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Introducing: The First Step-By-Step, Online Training Program Giving You TOTAL CONTROL Over Your Dating Life…

Featuring Dozens Of Easy Tricks – Any One Of Which Can Totally Transform Your Dating Life – And Taken Together, Form A Powerful Step-By-Step System Of Neuro-Psychological Hacks…

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Introducing: The First Step-By-Step, Online Training Program Giving You TOTAL CONTROL Over Your Dating Life…

Featuring Dozens Of Easy Tricks – Any One Of Which Can Totally Transform Your Dating Life – And Taken Together, Form A Powerful Step-By-Step System Of Neuro-Psychological Hacks…

Any of these super simple strategies, techniques, and tools can take you from a “total zero” to a “Complete Hero” with women.

The power to charm the women you want. The freedom to choose a relationship, a BUNCH of relationships, or just a kickass social life. And the confidence that attracts women (and people) right to you… so you’ll never feel frustrated or lonely again…

Hi, and thanks for reading

I’m David Tian, Ph.D. — internationally acclaimed dating coach, former professor at one of Asia’s top universities, and director of Aura Dating Academy, the largest academy in the world for training people in dating skills and social intelligence.

For the past 10 years, I’ve helped thousands of people in 43 different countries succeed in their dating and social lives.

I’ve been featured in international and national media outlets around the world, including in…

And now I’m excited to announce my most comprehensive course ever… and the only online step-by-step training program for total control over your dating life, based on cutting edge scientific research, proven over 10 years, in 43 countries, with 1,183 successful clients (and counting…)

The “Secret Reason” Why Some Men Have Success With Women Without Trying… While Others Struggle And FAIL…

The question of why some men are naturally BAD with women is one I’ve thought about a lot over the last 10 years…

Here’s something to think about:

What if I were to tell you that guys who are “naturals” with women have a “secret guide” inside of them that tells them EXACTLY the right thing to say and do with a woman… every time?

What if I were to also tell you that—like a compass—this guide is NEVER WRONG. It always points them in the right direction… and by following it’s advice, it’s virtually impossible to “screw up”…

Men have possessed this guide for MILLIONS of years.

Up until the last few hundred years or so, men who didn’t have it failed to attract a mate.

They didn’t reproduce, and their genes weren’t passed on.

These days—thanks to massive increases in population—guys who don’t have it may “get lucky” and reproduce, but it usually isn’t with someone that they REALLY want…

Of course… guys who DO possess it are the guys who end up with the women all of the other guys want…

I’m sure you’ve known or heard of some of these men throughout your life.

I’m also sure that you—like me—have wondered why they “have it” and YOU don’t.

I’m sure you also wondered what “it” is. What is this “thing” that allows them to attract women so easily?

Now… finally… you’re about to find out…

How Modern Society Has ROBBED YOU Of Your Inherent NATURAL Ability To Attract Women…

This secret to why some men get more women than they can handle is something YOU also possess inside of you.

The only difference between you and the “naturals” is that you haven’t fully developed it.

No one has ever told you what “it” is… and what it’s all about.

This secret is called Masculine Magnetism.

Let me explain…

After I resigned from my university professorship and founded the Aura Dating Academy several years ago, I threw myself into live coaching.

I conducted infield coaching sessions, workshops, seminars, events, bootcamps… almost every day each week…for over 5 years.

In total, I did more live coaching in dating skills and social intelligence… than any other dating coach on earth.

And one night, after a marathon 50-hour coaching week, I was kicking back with one my $25,000 MasterMind Inner Circle members about the challenges and rewards of live coaching…

And something very profound occurred to me…

Over the thousands of hours coaching countless clients from all over the world… it became obvious to me that these guys had never learned what it meant to be a MAN.

They had no concept of what “being a man” was about.

They didn’t understand what differentiated a man from a boy, what qualities women are attracted to in men, or how to develop into a masculine man… a man who possess that aura of masculinity that magnetically attracts women to him.

Then, I devoted myself to studying the possible reasons for this.

I poured over mountains of research in anthropology, sociology, history, literature, and psychology.

And found that… Because we were born relatively recently and in modern societies — times and places without any large-scale wars or calamities — most of us men were deprived of the age-old process of “becoming a man”… the way it evolved over literally hundreds of thousands of years.

We missed the initiations, the challenges, and the EARNING of our manhood.

These days, humans are living longer, but we’re maturing slower… and instead of growing up and living an enjoyable, mature life… many men end up staying in the “adolescent” phase of their lives for DECADES.

This “stunted growth” process leaves us with that empty feeling of anxiety and frustration that you might call the “extended childhood syndrome.”

We grew… but as a result… many of us never really “grew up”.

Even worse, we’ve recently been going through a cultural phenomenon called “the men’s movement” that, while doing a lot of good, has obscured the reality that we are, fundamentally, MEN.

And because of this, many of us failed to really become MEN… and develop the inherent natural ability to attract women that is part of BEING A MAN.

I call this phenomenon: “The Crisis of Masculinity.”

When developed, a man’s Masculine Magnetism is like his own “internal compass” that guides him to success in interactions with women.

A man who is MISSING his Masculine Magnetism is like a ship trying to sail the ocean with no guidance systems whatsoever.

In other words, he is bound for disaster.

A woman can usually sense instantly if a man is “missing” his Masculinity…

Even if you are able to “fool her” with lines and techniques… without the right internal guidance … you are bound to “slip up” and make a mistake that reveals the TRUTH.

This is why these little things DO count so much with women…

When you call one time too many… or miss your chance to make a move, a woman doesn’t say to herself, “He calls too much…” or “he’s not confident enough…” No…

What she does do is get the gut feeling that you aren’t a REAL MAN.

And when that happens, the possibility for attraction or a relationship is instantly not an option in her mind… and she can’t control it.

An inner switch flips inside her and creates an invisible barrier… and even though that process and the barrier are invisible, they are still very real… and very obvious to her.

Without this issue handled, the only way to get attention from women is becoming a master of PRETENDING to be someone… and using techniques to cover up your inability to be who you are.

But as I’m sure you know… soon, this deeper problem WILL cause you to screw things up.

The “Crisis of Masculinity” is as painful to women as it is to men… and unless you learn how to develop your Masculinity into Masculine Magnetism, you will go on feeling lonely, out of control, and desperate… and nothing you try will fix it.

How To Become The Powerful MAN You Were Meant To Be— And Start Attracting The Women You Are Meant To Be With…

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