Maximum Immune System Response V2.1 5.5g

Maximum Immune System Response V2.1 5.5g


The instructions for this program can be found at the end of this page.  Please read the instructions fully, and follow them to get the results this program is designed to give.

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The instructions for this program can be found at the end of this page.  Please read the instructions fully, and follow them to get the results this program is designed to give.

This program is of interest to:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Children
  • Food service workers (management, servers & kitchen staff)
  • People who wok directly with the public
  • Health care workers
  • People who wish to improve their ability to avoid colds, flus and other such infections
  • People who wish to minimize the amount time they are sick with colds, flus and other such infections, how severe the sickness is and how much it reduces their productivity
  • People who wish to avoid using antibiotics if possible
  • People who wish to help antibiotics work better
  • People who want to enhance their immune system’s ability to fight infections
  • People who want to minimize the amount of money they would otherwise lose to being too sick to work
  • People who would just prefer not to be sick

Maximum Immune Response (MIR) is a very effective subliminal application which, while used consistent with the instructions, reasons your unconscious thoughts to recognition all to be had strength and assets on powering up and activating your immune device. It will start affecting you nearly instantly, and when you have an contamination of a few sort, you’ll probable be aware right away that this system makes you experience very special than in case you run it whilst you do now no longer have an contamination.

Originally designed for preventing colds and flus, MIR has due to the fact developed right into a wellknown motive application aimed toward assisting you to fight any and all kinds of contamination that your immune device can get to and deal with. For example, it’s going to paintings nicely for a bacterial contamination on your throat, however won’t paintings nicely for a fungal contamination of your toenail due to the fact the fungus isn’t in which your immune device can have an effect on it. Likewise, it could now no longer be very powerful for parasitic infections, due to the fact they’re commonly now no longer infections that your immune device could be designed for handling.

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During testing, MIR has been successfully tested at least once on and used to help fight:

  • Common colds (several tests)
  • Common flus (several tests)
  • Common sore throat infections (several tests)
  • Infection of the gums (two tests)
  • Pink Eye (two tests)
  • Common chest/lung infections (several tests)
  • Infected ingrown toenails (one test)

MIR has so far been reported by users to be used successfully to help clear:

  • Common colds
  • Common flus
  • Common sore throat infections
  • Ear infections
  • Pink eye

V 2.1 has not yet been tested on:

Fungal Infections
Yeast infections
Parasitic infections
Infectious laughter
Sexually transmitted infections
Major infectious diseases
Infected/abscessed teeth
Pregnant women
Children under 4
People with immune system disorders

Whether or not it can or will help with the things it has not been tested on is unknown at this time.

Version 2.1 of MIR is designed to cause your immune system to not just power up and activate, but also make itself much better able to:

Detect infections it couldn’t come across earlier than
Keep itself healthy
Disinfect itself from contamination
Locate and get right of entry to infections it could now no longer were capable of find or get right of entry to earlier than
Outsmart infections that use unique or converting techniques to avoid it
Outpace, pre-empt, adapt to and preserve beforehand of the efforts of infectious marketers to adapt, mutate or evolve

In different words, no matter what smart approach an infectious agent (or maybe multiple of them running collectively synergistically or symbiotically) is using, this software is designed to assist your immune machine discover, get right of entry to, outdo, outpace, adapt and combat them — and win.

During checking out for V2.0 (which I determined virtually to improve to 2.1 after checking out, as opposed to release) I and a number of my Tier 2 testers sincerely and actually sought out ill human beings and deliberately were given ourselves ill so as to check it first hand in actual stay situations earlier than liberating it. (Crazy? Maybe, however that is the way you do actual global checking out on a software like this.) What happened?

The signs of the infections we gave ourselves (colds, flus and sore throats on this case) have been minimized to a big degree. Sometimes, we couldn’t inform if we have been nonetheless ill with out pausing this system for a pair hours or so. (Don’t do this! It will permit the contamination advantage power once more and make you need to spend greater time and power preventing it than in case you comply with the directions!)
The consequences and signs of the cold/flu/sore throat itself have been negated such that certainly no productiveness turned into misplaced due to having the contamination. (In reality one in all my testers, whilst ill with some thing that could generally have knocked him down completely, went to his exercising elegance each night, and in fact stated running out more difficult and higher than usual!)
We all stored cash on medicine, due to the fact none people needed to use any!
The period of time being ill turned into decreased sharply for all people.

