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Do you ever stop and think about how different your life would be right now already if only you’d done the things you said you would do? Just consistently and persistently showed up for your LIFE? Taken a moment a year ago, or two, or perhaps 10, or gosh, all of ’em ago, to put aside your bullshit and get on with the damn job of becoming the person you’re STILL somehow waiting to be?

It doesn’t have to be so hard.

It is NOT as scary as you imagine it.

And, no matter where you’re at now and how very very far away the business, money, life and YOU that you dream of feels –

It’s all 100% available.
Within reach.
For you.
A HELLUVA lot faster than what you think, and than what you’re allowing it to be by continuing to NEVER EVEN FULLY START!

Hi, I’m Katrina Ruth. I’m CEO of an 8-figure online business which I ‘accidentally’ began when, back in 2006, I took my then Personal Training business online. Writing articles about nutrition, fat loss and motivation for driven folks led to me creating online products and programs before online marketing was really a ‘thing’, and I also fell back in love with writing and speaking. Growing up I’d always known I was going to do something different … extraordinary even … and that writing and speaking would be a big part of it, but, like most, I’d no idea where to start! How do you take a dream you had at 10 years old of being some kind of motivational kick ass person and actually do anything with it?!

I’d no idea. So instead, I set out to become a lawyer … VERY quickly gave up on University (about a week in haha) … took my butt off to Europe to figure out who I was going to be … came back a little overweight … joined the gym, fell in love with it, and became one of Australia’s first personal trainers!

Now, even though I’ll always be passionate about fitness, I am an international Success Coach to game-changers, visionaries, revolutionary fucking leaders, and those who are called for MORE, and willing to do what it takes to go get it … from soul, and just by being them.

I’ve written and self-published close to 60 books (and am currently bringing my first ‘big’ book to market with a publisher!), and I get to speak all around the world, kicking the ass of that 1% within the 1% type person. Of people like you! Really what I do?

I help you to remember who you always were –

and then become it.

My clients, and those who join my online programs (I’ve launched over 200 of ’em, I kinda love to create things!), as well as those who come to my events, are incredibly purpose-driven men and women, from all walks of life, and spanning a multitude of industries, and with all sorts of different things going on in their lives. Some are just getting started at this whole dream biz and life creation thing. And others are already 6, 7 or 8-figure business owners when they come to me!

The one thing they have in common – and where I’m about to now remind YOU who you are – is that they have ALWAYS KNOWN.

They’ve always known that there was something inside of them which is different … which was never going to settle for the normal life … which was like an internal sat nav always nudging them back in the direction of mission, of destiny, of impact, of wealth (let’s not be shy!), and of creating a fuck yes life in every sense.

These are the women and men who will do what it takes, no matter what it takes, UNTIL it takes, to bring what’s inside of them to life, and they will absolutely start before they are ready, before they know how, before they feel good enough, and even before they feel fully clear on what ‘it’ is!

Are you one of them?

Are you LIVING as such?

Are you ready to put the BS aside, and do what it takes, from soul and trueness of YOU, to create the life you came here to live?!

Katrina Ruth’s Get Savage About Success Self-Belief Challenge.

The 30 Day Home Study Program to Quit the Bullshit and Get Seriously Savage About Saying Yes to You in Every.Single.Thing Your Soul Has Shown You. #NoMatterWhat

Let’s get serious:

You KNOW that continuing to show up the way you are right now is NOT YOU BEING FULLY ON TRACK TO CREATE THE LIFE YOU’RE HERE FOR.

You also know that despite how real your reasons for not going ALL in, faster, already, really do feel that actually?

If you just got TF over yourself and got on with it, there is ZERO reason why you too can’t create everything you see inside of you.

Yeah, there will be shit hittin’ the fan and all sorts of muck stirred up along the way. You will be stretched at times into DEEP discomfort. You will have to confront your deepest fears and truths head on! And some things will turn out entirely different from what you imagined they could or should!



The truth is also that this is not just about getting a RESULT, is it now?

It’s about the simple fact that right now you don’t feel SATISFIED at how you’re playing life. Yeah, you want to be and do and have all those things you dream of.

But most of all? You want to go to bed every night knowing you LIVED ALL OUT. Feeling filled up with YOU. And so so very proud of yourself for finally, truly, being the person who you said you would be, excuses be fucked.

Letting fear rule you is just.not.worth it.

And after all –

This is not a dress rehearsal!

I spent years telling myself that one day I would do the damn thing of becoming the damn thing I knew I was meant to be.

That I would make a lot of money –

Create a lifestyle where I got to just wake up each day and be me –

Write the books I was meant to write –

Have the body I REALLY wanted –

And finally figure out how to be the leader, messenger, writer, speaker, coach I knew I was meant to be, even though every part of me was screaming at me that I wasn’t good enough, had no clue what I was doing, and maybe wasn’t even a proper grown-up!

You have to understand – and this is what I’m here today to talk to you about – that EVERYBODY –

and I mean EVERYBODY! Everybody who you look to and consider a person who has their shit together … is super talented … or has some kind of hyper-human discipline, or whatever, ALL of them, yes, 100%, have that SAME VOICE IN THEIR HEAD THAT YOU DO.

Telling them they can’t.
Are not good enough.
That their fears are valid.
That they shouldn’t even try.
That everybody else is better, smarter, funnier, and has better hair too!

Yeah, some of ’em who are now living their dream have got so far beyond all of that that they really do own how awesome and powerful they are – as well we all should! But, having now personally privately mentored HUNDREDS of the worlds most amazing leaders, entrepreneurs, creators, and worked with thousands upon thousands more in a more indirect way through my group programs and challenges, I can tell you that even for those who are ‘there’, self-doubt and fear and so on still tries to bite ’em on the ass and stop them going to that NEXT level!

