Discover how self-love actually changes your neurochemistry.
  • Learn a simple practice that helps you to develop compassion for yourself and your body.
  • Find out what self-love looks like in actual practice.
  • Discover how self-acceptance paves the way for long-term change.
  • Find out why waiting to love yourself until you lose the weight backfires and keeps you stuck.
  • Learn simple ways to love yourself right now.

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