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A few years ago Nick (Papa of RSD) and I got the idea to create a totally free program that would allow you to experience a Real Social Dynamics live event no matter where you lived in the world.


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Did you just read FREE?

Hey It’s TYLER & Here’s A Few Quick Pages I Put Together To Get You ’In The Loop’ About The New FREE TOUR Running In Cities All Over The World

(And Most Likely Coming To Or Near YOUR Town)

This is one of the craziest things I’ve done in my life, so have a read down this page and I’ll give you the scoop.

A few years ago Nick (Papa of RSD) and I got the idea to create a totally free program that would allow you to experience a Real Social Dynamics live event no matter where you lived in the world.

The stated goals for this program were the following:

To fill your head with so many bleeding edge ’RSD in house secrets’ on success with attraction, social dynamics, and self actualization that you left with your head spinning in disbelief.

(Ideally unable to sleep properly, and feeling like you’re going to vomit’in a good way!)

To entertain you, shock you, amuse you, and basically just make it the wildest ’blast dose’ of learning you’ve ever experienced.

To leave you with significant and tangible improvements in your life, so that you could look back at the Free Tour event you attended as something that was valuable and profound.

Now to run a tour of this magnitude was like solving a puzzle of transportation, time, budgeting, and logistics, because we wanted hit every major city in the world.

But that’s exactly what we did!

Within 2 years we successfully ran RSD Free Tour events in over 260 cities in 75 countries, which was nearly every major ’developed’ city that exists and isn’t a crazy war zone.

Personally I was amazed to see Nick (Papa) and the team pull this off, and as I read the pile of raving reviews I secretly wished I could be traveling on the road doing the Free Tour events as well.

(It was simply a lack of time and having a family at home that prevented me from getting involved.)

Well finally after years of wanting to do it, last Spring I was able to start up on a Free Tour of my own, and designed a new curriculum of our best content, exercises, and video footage to BLOW PEOPLE AWAY at the free event.

I then travelled to several cities a month and focused on making every event better and crazier and more intense. The reviews were super enthusiastic as I exerted a lot of effort into it, and the event grew into something powerful for students and me personally.

Well finally this month, after all the crazy work that went into building the ultimate free event, I ran out of cities and was honestly feeling bummed out about it’

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So I decided to create a Free Tour PART 3!!

This was a big decision as it means leaving my newborn son back in Los Angeles for periods of time, but I felt so strongly about the awesomeness of this program that I wanted to do a final series of events.

That being the case, I’ve recently added a FINAL FULL YEAR of Free Tour events, and the Free Tour will basically be my full focus for the entire coming year of my life.

My goal is to make this the craziest thing I’ve ever done. EPIC.

I’ve committed to every event possible within proximity to me, and then to allow people in Europe and Canada to get in on the action, I’ve also arranged for the exact same Free Tour 3 curriculum to be taught by other big name instructors (Madison, Derek, Luke, EV, Maze, Jeffy, Papa, Ozzie, Max, and Julien).

(These guys are absolutely awesome. I’ve brought them into my inner circle for important reasons ’ they’re the best of the best, and inspirational to everyone they meet.)

The dates are listed as follows, so check right now to see if your city (or one you’d like to visit) has made ’The List’.

The Free Tour is about YOU and YOUR EXPERIENCE.

It’s my own personal challenge to educate you, entertain you, mess with you, and reveal secrets to you that will change your life forever, as much as is possible by the laws of physics within the few hours that I have.

To do this I unleash an arsenal of tools onto your vulnerable brain’and TRANSFORM IT.

That means giving you the best that I have within a few hours’

  1. My latest ’seminar material’ which means the EXACT new paradigms I’ve gained from the past year of traveling the world, meeting with people on Free Tours, watching videos of myself at Hot Seat events, and running Bootcamps (I’ve learned more this past year than any year of my life).
  2. My most recent video footage, to open your eyes to what’s possible when you’ve been doing this for nearly a decade, and reveal how to get the same results in much less time.
  3. Personalized ’Question & Answer’ periods to provide breakthrough-epiphanies for your most frustrating challenges in particular.
  4. (And finally, a bunch of ’secret sauce’ I’ve built into this event I’m not going to reveal, but is designed to shock you into changing the way you think PERMANENTLY. This is the magic I’ve been able to learn from years of teaching you this important set of ideas.)

The past decade of my life has been devoted to nothing but the study of how regular guys (like YOU) can become EXCEPTIONAL at attraction.