Everybody is human.

The difference between those who are doing the damn thing to be the damn thing, and those who are not, is that they DID IT ANYWAY.

They recognised that they had the ability to act FROM self-belief rather than having to work TOWARDS it before being able to start.

And they said thank you but no thank you to being led by fear.

Have you done that, for you?

Is it time to go further?

Or are you still waiting for a wake-up call, for life to smack you over the face in some way? Well, what if that doesn’t happen? And, do you really need it to happen in order to motivate you to be really YOU?! C’mon!

When I was 20 I figured that by the time I was 30 I’d have my shit together, be rich AF (lol), have the perfect marriage and home and kids and be absolutely showing up for my purpose. After all, I KNEW that I was born for more! I’d always known it, always felt it, and I guess I just thought that at some point it would come together, y’know? After all, this was destiny!

Have you ever had a wake-up call around the fact that you are COMPLETELY full of shit?

Let’s be honest, that creeping feeling you’ve had building up in you for years now, which you try to push down and distract yourself from, telling yourself that tomorrow is definitely when you’ll get to it, is the definition of what it feels like to know you’re full of shit!

But sometimes you just need something to strike you down almost, as if like a lightning bolt from heaven above, and really make it clear to you:


To get out of my own way and COMMIT.

To then follow through on that commitment!

To build self-belief through the practice of showing up ANYWAY, as well as by taking action to learn and understand how to clear my fears, build self-confidence and certainty, and FULLY finally feel what I need to feel inside of me to take this stuff even further!

I thought my dream life would magically just happen somehow because it was meant to! Surely by that ‘old’ age of 30 haha! Well, now I’m 40 and I HAVE achieved everything I decided to, but I’ll tell ya –

It sure as shit didn’t just happen!

At about 27 years of age I was ‘struck by God’ with the realisation that NONE of it was going to happen unless I got up and did something about it. It was like I just thought that one day God Himself would roll up to my door with a silver platter and say ‘here’s your dream life, Kat’.

I remember being shocked – SHOCKED – and just standing there in numb silent horror as I suddenly realised that I could literally DIE and never bring anything within me to life.

That just because I HAD a destiny, didn’t mean I would ever live it.


I still get goosebumps every time I think of this.

In that moment, I knew I had to change.

Did I become some sort of superhuman success robot overnight, just start relentlessly doing EVERYTHING in every area?


Still to this day I wage war at times with resistance, self-doubt, sabotage, and procrastination!

I’m still human!!


I have learned how to dance with this shit.

How to consciously and intentionally create what I know I’m here for and also get to have, whether or not I feel enough, or ready.

And, how to not only ‘get the result’ but also how to step into that place of me where I freakin’ FEEL it.

I feel and believe and know and AM that I am that confident badass woman who is absolutely worthy of EVERYTHING she sees inside of her, and who!

Friend –

Sister –

Brother –

Badass fellow leader – !


And today I invite you to join me in my brand new LIVE “Get Savage About Success Self-Belief Challenge!”

The 30 Day Home Study Program to Quit the Bullshit and Get Seriously Savage About Saying Yes to You in Every.Single.Thing Your Soul Has Shown You. #NoMatterWhat

What You Get!

Shit’s about to get REAL sister! Sign up TODAY and you’ll receive:

GET SAVAGE ABOUT SUCCESS 30-DAY SELF BELIEF CHALLENGE – 30 days of recordings of coaching with me, Katrina Ruth, including:

  • Daily teaching (video, audio, written)
  • Daily challenges and action tasks
  • Journal prompts

Covering (for starters!):

  • Daily content (video, audio, written)
  • Daily challenges and action tasks
  • Journal prompts
  • All content yours to keep for life!

Areas We Will Be Diving Into!

  • Clarity on who you know you’re meant to be and what you are here to do in the world
  • Owning the truth about your dream life, dream biz, dream financial sitch, dream you!
  • Unapologetic badassery and self-confidence to show up and do the work of creating your destiny
  • KNOWING, and also feeling, to your core, that you truly are worth everything you see and feel inside of you
  • Understanding and clearing TF outta your sabotages, resistances, procrastination shiz
  • Learning what fear has to show you – and how to effectively and with finality tell it that it’s services are no longer needed (thank you very much!) so that you can get on with being all of you
  • How to act ‘from’ rather than towards, in order to bring your ‘one day’ goals and dreams to life now
  • Having the discernment to know when to GO and when to lean back and wait for flow
  • Differentiating REAL feeling and emotions from ones which are just fear and doubt in disguise
  • Accessing natural motivation and discipline (the kind you actually feel excited by!) regardless of how far away or ‘big’ your desire seems to be
  • What to do when it’s not working
  • Understanding head vs soul logic, and what to do with it
  • Building self-belief through action
  • Building action through self-belief!
  • What it really means to ‘be the person’ now, and how to do that
  • What to do when you have people in your life who drain you or who you feel want you to play small, be different, be anything other than you
  • Rolling with those worries about ending up all alone, too powerful, too much for anyone!
  • Attracting in your perfect soul peeps, ALWAYS, in business and life
  • Owning every part of your mayhem, your madness, your so-called mess, and also how to leverage it into the purpose-driven results you dream of
  • Strategic actions you can take NOW to positively impact your income, your wealth, your biz growth, your body goals, and your inner peace, connectedness to you, and happiness
  • Accessing heightened intuition and soul certainty for crystal clear knowing on exactly what to do, always, and how to do it
  • Building trust and faith to NEVER question yourself, and ALWAYS know you are making the right decision
  • Turning every situation to your advantage, no matter what
  • Being the person who sees past her bullshit, also no matter what

Get Katrina Ruth’s Get Savage About Success Self-Belief Challenge – Katrina Ruth, Only Price $107

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