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Millionaire Yoga is based on secretly guarded esoteric techniques, historically coveted by yogis and Siddha Masters, designed to retrain your brain and change your money karma.  Enlightened Master Dr. Pillai now brings it to the world.

“Material needs are not that hard to get. It’s only a matter of knowing what has gone wrong. So the program is about empowering the brain through sound frequencies, mantras that I will personally initiate you in during the program, and also identifying the brain parts that are responsible for creating the passion and also the wisdom to be affluent.”

Dr. Pillai is a spiritual scientist, academic scholar, philanthropist, world thought leader as a speaker at the United Nations Conference of World Religions and has been referred to as “one of the most enlightened beings on the planet”, by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

#1 New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Wayne Dyer has featured his methods in “I Can See Clearly” and lovingly dedicated his breakthrough book “Manifest Your Destiny” to Dr. Pillai, a.k.a. Guruji.



Do any of these beliefs sound familiar?

  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • To maintain a pure spiritual life, it is essential that I avoid all material wants & possessions.
  • The amount of money I make is directly related to my education and intelligence.
  • Even if I am able to attract money, I will always find a way to self-sabotage my own prosperity.

Becoming a millionaire is a matter of creating positive money karma. This is a process of defusing these negative attitudes that have become our belief system caused by genetic, religious, cultural, or parental conditionings. No matter how long you have had this belief system, your brain can be positively re-programmed via these miracle brain changing techniques of the Yogis. 


The 5 Steps Dr. Pillai Will Teach You To Attain The Millionaire’s Brain

Roll over the 5 steps to find out more…

Step 1: Activate The Pineal Gland (3rd eye)

Unlock Your Brain’s Power Center, And Access Your Unlimited Potential, With A Pineal Gland Activation.

Step 2: Energize Brain's Money Manifestation Centers

Discover An Ancient Technique, Using Yogic Sound Waves, That Can Allow You To Think And Manifest Effortlessly.

Step 3: Cleanse the Negative Cortex

Clear Problematic Neuropathways, And Erase Negative Conditioning, With A Technique To Vibrationally Cleanse The Neo Cortex.

Step 4: Program Abundance Consciousness

Channel Your Emotional Energy To Transform Any Goal Into A 3 Dimensional Reality, With A Meditation To Tap Into Your Brain’s Emotional Center.

Step 5: Awaken the Emotional Brain

Receive The Energy To Establish The Neurology & Thought Patterns Of A Millionaire From An Energetic Transmission, And Initiation From A Master.

What is Included in the Millionaire Yoga Program?

5 all-inclusive, fully downloadable Millionaire Yoga sessions with over 3 hours of content designed exclusively to activate your Millionaire Brain.

5 powerful webinars to reinforce, enhance and accelerate your new Millionaire’s brain.

  • The Technology of Time
  • Financial Planning for Future Wealth
  • The Art of Commitment
  • Your Millionaire Makeover
  • Medical Basis of the Third Eye

Through the combination of modern neuroscience and ancient esoteric knowledge, Enlightened Master Dr. Pillai has discovered exactly how to raise the vibration of your brain frequency to activate the Millionaire’s Brain in anyone through the Millionaire Yoga series.


Millionaire Yoga – Full Program – Baskaran Pillai 

Millionaire Yoga – Full Program – Baskaran Pillai 


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