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    When purchasing this course: Instagram IQ Academy – Alex and Josue, You can get it with the LIFETIME SUPPORT and UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD.

    When purchasing Instagram IQ Academy – Alex and Josue course, You can get it with the LIFETIME SUPPORT and UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD.

    Instagram IQ Academy

    Learn Step-By-Step How To Explosively Grow Your Instagram Following

    Are you feeling overwhelmed by everything

    Instagram has to offer? We will show you how to take control of Instagram and get the results (and followers) you deserve. This course is a complete blueprint anyone can follow. We explore paid and organic strategies that are sure to explode your Instagram following!

    The fastest growing social media platform 

    Everything You Know About Instagram Is About To Change

    Before we tell you more about Instagram IQ Academy, let us ask you a few questions:

    •  Are you struggling to build a loyal following?
    •  Are you having trouble setting up your business profile?
    •  Are you finding it impossible to stay on top of all the new features and updates that Instagram makes?
    •  Are you struggling to find niches that win time and time again?
    •  Are you tired of trying to figure out how to create the best content?
    •  Are you unable to truly understand all the reach you’re getting and how to monetize on it correctly?

    Get Fluent in Instagram Speak

    Let’s Make Sure We Are All On The Same Page

    This course will help you speak confidently on the topic of Instagram. This is NOT an expanded webinar – we’re not pitching you a product and we didn’t pad this course with “fluff” content that wastes your time.

    This is a legit, get-your-hands-dirty, very in-depth course on how to grow your Instagram following, build loyalty, monetize it, and use this powerful platform to build a brand worth following.

    We know your time is valuable… we literally give you the framework you need to start building a killer Instagram and use organic and paid strategies that will kill it, no matter your niche!

    The Private Group Is your secret weapon

    We Noticed That Most Courses Have A Flaw… Here’s How We Fixed It

    The problem with courses that only have a video library is that they quickly become outdated. Instagram is constantly rolling out new features and making changes to their algorithm on a regular basis. This means strategies that worked 6 months ago might not work today.

    The other big problem with courses is that people gain access to a massive library of tips, tactics and strategies, but don’t know where to start. They feel lost without any personal guidance or support. You don’t have to worry about any overwhelm here. We are setting you up for total success in this high level training program.

    We solved both of these problems by creating an incredible private Facebook group for you to network and ask questions to other students going through the course.

    What is Instagram IQ Academy?

    We’ve Put All Of Our Knowledge Into An Ever Growing Video Library

    This is a multi-module online course with heavy focus on technical learning (the platform along with services). We will give you step-by-step guidance on how to exponentially grow and monetize your profiles on Instagram.

    You will learn the difference between personal and business accounts, how to create viral content, best practices and how to avoid common mistakes. I’ll also show you gamefication techniques, advanced powerlike techniques and how to properly audit an existing Instagram account that you’ve taken over.

    We created this course together because we realized that our skillsets worked better together than separately. We decided it was much better to collaborate and have the ability to offer you the most value plus countless years of experience executing.

    Alex has rapidly built his beauty audience and networks to succeed. From there he’s been able to pivot the audience to other platforms and their interests. Josue is a master at driving traffic to offers already in your business to help you monetize off the platform itself.

    By the end of the course, you will know the components of a successful Instagram campaign – as well as a basic mastery of how online advertising works, using organic and paid strategies, alike.

    Digital Products

    If you are currently selling a course, SaaS product, digital content or other digital products then this course is a perfect fit for you.

    Affiliate Products

    Even if you don’t own any products, this course can still help you create a profitable business by running traffic to other people’s offers through various affiliate networks.

    Physical Products

    If you are currently selling physical products that you either manufacture yourself or dropship then this course is a perfect fit for you.

    Lead Generation

    Learn how to cost effectively use Google Ads to grow your email list with this course.

    Brick & mortar stores

    Learn how to build awarness for your local business, drive more foot traffic and bridge the digital and physical divide with this course.

    Ecommerce Stores

    Learn how to profitably launch, optimize and scale traffic campaigns to grow your Ecommerce store with this course.

    0 – $10k/month

    Learn the basics of the Google Ad platform and build a rock solid foundation.

    $10k – $100k/month

    Learn cutting edge A/B testing and  retargeting strategies that will help maximize profits and begin scaling winning campaigns.


    Learn how to profitably scale winning campaigns using advanced strategies.


    Take A Sneak Peek At The Content Inside The Academy!

    Module 1

    Manipulate the algorithm

    •  Welcome
    • Time Vs Money
    • “Goodness score” Plus & Minus actions
    • What The Algorithm Wants From You
    • Updates To The Algorithm

    Module 2

    Analytics & Viewer Psychology

    • Analytics Overview
    • Personal Vs Business Accounts
    • How Content Is Consumed

    Module 3

    Account Framing

    • Account Framing Overview
    • Account Framing Part 1 – Personal Vs. Brand
    • Account Framing Part 2 – Optimization and SEO

    Module 4


    • Research Overview
    • Research

    Module 5

    Content Strategy

    • Content Strategy Overview
    • Content Strategy

    Module 6

    Things To Avoid

    • Things To Avoid Overview
    • Things To Avoid

    Module 7

    Account Security

    •  Account Security Overview
    •  Account Security

    Module 8

    Growth Hacks

    • Growth Hacks Overview
    • Growth Hacks Part 1 – Notifications – Turn Me On!
    • Growth Hacks Part 2 – Niched Engagement
    • Growth Hacks Part 3 – Engagement Groups
    • Growth Hacks Part 4 – Powerlikes

    Module 9

    • Giveaway Preparation
    • Giveaway Preparation Overview
    • Influencer Trickle Down
    • Valued Experience
    • Eye Catching Image
    • Prepare Story & Post Content

    Module 10

    • Giveaway Preparation
    •  Launching The Giveaway Overview
    •  The Rules Part 1
    •  The Rules Part 2
    •  The Rules Part 3

    Module 11

    • After The Giveaway
    •  The Follow Up

    Module 12

    • Giveaway Examples
    •  Mady
    •  BBG
    •  Ordynrclothing

    Module 13

    Summary First to Last

    •  Summary First to Last 

    Module 14

    Keeping The Audience Engaged

    •  Keeping The Audience Engaged Part 1
    •  Keeping The Audience Engaged Part 2

    Module 15

    Driving Traffic

    • Driving Traffic Part 1
    • Driving Traffic Part 2

    Module 16

    • Capturing Leads
    •  Capturing Leads

    Module 18


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