It’s lead me in many fascinating directions that I never would have expected when I got into it, and down into many rabbit holes that I never knew could exist.

This Free Tour is about OPENING YOUR EYES to these astonishing insights, and whether you’re new, intermediate, or ragingly advanced, to send you out that same night armed with powerful tools that will make an immediate difference in your results.

So here are the themes and focuses of what I’ll be revealing to you at the Free Event’

2011 was absolutely insane.

I was out ’in the field’ around 7 nights a week, taught Bootcamps nearly every weekend, and watched full days of ’ footage’ of myself during my Hot Seat events at least twice a month.

Basically it was ’dating, dating, dating’ Totally unbalanced, I’ve never been AROUND this much social interaction in my entire life.

(Reading this from home it’s probably hard to envision how much time we’re talking about here ’ I spend more time either in social settings or teaching it than most people spend working or sleeping.)

My reason for doing this was that I wanted my final years focused on ’attraction’ to reveal the insights that only a seasoned veteran could comprehend.

I wanted to gain those ’mastery level insights’ and then leave behind some truly amazing insights for you, before I shifted my focus into teaching self-help (as I’ve hinted at for a while now).

My goal has been to take what’s appears complicated and make it SIMPLE for you. To take concepts that you’ve heard but never truly understood and make them hit harder at the core.

Then from there, I’ve focused on revealing my newest insights to you. All sorts of nonsense I’ve been up to, including many new secrets that will leave you absolutely shocked.

A few off the top of my head’

For awkward newbies:

How you can balance ’intent’ and ’freedom from outcome’ to approach with hardcore intensity and make a crazy impression (especially on ’perfect 10’s’) while maintaining higher value because you don’t care. (Not just the theory behind it which you may already know, but literally HOW EVEN AN IDIOT CAN EASILY APPLY IT TODAY).

For intermediate dudes trying to reach the next level:

For intermediate dudes trying to reach the next level: How to guarantee you’ll ’hit state’ at some point during the night with 100% consistency, even if you’re burnt out from working during the week.

(Hint: You’re ALREADY as good as the advanced guys on your best night, the key to becoming ’the man’ is being this guy ALL THE TIME. I’ll reveal simple and absurdly effective tools you’ve never considered.)

For snobby advanced who think they ’know it all’:

How to use a new type of ’humor’ to shock the crap out of the hottest girls specifically, so that you appear on the level of rich movie producers and succesful business owners. (This is by far the most ’hardcore’ insight I’ve had in the game ’ and it’s NOT ’cocky’ or even ’playful’. Mastery of this is the single difference I’ve personally encountered between guys who are awesome and THE BEST.)

Honestly I’m barely scratching the surface here, and again these are off the top of my head.

The Free Tour is such a wild and unpredictable beast ’ it can go in so many different directions. I have a hard-hitting skeleton of what I’ll teach you going in, and then amp it up over several hours until it’s taken a life of its own.

Lock Down Your Seat At The Free Tour Right Now While It’s Hot On Your Mind’

To run these events, Nick (Papa) and I have fun ’getting our acts together’ to nail down the airfare, accommodations, and hotel conference room rentals in the cities all over the world.

(We both love the Free Tour because it’s a massive rush, and the audience is always so psyched up after the event. So it’s definitely worth the hassle.)

On your end, THE ONLY THING we need you to do is let us know you’re coming by signing up.

To do this, register through the sign up link and enter your information. Your debit card or credit card will be charged a $47 refundable deposit, which will be refunded after you attend the workshop when you email with your request.

This allows us to better forecast how many people will be attending, and to give us an idea of the size of the room we need to rent for the Free Event in your town.

Free Tour is a wildly popular event because of the effect is has on the people who attend, and I’m very psyched for you to experience it!

Do NOT become a victim of procrastination, and be like ’Fuuuuuu’.forgot to sign up, and I spent the night wacking off.’

(Which can be fun as well, but you can STILL do it after the event is done. I’ve actually considered making the slogan: ’RSD Free Tour: You can still wack off, just a few hours later’’)

It’s crazy how many freaked out emails I get from dummies who saw this page and forgot to ACTUALLY SIGN UP. Do not be one of them.

Show that monkey-brain whose boss and TAKE CONTROL.

Reserve your spot for the Free Tour and sign up right now, and then you can lay back and anticipate the event.

You’ll be glad you did! And I’ll see you at the tour!!

Get Jeffy Free Tour 2011 Bonus Videos HD – Anonymous, Only Price $39

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