Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning - Richard Bandler

Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning – Richard Bandler

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One of the first things that stands out to me as I watch Richard Bandler training in Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning is just how similar it is to New Code NLP.

Richard and John worked together for about seven years at the start of Neuro-Linguistic Programming before moving in their individual directions. Richard went onto brand his work as Design Human Engineering™ and Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning™ (and at one point launching litigation in a failed attempt to register a Trademark for NLP as a whole).

John has been very active in continuing to develop NLP, the product of which can be labelled as New Code NLP, working with Judith DeLozier initially and more recently Carmen Bostic St Clair. While New Code NLP and “Richard Bandler NLP” are very different on many levels – and each is in the pursuit of modeling excellence – there can be some striking similarities. For example:

Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning: In one exercise, you take a situation that isn’t working for you. A “problem state” if you will. Then you identify the feeling, noticing how the feelings move and change. After a short break, you then create a more resourceful state – a state of mind that feels better and that you believe helps you perform better. A “resource state”. Finally, you take the resourceful state with you while remembering the problem state.

New Code NLP: Take a context that you would like to work on. This context may be problematic or generative – ideally, have the unconscious mind select this context. Associate and connect with that state, taking an inventory of your sensory experience in that context (eg What can you see, hear and feel?).

Break your state then create a “content free high performance state” – this is a specific class of states, indicated by resourceful physiology, lack of internal dialog, activation across the brain and body. There are several straightforward methods presented in the New Code to access this state. Finally, you take the “high performance state” into the context, which means that the unconscious mind selects appropriate resource(s) to bring into that context.

The similarity of these two processes is apparent. However there are some significant differences:

  • New Code NLP focuses upon how individuals can expand their choices. Other forms of NLP can tend to focus on how a ‘technique’ can help ‘fix’ a client’s problem.
  • New Code NLP strives for elegance. Rather than having to learn dozens or hundreds of “techniques”, New Code NLP focuses upon the most simple format with the absolute minimum number of steps.
  • New Code NLP actively engages the unconscious mind. While students of Richard Bandler might have developed finger signals that can be accessed under hypnosis for the use of the practitioner, New Code NLP Practitioners will have a range of ways to access unconscious signals (such as “yes”, “no” and “more information”) so facilitate clear communication. Engaging the unconscious mind is key to helping people get outcomes that are wise, sustainable and takes into account the consequences.
  • New Code NLP emphasizes rigorous thinking, precision, and addressing a situation at the appropriate logical level. Other forms of NLP can fix a ‘problem’ but then have to fix another ‘problem’ and another because that ‘problem’ was actually at a different level.
  • New Code NLP emphasizes the importance of NLP Practitioners to continue to engage in modeling. NLP was developed by modeling great performers, and much of NLP today is focused on the resultant techniques.

There are a range of other differences that are readily apparent to me. However, let me encourage you to discover this for yourself.


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