NLP Techniques Masterclass DVDs – Jamie Smart

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This CD set covers a relatively small number of NLP techniques but goes into them in great detail so that you can understand them and develop real confidence using them. The techniques covered include: The Fast Phobia Cure; The Meta Mirror; Change Personal History; The Allergy Cure; and Future Pacing.

In the course of developing them you will gain:

A deeper understanding of NLP, hypnosis and how to run your own brain.

An understanding of how people change.

What experienced NLP practitioners look for and use to create profound changes in other people.

Insider secrets for using NLP in ways that seem magical but elegant.

An understanding of how various techniques work together, the structure of why they work and how they get the effects that they do.

Techniques and approaches that you can use with clients, colleagues, friends, family members and others. Not only can you help people overcome challenges they may have, you can also teach them how to run their brains better.

Ways to make more money. If you re a coach or personal development professional then you ll discover ways to increase your value by learning some new approaches to working with clients.

A reputation for results by using proven techniques and by developing the sensory acuity and flexibility to ensure the people you work with experience profound improvements in their quality of life.

An outstanding master class from one the foremost trainers in NLP and coaching. The set also includes a bonus CD with the Masterclass manuals and extra audio tracks included.

Get NLP Techniques Masterclass DVDs – Jamie Smart, Only Price $37

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