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Learn how to create lasting change with this 5 part training program. Dr David Krueger, Master CEO Coach & Mentor, will immerse you in this training on the Theory and Neuroscience of Success Strategies. He will reveal these scientifically proven ways to create lasting change, that you can begin using now.

Part 1: Your New Money Story – Uncover the power of self-talk creating neuro changes needed to find financial contentment.

Part 2: The Neuroscience of Change – Learn how the systematic techniques used to create new connections in your brain that catalyze optimal behavior.

Part 3: Master States of Mind – Learn about neural conditioning and how to create new associations for success.

Part 4: Roadmap for a New Wellness Story – Uncover the story you are writing, decide what part you want to keep, to let go, to change or to enhance.

Part 5: Influence, Persuasion, and Neuromarketing –Reinforce your story using principles such as affinity, social proof, and reciprocity, just like the most influential people do.


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