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Ignite Your Soul Fire – Susann Taylor Shier

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Using the Akashic Records and her intuitive wisdom, she empowers you to live authentically, and access your true power, passion and purpose to create contributions you truly love.

Feeling Deflated with No Fire Left Within to Ignite Your Dreams?

It’s Time to Experience a Potent Personal Metamorphosis!

This is your opportunity to Activate the Divine Power Within and Ignite your Joy-filled Purpose

Have a Love Affair with Your Soul and its Wealth


Have a private one-on-one session with Susann Taylor Shier to ignite your soul gifts and release your challenges at a soul level.

This is the missing piece you have been looking for.

Dissolve Core Soul-Level Wounds and directly EXPERIENCE the abundance, power and divine love you long to embody.

This is soul-level healing at its finest and the ultimate release from limitations at their root.

A More Meaningful Life of Purpose Awaits You

Yes — even you, with your past, your challenges, and your feeling that you haven’t found the right place for your heart and soul to shine.

Your healing journey is about to take a quantum leap.

Your sense of value and purpose is about to blossom and unfold.

Imagine a NEW YOU — Ready to EXPAND!!

Susann Taylor Shier has been successfully bringing thousands of people “Home to Themselves” through her potent and radical Transformative Soul Mastery Work.

She greets you in this special moment on your life path. Your desire to know, be, and contribute more, brings you to this moment in time and place where you’re acknowledged for both your soul gifts and life challenges.

Only you know what honoring your Soul Fire will bring forth in your world, when you are guided by the beauty of your soul.

Clear up the stagnant energy in your body and emotional realm preventing you from living in passion, purpose and big aliveness.

Activate the fire of joy and the transformational energy of creation from within that keeps you excited to move into the unknown with gusto and peaceful confidence.

Know that you are free and clear to bring your sovereign self to the fore and let it drive the vehicle of your beautiful life forward.

This is the missing piece you have been looking for.

Imagine a NEW YOU — Ready to EXPAND!!

Keep improving yourself today with this “Ignite Your Soul Fire – Susann Taylor Shier” course at only [$33]


Ignite Your Soul Fire


FIVE (5) Pre-Recorded 1 Hour Sessions

Eight meditations and exercises with energy transmissions

Daily transformational release of your challenges around moving forward, fear of the unknown, and inability to manifest what you long for.

In these Immersion transmissions, you will discover how your soul wants you to co-create with:

Abundance — experience the exquisite nature of this reality embodied and fully available to you at all times.

Money — Activate the soul of money and the true way of interacting with it.

Your Health and Wellbeing — We will ignite your soul fire for creative use within body, mind and heart specially focusing on bringing that lower half of your body fully into the equation of true aliveness and purpose.

Relationships — Learn how to move beyond being bullied or in power struggles, and beyond over-giving and caretaking to developing truly empowering, love-based relationships.

It is truly the means to revolutionize your relationship WITHIN your body, mind and heart, so you are a true divine constellation for Love on earth.

You’ve got the power! You always have had it, but you got caught in the lure of this gravitational field and the way of the human and chose to slip away from that true universal power source, as did most others of us, to be honest. But here you are discovering how easy it is for your soul to help you reclaim that authentic power source that makes your heart sing and your step hold mighty confident.

This is the opportunity to move beyond saying yes, I have had my power misused. This Immersion is the means for you to move beyond trying to fight to get your power back, for that is the human way.

In the Ignite Your Soul Fire Immersion we’ll explore:

How to give yourself wholeheartedly to fuel the soul fire within you igniting the divine creative power to birth what matters most to you now.

How to allow yourself to be available and receptive to your soul’s creative fire.

How to galvanize the divine creative fuel that your soul needs to bring you into majestic embodiment activating the infinite possibilities that await co-creation.

How to release the fears keeping you from being fully alive and in your soul’s creativity.

How to feel confident to step into a larger world of contribution.

How to bring you into the deeper, connective relationships that you desire.

How to fuel yourself with soul fire to magnify your divine self-worth and value.

How to connect to the universal lighthouse of the flame of Love fueling your heart and soul and body.

How to listen to your heart and be in alignment with your spirit’s breath pulsating through you in all you think and feel and do.


Akashic Records Soul Clearing

Learn how to work in the Akashic Records field to clear all your beliefs, agreements, contracts, and karma at a Soul level.

This is a step-by-step activating of your soul that tackles past, present and future concerns and limitations.

This is the deepest clearing and activation possible.

MP3 / Duration: 60 Minutes


Journey to Your Home World

Know what it’s like to feel your Soul Family with you, as a collective, for the remainder of your life.

Experience sacred reunion with all that you are and all that knows you deeply and holds you as the treasure you are.

MP3 / Duration: 60 Minutes


Access Your Infinite Universal Self

Uncover and dissolve your soul challenges that hold you back from thriving in the 5th dimension.

Be utterly assured that the universe is there supporting you 100% in all you wish to create.

MP3 / Duration: 50 Minutes

Materials, techniques and information shared on BEYOND THE ORDINARY are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making any changes, participants should consult their healthcare providers or seek medical advice.

Keep improving yourself today with this “Ignite Your Soul Fire – Susann Taylor Shier” course at only [$33]

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