InstaSuite 2.0


A web-based Marketing platform with all the tools you need packaged into one clean, easy-to-use web-based application under a single roof, that will empower you to have a thriving online business. 


Purchase InstaSuite 2.0 - $137.00 at Aibox! You get access to all files. Direct Download Link and No costs are incurred (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha). Our courses come with a lifetime warranty, we're always here to help if you need it.

Hello Fellow Kyvians!

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Important Dates:

Launch Start Date

2nd of April 3PM ET/NY

Launch End

15th April Midnight ET/NY


29th March,

3 PM ET/NY Thursday

Pre-launch starts. Between this time and the next – mail/message/contact your subscribers using your affiliate link, so they can sign up and watch an EXCLUSIVE never-before-seen video where I show them how I was able to LOCK IN $3,488 even before creating a product! We are also running a VIRAL contest – so expect your audience to bring in more people. We will be giving away a FREE iPad on the webinar.

2nd April,

3 PM ET/NY Monday

CART OPENS – We have a special webinar at this time, where we will be offering a webinar-only package. I cannot discuss details of this yet (because the package will be different for each webinar) but it will put more money in your pocket and an AMAZING deal in your audience's arsenal!

6th April,

5 PM ET/NY Friday

Webinar #2 – Same people who signed up for the first webinar will be invited to the second, and can secure "another" offer on this workshop, including NEW bonuses (these bonuses will be automatically provided to previous buyers)

10th April,

11 AM ET/NY Tuesday

Webinar #3 – New day, new webinar. As before, this time, attendees can secure "another" offer on this workshop, including NEW bonuses (these bonuses will be automatically provided to previous buyers)

15th April,

3 PM ET/NY Sunday

Webinar #4 – Final – closeout webinar where we'll give people a final opportunity to get access to a special Kyvio package. Includes NEW bonuses as well as an opportunity of a coaching call with me.

Use the promotional material below to recommend Kyvio to your audience…

Key Bullet Points

Use these bullet points to signify the benefits of Kyvio, and pain points of not using it…

Key Pain Points:


  • People are tired of spending a lot of money for many different key tools and want everything under one roof.
  • People need to pay for SSL as well as their website hosting
  • 80% of the traffic these days comes from mobile and people wish to create decent mobile-optimized sites without the hassle
  • People need support and want to know that they'll be helped!
  • People want to use a platform that their friends and colleagues are using too – and want timely assistance.

Smart Funnels:

  • People don't want the hassle of dealing with complex code.
  • People are tired of buying a new plugin every week for basic WP tasks.
  • People want the option to use the pages outside of their main sites.
  • Tools like VisualWebOptimizer for split-testing cost a LOT.
  • People want a faster way to get started with their funnels

Smart Membership:

  • People are tired of old-style membership sites!
  • People are not technical and don't want a lot of workaround to setup welcome and password reset emails.
  • People want content to be drip-fed
  • Customers should be added to autoresponder when they sign up to other products.

Smart Mailer:

  • Tired of paying for expensive email marketing solutions that could ban them anytime.
  • People want to see and mail people who didn't open their initial email
  • When doing email marketing, people need feedback to know what works, and what doesn't

Smart Affiliate:

  • People want to run affiliate program for their info products without paying high monthly fees
  • People want to provide affiliate promotion tools from one dashboard to their affiliates

Key Benefits:


  • All-in-one solution that covers 90% of the tools you need to sell information (any more, and you will get overwhelmed)
  • In-built SSL certificate and no need for website hosting
  • Build responsive websites and turn elements on/off for desktop/mobile
  • Strong community and support team that puts customers first
  • Proven with over $2M in total sales that have run through the platform – so this is well supported

Smart Funnels:

  • Easy to use drag-and-drop funnel builder
  • In-built popups, info bars and other conversion tools removing the need of other WP plugins
  • Easily download and use pages in HTML format
  • In-built split-testing and conversion optimization features.
  • Access includes 100+ DFY templates (till end of June)

Smart Membership:

  • Simple and modular membership setup
  • Automated welcome, password reset and other follow up emails are pre-configured
  • Allow content to be drip-fed and expired based on given dates
  • Allow adding leads to autoresponders as well as webinar services upon purchase/sign up.

Smart Mailer:

  • In-built smart email marketing solution that allows for segmentation and automation
  • Reuse emails to email people who didn't open or click on your emails
  • Quick and detailed email reporting to help you dial into your email marketing

Smart Affilaite:

  • Affiliate marketing is included as part of the package to help people recruit and manage affiliates
  • Add emails and banner ads for affiliates to use – available right within their dashboard

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