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Megavitamin Formula – Andrew Saul


Andrew brings something unique to the table: over 40 years of research, many of those years with some of the greatest mentors imaginable. Some of them taught him directly.

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Are you tired of doctors, who can’t find out what wrong with you?

Let’s FACE IT, you’re probably tired in general.

Tired of being unhealthy.

Maybe you’ve been searching for clarity and a better path for a long time.

Is that too harsh to say? or is it being HONEST?

Often, the first step to a MAJOR CHANGE is being REAL with yourself.

It’s about facing reality and finding inside yourself the DESIRE to IMPROVE your health, right now.

It’s also about realizing you may need HELP to reach the next level of success.

That’s why this day might be important for you.

Today, Andrew Saul is offering to teach you the very same principles that world renowned doctors and scientists (and Nobel Prize winners!) have used for many decades.

Andrew brings something unique to the table: over 40 years of research, many of those years with some of the greatest mentors imaginable. Some of them taught him directly.

Andrew says – “I have been told that megavitamin therapy is the subject I present better than anyone else. Thank you for such kind words. I do indeed love to help people understand how vitamins can literally change (and sometimes save) their lives.”

Keep improving yourself today with this “Megavitamin Formula – Andrew Saul” course at only [$37]

Could these days be the day that modifications everything?

Today, we’re asking you to TRUST that voice on your head — and that feeling on your intestine — that announces it’s time so as to attempt a brand new method.

An method that does NOT endorse extra drugs. Quite the opposite. And an method this is PROVEN – irrespective of what the mainstream media may also attempt to inform you. Vitamins work WHEN TAKEN IN THE RIGHT DOSES.

For cancer. For coronary heart disease. For intestine issues. Autoimmune. The listing is endless.

Are they a certain cure? Of route not. Nothing is. But their tune document indicates they assist in nearly each situation.

It’s time to find out about a avenue much less travelled.

What is it? It’s referred to as Orthomolecular Medicine. Or MegaVitamin Therapy.

Sign up these days and make a extrade on your existence RIGHT NOW.


21 Video Lessons,
25 to 35 minutes each

  • Lesson 1: Vitamin C
  • Lesson 2: Vitamin C II
  • Lesson 3: Vitamin C (forms)
  • Lesson 4: Niacin
  • Lesson 5: Niacin II
  • Lesson 6: B Vitamins
  • Lesson 7: Vitamin A
  • Lesson 8: Vitamin E
  • Lesson 9: Vitamin D
  • Lesson 10: Minerals and iodine
  • Lesson 11: What Andrew takes himself
  • Lesson 12: Where to Start
  • Lesson 13: What to Buy
  • Lesson 14: Vitamins for the elderly
  • Lesson 15: Whole foods and whole food  vitamins
  • Lesson 16: Juice Protocols 1
  • Lesson 17: Juice Protocols 2
  • Lesson 18: Juice Protocols 3
  • Lesson 19: Juice Protcols 4
  • Lesson 20: Belief
  • Lesson 21: Mindfullness
  • BONUS 21a: Wrapping it up

CORE ITEM #2: 21 PDF Transcripts

Each lesson is transcribed word for word. If you find it easier to have something to read along with, this is for you.

You can also read the transcripts as a book, separate from the videos if that’s your preferred method of learning.

Either way, you don’t have to struggle to separate your Tocotrienols from your Tochopherols when you have the transcript!


MP3 Audios of Everything

If AUDIO is your preferred method of learning, you are covered there too. Each episode is there for you in an MP3 format, so you can listen in the car, in the kitchen or in the hot tub.

Each of the 21 lessons, each of the seven protocol videos and on and on. Everything is on audio.


What’s THIS doing here?

You might also additionally surprise why juicing functions in numerous of the day by day video lessons.

As Andrew explains himself, not anything receives obviously occuring vitamins into the frame quicker and in better quantities, than vegetable juicing.

You wont locate a few exceptional juicing recipes withinside the course, it focusses on case research of Medical Doctors who’ve used positive juicing protocols to heal in any other case cussed conditions.

So get that juicer revved up…….

Keep improving yourself today with this “Megavitamin Formula – Andrew Saul” course at only [$37]

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