During this test, the most effective component that turned into used to address the infections turned into MIR. None people used Airborne (TM), vitamins, colloidal silver or any shape of antibiotic or anti-cold/flu treatment. I turned into inspired, and so have been my testers — however I turned into now no longer inspired sufficient to make me happy. So as opposed to liberating V2.0, I determined all of the matters I should discover and consider that would enhance it further, and upgraded it.

Keep improving yourself today with this “Maximum Immune System Response V2.1 5.5g” course at only [$41]

Compared to V1.0 and V2.0, Version 2.1 is:

  • Much more powerful
  • Much more effective
  • Much faster acting
  • Works much better
  • Much more capable

This software is constructed withinside the Generation 5.5 generation format, which means it makes use of an avalanche of super-superior technology below the hood to make it work. If I attempted to listing them here, you’ll begin snoring, so I’ll spare you the the listing and the boredom. (For the ones of you who surely wanna see the listing anyway, it’s placed after the commands and testimonials on the stop.) Most of them are exchange secrets and techniques anyway, and I should consequently now no longer give an explanation for what they do. But one aspect this software does that you may discover very thrilling is that it makes use of a method called “power flooding”. This method reasons your unconscious thoughts to flood your frame with the proper styles of power to help you obtain this system desires safely; on this case, with sure sorts of restoration power.

Even aleven though it isn’t designed specially to motive you to undertaking that power, if you have reached a nation of being absolutely flooded with it, you may start projecting it as overflow power. This projection of overflow power has a major impact on different humans in maximum instances, and they will reply with extra openness, interest, consolation being round you and in a few instances, what seemed to be enchantment responses had been referred to with the aid of using a number of my testers. In impact, this system floods you with restoration power, and others will choose up on that. Since restoration power feels top to be round, they will deliver responses like those even as they may be inside 4 to 10 ft of you.

You have to word that this could simplest manifest in case you aren’t the usage of all the restoration power your unconscious is making an attempt to flood your frame with. The purpose is to continually offer extra than sufficient of this power on your immune device to apply for some thing it is making an attempt to accomplish, and in a few instances it could use all of this power for attaining its desires. If it does, you may now no longer have the overflow phenomenon.

You may be aware that the power flooding offers you drastically extra power than normal and makes you sense higher than even while you had been now no longer ill. In a few instances, we had reviews from testers that it had facet results of assisting with different problems, together with knee ache and issues. It is restoration power, so if this occurs to you, don’t be surprised.

Please hold in thoughts, distinct sorts of infectious retailers are available distinct stages of nastiness. One is probably vulnerable and comparatively harmless, every other may knock you down for per week or extra, a 3rd is probably your run of the mill few days of struggling in mattress kind bloodless or flu and a fourth may stay for years if left untreated. Your immune device offers with every such a in keeping with it’s abilities, and the extent of nastiness of the infectious agent can also additionally bring about one contamination being extra apparent and longer lasting than every other, inspite of the assist of MIR.

Maximum Immune Response is designed to be used without delay when you are conscious which you are coming down with or have a bloodless, flu or different sort of contamination. It may be used at any factor withinside the contamination cycle, however the sooner you begin the usage of it, the higher. You forestall the usage of this system after you’ve got got been freed from the contamination and its signs for at the least three days. This permits this system to combat off and kill the ones previous few stragglers who’re left, who aren’t sturdy sufficient to supply signs, however who’re sturdy sufficient to make you ill once more in case you forestall the usage of this system too soon. Basically, like an antibiotic, the weakest germs are the perfect to kill, in order that they die first. Then the germs of slight strength, and the ultimate ones left are the most powerful on the stop. And like an antibiotic, you need to hold the usage of it for the entire time essential to kill them all, due to the fact the ones previous few stragglers on the stop are the most powerful. Letting them reproduce will simplest make the contamination extra hard to overcome. So the guideline of thumb of thumb is, use MIR till three days after all of the signs are gone, at the least. And if while you forestall the usage of this system, it begins offevolved coming back, use it for 3 or 4 extra days.

