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Exactly How to Negotiate Your Salary and Get Paid Your Worth (in a Bullsh*t Patriarchal Society)

When it comes to your career aspirations, you know you’re worth more.

But what *exactly* should I say?

What do I do if my boss or won’t budge?

What if they think I’m ungrateful?

We’re told to negotiate, but no one tells us *how.*

The pay gap + the investing gap + the fact that women live longer poses the question: What the fuck do we do? 2020 statistics show that 60% of women say they’ve never negotiated with an employer overpay. I want to change that.

You could be earning a million more dollars over your lifetime.

You’re not just getting more money today, you're getting more money over the course of your lifetime. Women who consistently negotiate their salaries are on average more likely to earn about a million dollars more in their lifetime than women who do not.

Once you start to negotiate, everything changes.

You’ll start demanding better of yourself and the people around you. You start advocating what you’re worth in every aspect of your life. Your confidence grows. You show up more for yourself. And that shit is priceless.

Tori hashelped get women over $250,000 extra in salary and benefits last year.

Your salary? That’s your path to financial freedom. Wouldn't it feel amazing to be…

  • The one actually getting paid her market rate.
  • The one that has the confidence and mindset to tackle any negotiation.
  • ‍The one setting herself up for financial freedom.

‍Navigating the Negotiation:

Exactly How to Negotiate Your Salary and Get Paid Your Worth (in a Bullsh*t Patriarchal Society) Plus, you receive actionable homework, infographics & printable worksheets, and access to a Q&A with Tori in the comments of each jam-packed module.

You're next. This is for you if:

  • You know you’re being underpaid, but you don’t know what to do about it
  • You’re applying for new jobs, and want to make sure you get the highest salary possible
  • Your annual review is approaching, and you want to negotiate a raise
  • You've wanted to negotiate, but you have NO IDEA what to say
  • The prospect of negotiating makes you super nervous
  • You have no idea how to answer interview questions about money, like “What is your salary range?”
  • You’re ready to start advocating for what you know you’re worth

You’ll walk away with:

  • The word-for-word script on exactly what to say throughout the entire negotiation process, whether you’re asking for a raise or negotiating a new salary
  • Why your negotiation techniques haven’t worked in the past, and what to do differently
  • The 6 essential tips that every successful negotiator knows
  • My favorite method for countering an offer
  • The super-secret formula for getting exactly what you want
  • How to negotiate benefits besides salary to increase your compensation package
  • What to do if your boss won’t budge during a negotiation
  • How to know *exactly* how much you’re worth
  • The mindset and confidence you need to succeed

This isn’t just a "know your worth" pep talk.

This is your lifetime tool for negotiating, no matter how many times you change jobs.

I know all your biggest negotiating fears…

"What if I lose the job by negotiating?"

"What if they say no?"

"What if they think I'm ungrateful?"

"What *exactly* do I say?"

This course addresses ALL of them, and gives you specific guidance to conquer your fears.

2 years of content testing…

Over 1,000 slots sold…

$250,000 more in salary + benefits in 2019…

It's a no-brainer.

You’re about to make a lot more money.

Get Navigating the Negotiation – Tori Dunlap, Only Price $59

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