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Podcast Production Course – Mike Russell


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Podcast Production Course

Create a Great Sounding Audio Podcast and Learn How to Produce Podcasts Like a Pro!

This is your opportunity to be taken under my wings and learn the knowledge I have been accumulating over the past 20 years in the audio production industry.

This course is launching with some pretty good bonuses too – my Podcast Pro Presets v2.0 ($195). I am sure you can do the maths here – that’s a really good deal!

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Mike Russell


Do you have a podcast and would like to take post production process in your own hands? Or perhaps you are looking to post produce podcasts for others? You’ve found the course for you!

This course offers complete podcast production training. Enabling you to edit episodes with great accuracy and time efficiency. Taking advantage of some of the most advanced audio editing features will not only improve the sound of your podcast but also save you time and money in the process.

The course is aimed at both beginner podcasters as well as those with a number of episodes under their belts already and looking to improve audio quality.

It’ll bring basic editing skills to the table along with complex editing and post production. I will take you step-by-step through everything you need to know in order to make a great sounding podcast. I will discuss equipment options, specific set up ideas (and how to connect them), recording techniques and – the main part – advanced post production processes and techniques.

In clearly organised stages I will cover best practices for making podcasts. You’ll get help with post editing, technical audio equipment set up, choosing the best audio editor, recording audio, post recording audio treatment, methods to fix bad sounding audio, mastering, loudness standards and I will walk you through all of the main post production tools you may need on your journey.

With high quality videos to guide you through each step of the way you will be able to follow all of the lessons in your own time and at your own pace.




I have been producing audio since the 1990s and my career started in radio in the UK. I started out as an on-air presenter but soon discovered that audio production was where my heart was. I’m the founder of Music Radio Creative – an international audio production company. I now spend most of my time teaching audio production. I am an Adobe recognised expert and often speak on Adobe stages around the world.

I have worked for many radio groups such as talkSPORT, Capital, Heart and Bauer.

Since 2006, I have applied much of what I know from a career in radio to thousands of clients here at Music Radio Creative. I have worked with national radio stations, regional and local stations, online broadcasters, podcasters, commercial brands on any project you can imagine. From a straight forward podcast intro to stadium wide productions.

Podcast Production is relatively new (compared to radio production that has been around for over 100 years now). The concepts behind it are not. I have seen many courses appearing online on how to do podcast production but sadly often lacking the foundations needed to apply these ideas in any environment.

 I wanted to change this and create a single place where people who make podcasts may learn all the material needed for their work. This information can immediately change your production quality and improve your workflow without the need to sign up for a 3 year audio production degree!

The Podcast Production Course gives you everything you need to produce great sounding episodes every single time.



The Podcast Production Course was made for beginner to intermediate podcasters. If you would like to make podcasts on a professional level – this course is for you!

  • Complete the course at your own pace. You can easily fit the course around your regular commitments and complete it at your own pace and in your own time.
  • Easy to follow structure. The course is divided into 10 main stages with distinct themed parts. There is also a quick start and jargon buster to begin the course.
  • Equipment List. A tried and tested list of hardware that will take your podcast sound to a professional level.
  • Cheatsheet with settings for the dbx 286s microphone preamp and processor, Heil PR 40 microphone and the best EQ and compression settings too.



The course is divided into clear 10 segments that include the following:

  • Before you start recording. 10 easy methods to make a podcast sound great.
  • Software and hardware. Podcast equipment options and best audio editing software.
  • Recording and post-production. Setting up your audio editor and using main post production techniques to make a great sounding episode.
  • Fixing bad audio. Dealing with background noises and echo on the recordings.
  • Talk over music. How to seamlessly duck it under the voice.
  • Mastering. Final editing touches, loudness and best practices for saving the audio.



The Podcast Production Course is designed for both beginner and seasoned podcasters who would like to be efficient and effective with the post production processes and make great sounding podcast episodes every single time.

This course is designed to highlight the audio aspect of your podcast. Everything you will need to know from the best podcast equipment, how to set it up, the best audio editor to choose and how to post edit a podcast to create a great sounding episode.

Course Curriculum

A Warm Welcome!

