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I’ve published papers on androgenic alopecia. I’ve been a peer reviewer for journals. I’ve researched hair loss for thousands of hours. I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their hair. When you join, you get everything I know about hair loss science, distilled into lay terms and with content tailored just to you.

When looking for answers on hair loss, HAVE YOU EVER FELT

  • Frustrated trying dozens of pills, topicals, or shampoos with zero results?
  • Confused about the causes of hair loss? (Hint: it’s not just DHT)
  • Unsure if a new product you’ve found online is the real deal or a scam?
  • Trapped between choosing either your hair health… or your sexual health?
  • Overwhelmed by the negative, unhelpful environment of most hair loss forums?
  • Exhausted reading so many conflicting pieces of advice?

If so, I can relate.

I was diagnosed with pattern hair loss in 2007. For the next five years, I spoke to doctors, searched online, and tested dozens of treatments – all to try and get the facts on my hair loss (and how to reverse it).

I’ll save you the suspense: I never found an unbiased resource.

  • Hair loss forums always seemed hostile and split into two camps: “natural” versus “conventional”
  • Physicians always said my only options were minoxidil, finasteride, or a hair transplant
  • Dermatologists always skipped a health exam and tried to prescribe Propecia® (or upsell me into low-level laser treatments or platelet-rich plasma therapies)
  • Health websites always offered free information – then tried to sell me their pills, topicals, or ebooks

I bought the pills, topicals, and ebooks. I also tried low-level laser therapy, Rogaine® (for six years), and nearly every natural remedy under the sun. None of them helped my hair.

The cost of my trial-and-error? $10,000 over seven years – all wasted on one-size-fits-all “solutions” that never addressed the roots of my own hair loss… or the mechanisms I’d eventually target to reverse it.

I built this community so you can avoid my mistakes

Contrary to what you may have heard, there are scientifically validated approaches to reversing hair loss – with or without drugs.

I would know. I’ve spent the last five years writing books and publishing peer-reviewed papers about them. I’ve shared my research on this site, helped hundreds of other hair loss sufferers, and produced dozens of success stories (with photos).

That’s why I can say (with 100% confidence) that if you have access to the right information, you can save time and money… and avoid my mistakes.

This is why I’ve created the Perfect Hair Health Membership Community.

Introducing: the Perfect Hair Health Membership Community

The Perfect Hair Health Membership Community is the ultimate resource center for hair loss sufferers.

It’s a membership 100% dedicated to hair recovery.

It’s packed with in-depth courses, member case studies, regrowth success stories, ultimate guides, expert interviews, and educational resources on everything you need to maximize your chances of hair regrowth.

It’s all built around a community of supportive, like-minded hair loss sufferers committed to learning, taking action, and helping each other succeed.

Keep improving yourself today with this “Perfect hair health – Rob” course at only [$55]

Our membership community will help you:


    Uncover the myriad causes of hair loss, the limitations of most treatments, and new targets that are reaping full hair recoveries.


    Equipped with the right knowledge, you’ll become impervious to scam products and save thousands on overpriced treatments that reap little-to-no results.


    With our personalized approach, we’ll help you create a custom regrowth regimen tailored to your needs, preferences, hair loss type, and beyond.


    Significant hair recovery is possible – with or without drugs. We have the methods, science, case studies, members, and photos to prove it.


    Our hair can tell us a lot about our health. Discover when hair loss reflects underlying health problems, when it doesn’t, and what to do about it.


    Leverage our 20+ reader case studies and learn from their mistakes, accelerate your learning curve, and take the guess-work out of your hair recovery.

It’s all packaged inside a book, an interactive regrowth roadmap, 12+ ultimate guides, 20+ case studies, expert interviews, a forum, and so much more.

It’s time to get reliable hair loss information, join a supportive community, and fast-track yourself to a regrowth regimen that maximizes your chances of hair recovery… all built around your needs, preferences, hair loss type, and more.

Inside our membership, you no longer need to:

  • Google “how to reverse hair loss” until 3am every night
  • Waste hours each day navigating biased websites and hair loss forums
  • Spend thousands on pills, topicals, and therapies… only to realize too late that they’re not working
  • Wrestle over the true causes of hair loss (hint: it’s complex, debated, and it varies)
  • Second-guess if your hair loss is a sign of deeper health concerns
  • Visit dozens of dermatologists – only to leave with one-size-fits-all prescriptions and generic advice

I’ve been through it all; I’ve done the work for you. Now, after twelve years of research and five years of running, I’m finally ready to open the doors.


In 2014, I started to share my methods, research, and results with anyone interested.

Fast-forward to today: I’ve invested thousands of hours into hair loss research, worked with hundreds of readers, and produced dozens of success stories.

I’ve also doubled down on the science. As of 2019, I’ve published two peer-reviewed papers on androgenic alopecia: one on its causes, one on an underutilized treatment – in the very same journals I used to read as an undergraduate.

Now, I’m in the early stages of a research partnership with a university that I hope will rewrite part of what we know about androgenic alopecia pathology.

What makes our community different?


There’s no other way to say it: we’re the only unbiased, evidence-based hair loss membership site out there. We’re not about fluff products; we’re about getting you hair regrowth (and on your terms).


Nearly every website offering advice on hair loss also sells physical products. This biases their opinions, which is why we don’t do this. After all, 99.9% of them don’t work, and the ones that do are overpriced.


Being in your shoes is why I started this site. The regimens I outline are not only personally validated by me, but they’ve also produced dozens of before-after photos from readers – most of whom have achieved significant hair regrowth without drugs.


Most self-proclaimed “hair loss researchers” don’t have a single peer-reviewed paper to their name. I have two. Both are on androgenic alopecia, and both have helped catalyze my upcoming research partnership with a university.


Our supportive community is the backbone of this membership ­site – where like-minded people invest just as much in learning as they do in getting results. Even our case studies and success stories stick around to help newcomers.


Our site isn’t the only place where members showcase their before-after photos. You’ll also find them across the internet: on hair loss forums, discord groups, and popular blogs.


I’ve published papers on androgenic alopecia. I’ve been a peer reviewer for journals. I’ve researched hair loss for thousands of hours. I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their hair. When you join, you get everything I know about hair loss science, distilled into lay terms and with content tailored just to you.


Hair loss treatments aren’t “one-size-fits-all”. This membership site teaches you why, and even builds you a regimen based on your age, gender, hair loss type, comfortability with drugs, and time availability. This is the best way to optimize your chances of major hair recovery.


When you become a member, you gain access to our case study vault, our before-after photos, and key insights from my experience working with hundreds of people. This means you can avoid a lot of mistakes, accelerate your learning curve, and optimize your chances for significant hair regrowth.

Keep improving yourself today with this “Perfect hair health – Rob” course at only [$55]

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