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Earn Low Maintenance Profits with Native Ads

Master the Last True ” Set it and Forget it” Traffic Platform

With pops on the decline, mobile dominated by CPI and low quality grey hat, Native Ads have emerged as one of the most uncomplicated, most profitable opportunities for affiliate advertisers.

No Algorithm? No Problem!

Native Ads represent media buying in its purest form, and are not governed by a mysterious social algorithm like Facebook Ads.

Take your Affiliate success into your own hands and learn to source the best offers, build the best creatives, take the right measurements, build the right tests, and optimize your results to massive profitability.

James Van Elswyk Loves Native Ads

Maybe because they are where he earned his first $20K profit days.

For the Native Ads Master Class, James shows students start to finish, strategies tactics that can be copied and pasted into their own campaigns.

These tactics and strategies are underpinned by a theory on how to make money with native ads that James teaches to his own media buying team.

Native Ads Master Class Free Trial (Available Now!)

6 Weeks of Leading-Edge Native Ads Training (Course Starts Jan 15, 2018)

Part1: (Free Trial)

Why I Like Native Ads Even Better Than Facebook Ads

  •     Manual and Predictable, Less Algorithmic
  •     Massively Scalable
  •     Low Maintenance Once Cracked

Part 2 (Free Trial)

How and Why You Can Make Massive Profit with Native Ads

  •     Native Ads Overview
  •     How to Make Tracker Setup Suck Less
  •     Funnel Flux Demo
  •     Funnel Flux Coupon

Part 3: (Free Trial)

Widget Hunting – The Ultimate Hack for Quick Native Profits

  •     Step by Step: How to Hunt for Widgets
  •     How to Dig into a Widget to Get its Secrets
  •     Uncovering the Full Funnel

Get Istack – Native Ads Master Class – Anonymous, only price $245


6 Weeks of Leading-Edge Facebook Ads Training (Course Begins Jan 15, 2018)

Chapter 1: Trackers

Why You Need A Tracker and How to Set it Up

  •     Which Tracker to Choose
  •     How to Make Tracker Setup Suck Less
  •     Funnel Flux Demo
  •     Funnel Flux Coupon

Chapter 2: Focus on Offer First

  •     Nothing Can Fix a Bad Offer
  •     How to Find Winning Offers for Native Ads
  •     What to Consider When Selecting Offers
  •     How to Run a DMV Test
  •     Best Recommends – Traffic Source VS Network

Chapter 3: Where to Get Your Traffic

  •     Which Networks and Why
  •     How to Get a Rep
  •     LinkedIn is Your Friend
  •     Account Rep Codewords
  •     Rep Maintenance

Chapter 4: Competitor Analysis ( spying )

  •     Adbeat – Only Tool You Will Need
  •     What Do You Want to See
  •     Funnel Ripping
  •     Manual spying

Chapter 5:Funnel Assembly Made Simple

  •     What Goes Where
  •     Landing Page, Images, Headlines Etc
  •     How many to Test
  •     How much to Test
  •     How Long to Test

Chapter 6: The Three Killer B’s That Can Make or Break You

  •     BIDS
  •     BUDGETS
  •     BANKROLL

Chapter 7: Whitelist, Blacklist, Graylist

  •     Out of the Box Blacklist Rules
  •     Out of the Box Greylist Rules
  •     Out of the Box Whitelist Rules
  •     Thoroughbred Corrals (Where Your Prized Ponies Live)
  •     4 Tiers of Whitelisting

Chapter 8: Optimization: Check Ups and Tune Ups

  •     Profit ? Optimize
  •     No Profit? Optimize
  •     Landing Page Optimization
  •     Image / Headline Optimization
  •     Offer/Payout/Misc Optimization

Chapter 9: Advanced Automation: How to Put a Campaign on Autopilot

  •     Structure so You Can Set it and Forget It
  •     When and what to automate
  •     Hands Off Caking

I am excited to teach this course on natives Istack becuase I LOVE natives and they are a set it and forget it platform. I had my first 20k profit days on natives so they are always close to my heart

Natives are LOW MAINTENANCE Money because they are more manual and least algorithm influenced platfrom that is also easy to use

I am excited to show you not just why to use natives but also how. Start to finish, copy and paste plus theory on how to make money on natives that I teach to my media buyers to this day.

Ill show

  •     What offers to run and where to find them
  •     What offers to run and where to find them
  •     How you test, crack an offer, scale it and it put it on “weekly maintenance mode”
  •     Why refreshing stats is good
  •     How to spy and then test for every variable in the funnel
  •     Why and how you can scale with almost no loss of ROI

What Skills Will I Master?

Learn the State-of-the-Art tactics that Drive Millions of Dollars of Profit

Native Ads Mindset

Native ad media buying requires patience, diligence, and thoroughness. You must be prepared to test multiple variables throughout your funnel, as well as many, many publishers in order to find the traffic that truly works for you. Once you can nail down this system it becomes repeatable, but it’s important to have the right mindset going in.

Whitelist/Black List Kung Fu

Unlike Facebook where your audience is targeted through multiple dimensions of their personalities, Native ads targeting relies on targeting users via publishers which each have their own characteristics and performance. Learn to efficiently test traffic sources to reveal their most valuable publishers quickly.

Creating Rockstar Creative

Creative is the key to both engagement (clicks) and conversion (landing pages). This course will give you what you need to create ads and landing pages that drive huge profits.

Competitive Intelligence

While creativity is key, Native is a numbers game, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. This course teaches you key tactics for spying on your competitors so you can start with what works, and innovate from ther.

Bidding to Win

Native Ads can be costly, so it’s important to have a strategy for when you’re testing, and when you’re scaling. This course gives you the exact bidding strategies you need in all phases of your campaigns.

Advanced Funnel Strategies

With Native Ads, your funnel is hugely important. This course gives you the know how to be able to dissect funnels that work and make them your own with minimal work.

Get Istack – Native Ads Master Class – Anonymous, only price $245

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