Because this system operates at the sort of excessive stage of generation and intensity, and due to the fact it’s far doing what it’s far, it’s far regular for a few humans the usage of this system to emerge as very worn-out or even doze off even as it’s far doing it’s job, whether or not or now no longer they felt worn-out after they began out the usage of it. The extra worn-out it reasons you to be, the extra power it’s far focusing at the immune device, and the extra hard the contamination is to deal with. Not all and sundry indicates this tiredness response, however.

This software additionally makes use of very superior and extraordinarily effective nation moving generation, designed to place you in an appropriate nation of thoughts and frame to exceptional combat the contamination. This from time to time makes itself called feeling extra “out of it” the more serious the contamination is, and extra regular because the contamination clears up once more. Generally, the extra hard the contamination is, the extra deeply you may possibly discover your self in an altered nation of cognizance. Therefore, do now no longer try to use it even as you’re driving, or doing anything (like running heavy machinery, acting surgery, directing airline traffic, the usage of lethal guns or flying an aircraft) that calls for you to be alert for that pastime to be safe. Also, do now no longer do any of this stuff in case you in any respect sense or suspect you’ll be in an altered nation of cognizance because of the usage of this software.

Get immediately download Maximum Immune System Response V2.1 5.5g

If you want to have every possible advantage against infections of almost any kind, or you are a parent, or you cannot afford to lose work time — or you just hate being sick! (and who doesn’t?) — this program is what you need.  It is safe for use with children ages 6 and older.  It has had minimal testing on children under 6, but has shown signs of effectiveness on children as young as 4 years old, which was the youngest we tested.  If you expose a child under 18 years old to this program, or you are such a minor, please do so only with direct and constant supervision and attention from a parent or medical doctor.

Results will naturally vary depending on the specific pathogen type and strain you have become infected with, at what point in the infection cycle you start using the program, how much exposure you get while using it, and how well you provide for the three keys to fighting any infection (rest, hydration and raw materials).  If you use this program when you first become aware that you are becoming infected with something, it will usually trigger your body to overcome the infection within about 12 hours or less of usage (plus 3 days for safety, remember).  If you have an established cold, flu or infection, it usually takes around 2-3 days of straight usage (but occasionally longer) before the infection will be overcome, and again, another 3 days after symptoms are gone. You should continue using MIR for a minimum of 3 days straight after you believe you have overcome the infection.

Another excellent use for MIR is as an immune system booster for preventing infections you are exposed to.  Many times during testing, I was able to completely avoid colds and flus I was exposed to by using this program while being exposed and for a day or two afterwards.  If you expose more than one person at a time, please be alert for symptoms of energy overload, which may happen when two or more people are projecting high amounts of energy as overflow within each others’ presence.  If at any time you or anyone else exposed begins feeling unusually nervous, jittery, or has any symptoms of too much caffeine, you should immediately stop exposing the group, separate the people feeling that way from others by at least 15 feet, and revert back to exposing yourself only.  If you have a weak heart, heart condition, epilepsy or any neurological disorder related to epilepsy, never expose more than one person to this program at a time, as energy overload resulting from multiple simultaneous users may potentially result in problems with these conditions.

As the creator, do I use this program myself?  Yes I do, absolutely.  In fact, I created it for my own use originally.  For me, it has almost always put me back to good (from a cold or flu) within about 24 to 36 hours of continuous usage.  Of course, I always play it immediately upon realizing that I am coming down with something, and I generally prioritize sleep (or at least rest) above everything else while I am using it.

