OMG Machines 2014 – 2019 Updated – Project Breakthrough/Assimilation/Alchemy


Welcome to our totally unique and wildly successful digital marketing community, program, and 90-day system!

…where we demonstrate in real time how we harness the "Elephant-in-the-Room" that about 99.5% of digital marketers ignore

Purchase OMG Machines 2014 – 2019 Updated – Project Breakthrough/Assimilation/Alchemy at Aibox! You get access to all files. Direct Download Link and No costs are incurred (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha). Our courses come with a lifetime warranty, we're always here to help if you need it.

Welcome to our totally unique and wildly successful digital marketing community, program, and 90-day system!

…where we demonstrate in real time how we harness the "Elephant-in-the-Room" that about 99.5% of digital marketers ignore


1. Sign up to jump in on your "Elephant in the Room" webinar! 

"Elephant in the Room" Webinar of the Century!

The Elephant in the Room webinar of the century – Led by David Mills, featuring Greg Morrison, and others – with the focus on eye-popping return on investment (ROI) – including actual real world full details on how digital marketing agents are wildly profitable, and where the money is being made – including multiple site and niche reveals! 

Bonus! After you reserve your seat, your thank-you page includes an all-new incredible video presentation from OMG co-founder and CEO David Mills. OMG is a collaboration between a number of partners, but David is the designer. That's because of his background in strategy and accelerated learning. 

Please note: Directly below is a rundown on OMG, then our Breaking News and Event Updates section, and then lastly: some names and faces you already know or are familiar with, speaking out on OMG.

2. Get to know us in a few paragraphs: What is OMG and what makes us special?

  OMG stands for "One Man Gang," referring to what we turn you into.  You'll have systems and tools powerful enough to make money online all on your own, and you'll be a very attractive joint venture partner, consultant, etc.

  OMG trains new people, completely from scratch, to be Digital Marketing Agents, with our proven 90 Day+ system which gives you a massive advantage as online entrepreneurs, and/or consultants and/or as a reliable and profitable career path.

 OMG Provides ongoing research, training, and tools to veteran DMA's to keep them plugged in, plus provides an amazing community of new and veteran DMA's helping and encouraging each other.

  OMG has about 1000 active members in its coaching program, and about 1000 earnings reports from members who are earning money with the Digital Agent skills and monetization methods we teach.  Here is a link to our Instagram account where many of those reports from our members can be found:

 Our extreme success is rooted in reality: OMG is a partnership of several Agent-Coaches. We have our own separate business doing what we teach about (such as Google SEO consulting, sales funnel creation, and other related Digital Marketing services and projects). We show what we do step-by-step, from scratch, and demonstrate what we do using our unique Over-The-Shoulder approach.

  Our Digital Marketing Agent coaching program has been closed for the season for new registration since July, but it is re-opening again in December!

3. OMG Breaking News and Events Updates! This whole week check back every single day, because at around 12 Noon Eastern, each day, we've got an all-new exciting reveals!

When I was growing up I LOVED Advent Calendars, where every day of December reveals a new candy or treat! Well, as we count down to 2019, a year where SO many brand-new OMG'ers will change their stars, every day from Christmas Eve, December 24th, to New Years Eve, December 30th, at 12 PM Noon Eastern, we'll have new reveals, appearing right here on this page, in the section below.

Preview #1, Jan 28 Your 12-page Whitepaper is Ready!

Read about the multiple reasons for the startling truth in 2019: Digital Marketing Agents are making wildly higher and more reliable net profits – because of the elephant in the room, the FORCE driving over 50% of all worldwide traffic – than folks who are focusing on being "Influencers" or "Gurus" or "Stars." See how OMG's Digital Marketing Agent coaching program massive and reliable advantage has, shocking but true, led to over 1000 successful agents! Plus…the Elephant in the Room [revealed inside.]

Preview #2 Jan 29: Mike Long's Epic 110-page Book, $200 on Amazon, During OMG Week It's Free!

Click through here to get instant access to Mike Long's Epic book as a PDF file that you can either read directly, or download to your device. It's a true story of incredible success. It sells on Amazon for $200 as a coffee table book hard copy, but during OMG Event Week 2019 you can get instant access free!

Bonus Reveal #1: ROI Transcripts from Elephant Webinar

Click here for instant access to the transcript, with screen captures, of OMG'er Stephen Floyd, speaking out on the return on investment of Google SEO with live site reveals.

Please note: during the incredible Elephant in the Room Webinar of the Century OMG President David Mills revealed an incredible "Easter egg" bonus Step-by-Step over the shoulder series led by our "Hurricane" Liz Herrera, with Greg Morrison and others, on how to rank for your 3-word name and/or brand on the front page of Google for the cost of a trip to Starbucks. 

Bonus Reveal #2: How you go from an assistant to INC Magazine top 5000 growing businesses, at #52!

Here's what Jake is driving these days! Jake Tanner has an incredible story. He joined OMG at 23, while working as an assistant. Jake took the bull by the horns and from there went all the way up to #52 on the prestigious INC 5000 using OMG methods. Well now Jake is coaching inside of OMG, for a special 2019 residency. This video release is all about Jake and what he can do for you!

Here's what Saturday is about: What's here in DMA 2019, and what's to come! Final video release for OMG Week!

David Mills leads a fantastic Final Video presentation before we wrap up OMG Week with an all-star cast of our amazing OMG player coaches – each of them 7-figure digital marketing agents in their own right! Click here for the video!

Here's what Sunday is about: Today is the Event Finale for OMG Week! 

Mike Long will be LIVE in the chat starting now through Midnight Eastern, 9 PM Pacific, 5 AM London! You can access the chat through the green box in the bottom right hand corner of this page!

So make sure to check back all week for exciting news, previews, bonuses and event updates every day at 12 PM Noon Eastern (9 AM Pacific) !


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