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Winning and losing have more to do with mental toughness and attitude than anything else. How do I know? One word: Experience.

What is Magnetic Mind Power

No doubt you have secretly envied people who possess that magic quality to achieve whatever they set their mind on. Consider the famous athletes or business people you admire. Which one attracts you, grips you, thrills you, compels your admiration? That one has it – Magnetic Mind Power! He has the ability to attract what he wants in life like steel to a magnet.

With Magnetic Mind Power you’ll lose all fear. All timidity. All awkwardness. You’ll gain supreme self-confidence. You’ll be given an altogether different outlook on life – instantly. You’ll become a clear-cut personality. You’ll be given an almost uncanny power to get what you want in life. And with the great power in your hands, you will go thru life supremely happy – reaping the glowing rewards of success.

Now, here’s a quick look at what you’ll learn in the Magnetic Mind Power system:

  • #  How to build unshakeable self-confidence
  • # The Chinese word ‘yi’ and how you can use it to bring about dramatic change
  • # The role imagination, emotion and action play in making your goals become a reality
  • # Chinese saying, “Better to be born lucky than smart,” and how you can manufacture luck on command
  • # Why you should always think of everything you do as easy, even if it is difficult
  • # Powerful ways to direct your mind to your target so that you always achieve it
  • # The Chinese belief in the power of words on paper and how this relates to your success
  • # What to do whenever you encounter set-backs or obstacles
  • # How to calm your mind and let it work for you while your body rests
  • # How your subconscious will deliver the answers you need to guarantee your success
  • # One Chinese system of mind control and how it works to bring about instant changes in a person’s self-image
  • # “Thick Face-Black Heart” – The Chinese belief on single-minded focus as well as immunity to criticism and why these are the hallmarks of the super successful person
  • # The role deep breathing plays in helping you attain your desires
  • # Why “mental work” should never be strenuous
  • # The principle of the “Inner Smile” and why this single skill puts you on the winner’s track
  • # Ways to make sure you are always totally focused whenever you compete
  • # How to increase your power before competition
  • # Simple ways to rid yourself of nervousness, fear, anxiety or worry, especially when you feel it prior to a contest
  • # And much, much more

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