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Hypnotica – Metamorphosis: The Neutralizer


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Catalyst is the first installment of the Hypnotic-Trance Meditation series Metamorphosis. The series focuses on releasing negative emotions, resolving lingering problems of the past, and creating a powerfully positive blueprint for moving forward. The Catalyst Pack provides you with four life-optimizing trance meditations, each individually engineered to neutralize hurtful and mind-damaging thoughts affecting your daily life.


All you need is just 10-20 minutes per day to achieve the following life-changing benefits:

  • Quickly come to terms with and accept your past
  • Eradicate nagging negative thoughts
  • Release attachment to hurtful events
  • Wipe out unwanted residue clogging the alleyways of your mind
  • Appreciate and fully accept the present
  • Anticipate and cultivate a brighter future
  • Create bundles of new positive energy
  • Deep cleanse your mind and feel fully alive again!


The Catalyst is the first installment of the Hypnotic-Trance Meditation series Metamorphosis. The series focused on releasing negative emotions, resolving lingering problems of the past, and creating a powerful, positive blueprint for moving forward.

The catalyst pack provides you with four life-optimizing trance meditations, each individually engineered to neutralize hurtful and mind-damaging thoughts affecting your daily life.

This new series marks the beginning of another compelling collaboration between brain entrainment musician Denver Clay, and myself, mind scientist, Eric Von Sydow, aka Hypnotica.

The catalyst breaks new ground in brain entrainment technology by utilizing unique synthesis to accurately target areas of the sub conscious.

Via a soundscape of audible and inaudible frequencies, the recordings penetrate accumulated pockets of negativity in the unconscious mind, literally cleansing the mind of unwanted thoughts, perceptions and feelings.


“It’s amazing how powerful Eric’s trances are! Instead of having to listen to long sessions, 10-12 minutes is more than enough with Eric’s stuff. I can feel the tension being released from different points in my body while listening to this. Highly recommended!

By Hemdeep


The Catalyst recordings are engineered to the highest degree of sound quality, and specifically designed in a manageable format to keep pace with today’s fast moving world. Each recording is targeted toward the release of negative emotions stopping you from living your life at optimum happiness and productivity.

Each meditation is between 10 and 20 minutes long, and therefore ideal for using anytime, anywhere; whether it be in the morning before work to clear your mind ready for positive interaction and maximum productivity, or in the early evening to help you let go of negative attachments preventing you from relaxing and being fully present with your family and friends.


Start by choosing a particular situation from the past that is hindering your happiness and progression. Now sit comfortably in the lotus meditation position, or any other position you find comfortable and calming. If you are a regular practitioner of meditation you may choose to keep your eyes open, if not, keeping your eyes closed is ideal.

Select any one of the four available recordings, and, depending on the suitability of the environment, listen through headphones or a stereo system. For optimum results, when you have time, listen to all the recordings in one sitting.

As you listen, focus on releasing any thoughts and feelings associated with your chosen past situation. Visualize negative thoughts and emotions falling away as the music takes you to a higher realm of consciousness. Watch the baggage of the past slip away from your mind.

Embrace the feeling that these thoughts no longer have any relevance or influence on the present or the future. Shed the dead skin of the past and calmly push away the black cloud hanging over your head. Breath slowly and deeply as the negativity pales into insignificance.

All These Benefits Await You For A SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF $34.99.

Just $8.24 per recording!! Why so inexpensive? Well, quite simply because Denver and I are very excited for you to experience these powerful recordings. We know there are other meditation packs out there claiming to do similar things, but we know none of them are using our latest sound technology, and none can achieve fast, lasting results like ours. So, to prove it, we are tightening our belts and given you the lowest price we can!


There is no waiting for the mailman to arrive. You can start the Ultimate Mind Releasing Experience right now! Once you checkout, you will be provided with a link to instantly download your recordings. It’s time to close the curtain on the past and open a new window to a path of uncompromised optimism, reward and contentedness.


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