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Course Description

Full Training Program – Awaken The Millionaire Inside Of You In Just 7 Steps! Master The Thoughts, Characteristics, And Behaviors All Wealthy People Share.

What You Will Learn


Welcome to Millionaire Mentor! In this module, you'll learn how to approach this course to get the most out of it in order to be successful.

Module #1: Secret #1: Clarify Your Goals (The Peg Method)

In this module, you will learn how to use a step-by-step plan to achieve ANY goal, learn how to CONQUER any challenge in your way, know exactly what ASSETS you already have in your life, and Create a trackable roadmap to ANY goal or dream.

Module #2: Secret #2: Create Accountability (Outrageous Ownership)

This is where you learn what the SUPERPOWER of a Millionaire is! You will learn how to immediately deploy this SUPERPOWER to become a overnight LEADER. You will learn how to 3X your chances of turning you problems around, and the #1 way to get those around you to FOLLOW you.

Module #3: Secret #3: Relentless Focus (The Commander’s Intent)

With this method, I’ll show you exactly how to stop your mind from wandering so that you can focus on one goal and achieve it. You can learn how to BURN THE BOATS, The #1 advice I received from Mark Cuban, and how to apply scientific research to DOUBLE your chances at succeeding…

Module #4: Secret #4: Build Your Team (The Asset-Based Network)

In this module, I’ll give you my #1 tool and tactic I use to get unlimited and priceless mentorship. This includes how to quickly catalogue EVERY person you’ve ever met in your life, how to grow your ASSETS by 300% using nothing but some simple text messages, and how to get unlimited coaching for FREE.

Module #5: Secret #5: Invest In Yourself (Your Secret Weapon)

The BEST asset you can EVER invest in is YOURSELF. In this module, I’ll help YOU customize an exact plan on HOW you should make this investment. You’ll leave this step with a full framework on just what to do with your existing money and TIME.

Module #6: Secret #6: Execution (The Action Warrior)

This module is all about how to quickly EVALUATE an idea and see if it has any potential, the #1 way to build incredibly positive momentum into getting things DONE, and how to master the ability to immediately vet an idea and delegate the execution!

Module #7: Secret #7: Resilience (#TTP)

This module is all about how to TRUST THE PROCESS. It is all about how to know exactly what to do and WHEN, and WHO you should trust. Then, once you have a system, how to effectively double down on that system!

Millionaire Makeover Kit

This module is a compliation of WEEKLY action plans. These plans will help you master the entire seven steps in The Millionaire Mentor. They teach you how to: Build a CUSTOM plan for YOU that uses YOUR personal assets and skills! Implement EACH of the 7 secrets one by one, and internalize the teachings… NEVER become overwhelmed or fall behind – as long as you stick to our plan!


You'll find two exclusive interviews in this bonus module! For the first interveiw you’ll get FREE guidance and training from the man LARGELY responsible for my recent wealth (the last three years). In the second interview I’ve gone out and PULLED A LOT of favors to bring this to you. YOU get to sit-in and be a fly on the wall, while I interview a BILLIONAIRE for over an HOUR!

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