Meridians, Acupoints, and Energy Checks – Donna Eden

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An Intermediate Energy Medicine Class:  Taught at the Eden Energy Medicine Certification ProgramLearn the 14 Major Muscle Meridian Tests and More

Taught by Jeff Harris M.D., Vicki Matthews M.D., and Susan Stone, M.Ac, L.Ac.

February 2008, Phoenix, AZ

Includes Handouts

Jeff Harris’ Last Class (taught 8 days before his passing):

Jeff Harris initiated this class. His mission was to make what can be confusing material easy to understand and utilize. Jeff spent innumerable hours pouring over acupuncture textbooks finding the best information available, the best descriptions of the acupuncture points, etc. The DVDs of the class and the extensive handouts that accompany it will be a cornerstone of Eden Energy Medicine.

This class is a 2 1/2-hour demonstration of the following:

  • The 14 major muscle meridian energy tests.
  • All the other significant energy tests used and taught in Eden Energy Medicine.
  • Locations of the primary acupuncture points used in Eden Energy Medicine.

The class is appropriate for Eden Energy Medicine students at any level who want a comprehensive guide to the main muscle energy tests, acupoint locations, and the energy tests used in EEM.

The 2-DVD program is supplemented by a clear and extensively illustrated handout.

This DVD is universally formatted and should play in any DVD player worldwide.

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