Mastering Seoi Nage - Travis Stevens

Mastering Seoi Nage – Travis Stevens


Travis Stevens adds another classic to his catalog with Mastering Seoi Nage!The Seoi Nage is an ultra-effective technique that can be done by anyone with proper setup and timing.

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Travis Stevens adds another classic to his catalog with Mastering Seoi Nage!The Seoi Nage is an ultra-effective technique that can be done by anyone with proper setup and timing.

What Will You Learn?

Mastering Seoi Nage is a 7-part instructional dedicated to all-things Seoi Nage. If you have tuned in for a Travis Steven instructional you know he means business. Travis covers a wide array of concepts that pertain to the Ippon Seoi Nage including drills, variations, and complimentary throws that are crucial to your overall Seoi Nage success. Travis even dedicates several sections to Two Handed Shoulder throws!

Part 1 covers your basic entries and principles of the Ippon Seoi Nage. Here Travis lays the groundwork for landing the seoi nage. He expands upon this foundation and covers uchikomi drills. Uchikomi is repetitive practice designed to focus on specific aspects of a technique. Ippon Seoi Nage is a technique that benefits from repetitive practice. Travis demonstrates uchikomi for multiple phases of Ippon Seoi Nage.

Part 2 makes a speciality of attacking seoi nage in opposition to each left lead and proper lead stances. This variable is one which may be tough to regulate to. Travis offers you alternatives off assault irrespective of how your opponent is standing. For an introduced bonus, he provides withinside the kneeling version of Seoi Nage, Seoi Otoshi. Mastering the Seoi Otoshi will assist you improve to component three wherein Travis begins offevolved to introduce the Drop Seoi Nage. The Drop Seoi Nage is an immensely effective approach that is predicated on super timing. Travis suggests you a way to now no longer depend on athleticism however rather right grips and footwork!

As an introduced bonus Travis covers a few helping throws in component 4. By having more than one avenues of assault you maintain your opponent guessing! Never prevent attacking with throws like Ko Soto Gari, Koshi Garuma, Maki Komi, and Yoko Tomo Nage. Each throw exploits a response to the Seoi Nage threat. With Mastering Seoi Nage you learn how to constantly assault and threaten throws from all angles!

The closing THREE sections are devoted to Two Handed Shoulder throws! Cover strategies like Morote Seoi Nage and Sode Tsuri komi Goshi to provide your self a scientific method to launching the opposition!

Check out the entire listing below!So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

Ippon Seoi NageBasic entries and principlesBasic ippon seoi nage from the collarDoing uchikomiLifting uchikomiMoving uchikomi

Drop Sode Tsuri Komi Goshi

Part 2:

Ippon Seoi NageNagikomiSplit hip ippon seoi nage (left leg)Split hip ippon seoi nage (right leg)Seio otoshi

Part 3:

Ippon Seoi NageIppon osotoIppon ko uchiDrop ippon seoi nage (r vs r)Drop ippon seoi nage with gator roll finish (r vs r)Left vs right ippon seoi nage

Part 4:

Get immediately download Travis Stevens – Mastering Seoi Nage

Ippon Seoi NageSliding to the leftShoulder maintenanceHow to keep your sleeve freeSupporting ThrowsKo soto gariKoshi garumaMaki komiYoko tomoe nage

Part 5:

Two Handed Shoulder ThrowsMorote seoi nage uchi komiMorote seoi nageCross grip seoi nageSplit hip seoi nageOne sleeve seoi nage

Part 6:

Two Handed Shoulder ThrowsDouble collar seoi nageBottom collar seoi nageDrop seoi nageSode tsuri komi goshiDouble sleeve sode tsuri komi goshi

Bottom Collar Seoi Nage

Part 7:

Two Handed Shoulder ThrowsDrop sode tsuri komi goshiKo ouchi > Morote seoi nageMorote seoi nage > ko uchi maki komi competition styleSode tsuri komi goshi > Ko ouchi gari

So, What Does It All Cost?

Keep improving yourself today with this “Mastering Seoi Nage – Travis Stevens” course at only [$37]

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