  • Welcome, Watch This First (1:33)
  • Jargon Buster – What Do The Technical Terms Mean? (3:29)
  • Exclusive Course Community

BONUS: Resources and Recommended Settings

  • Download The Course Bonuses Here
  • Podcast Equipment Checklist
  • dbx286s Recommended Settings for Heil PR 40 Microphone
  • Adobe Audition Podcast Settings (Cheat Sheet)

Quick Start: 10 Easy Methods to Make a Podcast Sound Great

  • Method 1: Sound Treatment (2:10)
  • Method 2: Choosing The Right Microphone (2:34)
  • Method 3: Microphone Technique (2:13)
  • Method 4: Use a Microphone Preamp and Processor (3:21)
  • Method 5: Using an Audio Interface and Digital Audio Recorder (3:34)
  • Method 6: Improving Remote Podcast Guest Audio Quality (2:18)
  • Method 7: Easy Way to Highlight Areas That Need Editing (1:22)
  • Method 8: Removing Mic Bumps and Background Noise Rumble (1:43)
  • Method 9: How to Make a Voice Sound Better with EQ (1:52)
  • Method 10: How to Make a Voice Sound Better with Compression (2:29)

Stage 1: Podcast Equipment

  • My Recommended Podcast Equipment Setup (2:59)
  • Connecting Your Podcast Equipment Together (1:14)
  • Using AUX sends for Digital Audio Recorders (1:45)

Stage 2: Your Podcast Audio Editing Software

  • Audacity vs Adobe Audition (2:21)
  • Other Popular Audio Editors to Consider (1:41)

Stage 3: Recording Podcast Audio

  • Setting Up and Recording Audio in Adobe Audition (1:01)
  • Setting Up and Recording Audio in Audacity (0:44)
  • Recording Remote Guest Audio (3:52)
  • Creating a Multitrack Session with Multiple Inputs (1:49)

Stage 4: Advanced Podcast Production

  • Speech Volume Leveler – Optimum Settings for This Effect (2:00)
  • Parametric Equalizer – How to Set a High Pass Filter (2:37)
  • Parametric Equalizer – How to Sweep and Notch Frequencies (2:19)
  • DeEsser – How to Find The Sibilant Frequencies in any Voice (2:16)
  • DeEsser – How To Set a DeEsser Correctly (2:57)
  • Dynamics – Setting a Noise Gate with Laser Accuracy (3:50)
  • Dynamics – How to Setup an Audio Compressor and Why You Should (3:00)
  • Dynamics – Expander Settings and Difference from a Noise Gate (1:47)
  • Dynamics – Hard Limiter – Stop Those Pesky Peaks (2:00)
  • A One Click Voice Improvement Effect (1:01)

Stage 5: Fixing Bad Sounding Podcast Audio

  • The Best Way to Remove Background Noise (1:54)
  • Reduce Room Echo with This Effect (1:00)
  • Choosing The Correct Processing Focus Pattern for Noise Reduction (1:26)
  • How to Remove Guest Microphone Echo (5:47)
  • How to Learn The Noise You Wish to Remove (1:07)
  • Removing Harsh Sounds Like Sirens and Alarms (1:17)
  • Spot Healing Brush Tool – Photoshop for Audio (2:31)
  • How to Remove Buzz and Hum (1:53)

Stage 6: Mixing Music into a Podcast

  • How to Mix Music Underneath Dialogue So Both Can Be Heard Evenly (1:19)
  • How to Auto Duck Music (2:02)
  • How to Setup a Sidechain Compressor for Optimum Music Ducking (2:38)
  • How to Remove Sounds from Music That Compete with Speech (1:20)

Stage 7: Final Audio Mastering of a Podcast

  • Adding a Hard Limiter to Your Final Podcast Mix (1:27)
  • Mastering – Adding Subtle Improvements to Podcast Audio (2:18)

Stage 8: Podcast Loudness Standard

  • What is Loudness? (1:09)
  • How to Meet The Podcast Loudness Standard (0:42)

Stage 9: Saving Podcast Audio

  • What is the Best Audio File Format to Use While Producing Podcasts? (1:13)
  • What is the Best Audio File Format to Save Your Final Podcast? (2:01)

Stage 10: Recommended Audio Plugins for Podcast Production

  • A Plugin That Removes Every Breath (1:21)
  • A Plugin That Will Remove Mouth Clicks Plosives Clipping and More (1:50)

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