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Learn How To Create Epic Printables From Scratch And Launch Your Etsy Store In 5 Days Or Less!

Are You Ready To…

  • Create epic printables from scratch without complicated software and prior graphic design knowledge?
  • Sell your printables on Etsy even while you sleep?
  • Learn how to market your Printables on Pinterest in less than 5 minutes a day?
  • Expand your store beyond Etsy and grow your business with customer hubs?

If you answered "Hell, yes!", then you are in the right place!

It's time for Passive Income with Printables!


In my first 18 months of selling printables on Etsy, I made only a few hundred dollars that entire time.

BUT after those 18 months, I did a few things differently and ended up making over $30,000 in passive income over the following 18 months – all from selling printables on Etsy.

To date, I have made $60,000 selling printables on Etsy.

In this course, I am sharing what I did to make that happen.

And because I'm selling a digital product, that's nearly all profit!

Best of all, 75% of my traffic comes from Pinterest.

Why do I say "best of all"? Because unlike other social media platforms, you can post a graphic on Pinterest and it will keep driving traffic for months (or in my case, years)!

So I did the work of pinning consistently for a few months ONCE and the traffic keeps coming even though I'm rarely on Pinterest any more.

The leverage I get from Pinterest is part of the reason why my Etsy revenue is truly mostly passive.

And I haven't had to make a million printables for my shop either.

I've gotten my results from just 2 products!

The 3 printables below are what you'll see if you visit my Etsy shop. The first 2 have generated nearly all of my revenue! I've just added the third product on the bottom right a few weeks ago.

Get Passive Income with Printables – Michelle Rohr, Only Price $47

My Etsy store took off when I started taking it seriously but I've built it in such a way that I can say the income is truly mostly passive.

I don't spend hours every week pinning on Pinterest or making new products.

I did the work once and I get results over and over in the form of notifications of sales occuring in my Etsy store nearly every day.

"I can truly say that finding the “Passive Income with Printables Course” has helped me so much. I like Michelle’s teaching approach of keeping things simple, because by eliminating the feeling of overwhelmed, I feel confident that I will achieve this goal. So, if you want to open your shop, but you don’t know where to start, I recommend you this super helpful course. I am so glad I took the leap and invested in it!"


This course is for you if you're ready to…

  •  learn how to translate your unique knowledge into epic printables
  •  tap into an incredible market of people who LOVE all things planner-related
  •  make Pinterest WORK for you
  •  hear your phone go "cha-ching" all day with sales while you're not even working
  •  be a part of the most vibrant, supportive community of printable-makers/Etsy-sellers

This course is not for you if…

  •  you don't actually have a passion for printables and planners
  • you want this course to help you "get rich quick"
  •  you're just purchasing this course to distract yourself from taking action
  • you intend on copying other peoples' designs and selling them as your own

"I took the Passive Income with Printables course after I stumbled across Michelle’s blog in early 2018. The course was not only comprehensive and easy to follow, but Michelle’s down-to-earth approach created a confidence and belief within me that I could build my own printables Etsy shop. As an added bonus, the Facebook group is full of wonderful people offering support, tips and motivation which has encouraged me further on my printables journey. I couldn’t recommend this course more!"


Imagine receiving emails from Etsy letting you know they're sending money to your bank account… while you're not even working.

Sign up to Passive Income Printables to make that happen without…

  • ​ Spending money on general business building courses NOT created with Etsy sellers in mind.
  • Wasting time trying to implement everything you learned in the Playbook by yourself.
  •  Getting all frustrated when you hit a roadblock and have no one whom to turn for help.​​​​​​​

Hi, I'm Michelle

​​​​A few years ago, I realized that I had lived the same year twice…and that it wasn't a good year. In that moment, I decided to take 100% responsibility for my life.

This approach turned out to be the key to becoming the person I needed to be in order to create a life I love.

​​​​​​​Now I get to help other people do the same.

Take A Look At The Twelve Modules Included In The Program…

It's time to get out of your head and launching your shop with my proven "launch first, tweak later" strategy!

PHASE 1: Launch Your Etsy Shop In 5 Days

DAY 1 – Come Up with Your Idea

Learn how to come up with original designs for your printables so that you avoid becoming a copycat.

Day 2 – Bring Your Idea to Life

Time to "put fingers to keyboard" and create the printable you designed in Day 1 in Apple Pages. (I'll show you how, whether you're a Mac or PC user). 

Day 3 – Make Your Etsy Graphics

Up your branding game by designing beautiful graphics for the storefront of your Etsy shop.

Day 4 – Launch Your Etsy Shop

I'll walk you through how to set-up your Etsy seller account that you feel fully supported every step of the way.

Day 5 – Make Your Pinterest Graphics

Create Pinterest graphics that stand-out and start marketing your Etsy shop!

PHASE 2: Tweak Your Way to Success

Create Amazing Printables

My best tips for designing planner-style printables.

Create Amazing Graphics

Featured expert, Aimee Johanan, shares her best tips for making your graphics look stunning.

Leverage the Heck Out of Pinterest

Discover the ONE thing you need to do to turn Pinterest into your marketing machine.

Create a Promo Video

Learn how to make fun walk-through videos to showcase your printables. Great for up-levelling your marketing and improve your customers' experience!

My Customer Hub Strategy

Find-out my secret for growing beyond Etsy and 10x'ing my business.

My Pay What You Want Strategy

I'll share how I turned my "free printables" into an additional stream of income.

Get Your Mindset Right

​​​​​​​Your success is always a reflection of your personal development, your mindset. So we'll look at the bigger picture and program your mind for success!

Are you ready to start receiving emails from Etsy letting you know that they are sending money to your bank account?

Sign up to the course below and let's make it happen!

Pay in Full BEST VALUE SAVE $50

  •  Lifetime access to the course​​​​​​​
  • Private, super supportive Facebook group
  • Ongoing support from and access to me

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Payment Plan

  • Lifetime access to the course​​​​​​​
  • Private, super supportive Facebook group
  • Ongoing support from and access to me


Get Passive Income with Printables – Michelle Rohr, Only Price $47

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