Remember that to overcome any cold, flu or infection, it is simply common sense that your body needs three key things:

Rest.  It must focus its energy on powering up your immune system for maximum performance, and that takes a lot of energy.  While MIR 2.1 attempts to provide as much of this energy as possible, you cannot be doing mentally or physically strenuous activities and rest, because this takes away from your body’s ability to focus on destroying the invader. Please allow yourself whatever amount of rest and sleep you need while using this program, no matter what time of day your mind and body decides it needs to rest or sleep, or how much rest or sleep it wants.
Water.  It is easy to become dehydrated while you are sick, and water keeps the whole thing going.  Make sure you drink plenty of water or an electrolyte replacement drink.
Raw Materials.  Like any army, your immune system needs to eat and have necessary supplies.  Your body cannot build and maintain an elite kick-butt immune system fighting force without the building blocks and energy to do so.  Therefore, you need to take a good vitamin supplement, and eat as best you can while you are sick.  That’s why “chicken soup” is so popular: it gives your body almost all of what it needs to build and power your immune system’s fighting force.

Give those to your body, and MIR will focus your  mind and body on destroying the infection as quickly as possible, and you will be back up and productive before you know it!

Please note that MIR can be used with, and will improve the effects of, antibiotics, colloidal silver, Airborne (TM), and other such methods for eradicating a cold, flu or other infection.

Get immediately download Maximum Immune System Response V2.1 5.5g


While the program is specifically designed to cause your immune system to only attack an infection, pregnant women should not use or be exposed to this program without consulting a medical doctor first, and having medical supervision during use.  If at any time you believe your infection is life threatening, please consult a medical doctor immediately and follow their instructions.  This program is not designed or intended to take the place of professional medical care if, when and where that is necessary to get better, and no such claim is expressed or implied.  While there are numerous safeties present in the script of this program, we have only been able to conduct very limited or no testing concerning people who have a weak heart, a heart condition, epilepsy, a neurological disorder related to epilepsy or an autoimmune disease.  If you have any of these conditions, you should therefore use MIR under the supervision of a medical doctor who knows and understands what it is you are doing, so they can monitor what happens as a precaution until you are sure that it is safe for you to use this program, or use it for extended periods of time. This program is designed only to cause your immune system to operate at peak focus and efficiency, and does not constitute, nor is it advertised, expressed or implied to be, any sort of “cure”.  It is also not intended for use against all forms of infection.  If you have an infection that is more serious than a cold or flu, be sure to use this program in addition to proper medical care, not as a replacement for it.  If at any time you feel any symptoms of energy overload, caffeine overload or nervous system overload, please stop using the program immediately and let this situation pass.  By using this program, you agree that all results of using this program are your sole responsibility.


Upon coming across which you have an contamination, or as quickly as viable after that, choose your chosen music layout and start paying attention to MIR at the best extent you could. (In this case, better extent equates to greater effective unconscious immune response.) Please take care to shield your hearing.

Listen to this software 24 hours an afternoon till at the least three days after the contamination has reputedly disappeared. Yes, it is probably inconvenient, however there’s not anything I can do approximately that, and it works.

The exclusive music codecs have exclusive tiers of extent for the subliminal audio, so they’ll additionally have exclusive tiers of strength and impact. From maximum effective to least effective, they are:

Hybrid layout (Uses Masked and Ultrasonic on the equal time. Most effective)
Masked (Least effective.)

You need to now no longer use the natural ultrasonic music with headphones, as over-voluming or under-voluming may want to bring about issues. Hybrid tracks, in case you use them with headphones, modify the extent a touch decrease than what you will typically use

Don’t transfer codecs after you start, on account that exclusive strength tiers will purpose issues in case you pass from a greater effective layout to a much less effective one. I located this whilst switching from hybrid to ultrasonic to exit to dinner one night. For this reason, I advocate that when you have to exit in public at any time at the same time as the use of MIR, the use of ultrasonic layout handiest, despite the fact that hybrid layout is considerably greater effective. Basically, keep away from the use of masked codecs if viable and use hybrid handiest if you could find the money for to live domestic or play the audible model anyplace you may be all through the complete run.

Keep improving yourself today with this “Maximum Immune System Response V2.1 5.5g” course at only [$41]

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