Hypnotics Techniques Audio - David Calof

Hypnotics Techniques Audio – David Calof


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Learn from a true master of Ericksonian hypnosis in this remarkable program. From Mesmer to Erickson, Calof begins with a history of hypnosis, followed by a wealth of hypnotic techniques. In his own unique and engaging manner, Calof demonstrates direct and indirect inductions, classic hypnotic phenomenon, pre-induction dialogue, and self-hypnotic techniques.

The Program Includes: Direct and indirect group inductions demonstrating classic hypnotic phenomenon. The history of hypnosis – from Mesmer to Erickson.

Pre-induction talk and discussion of misconceptions about hypnosis Induction assessment and development Utilization in inductions Demonstrations of indirect and direct inductions Demonstrations of hypnotic phenomena: arm levitation, amnesia, paraesthesia and classic stage phenomena Self hypnosis “One of the most creative hypnotists I have ever met.” – John Grinder “Milton Erickson once told me that David Calof is one of the most creative young hypnotherapists he encountered in his clinical career.” – Frank Farrelly, author, Provocative Therapy.


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