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#1. Aibox - Portrait Photography For Profit - Brent Mail
$32 Portrait Photography for Profit - Brent Mail

Portrait Photography for Profit – Brent Mail


Phil Steele Subscriber Special: For a limited time only, I’m going to knock  40% OFF this brand-new Photography Business Course and completely back your purchase with my amazing 60 day, 100% money-back guarantee.

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Portrait Photography for Profit – Brent Mail course is available you will get immediately after payment only $149 $35.

What will you get: 

1    Start Here

  • 1 The BIG Picture.mp4
  • 2 Why do it-.mp4
  • 3 Mindset for Success.mp4
  • Page.gif

2    Client Attraction

  • 1 download
  • 3 download
  • 1 Client Attraction – Brent Mail Photography.mp4
  • 2 Website Attraction.mp4
  • 3 Marketing that doesn’t work well anymore.mp4
  • Page.gif

3    Client Conversion

  • 1 The Phone Call
  • 2 Planning Meeting
  • 4 Client Questions
  • 5 Pricing & Packages
  • 6 Pricing for Profit
  • 3 Planning Video.mp4
  • 5 Sales Expectations.mp4
  • Page.gif

4    Photo Shoot

  • 1 Review – Tagging the Best Images
  • 2 Edit for Viewing
  • 3 Import into ProSelect – for Presentation
  • Page.gif

5    Ordering Presentation

  • 1 Before the Ordering Presentation
  • 2 Ordering Letter
  • 3 Preperation for Presentation
  • 4 Breakdown the Presentation into 8 Parts
  • 5 Real Order 1 DORA
  • 6 Real Order 2 O HARA
  • 7 Real Order 3 ANDERSON
  • Page.gif

6    Production

  • 1 Production – Intro.mp4
  • 2 Export from ProSelect.mp4
  • 3 Edit for Print.mp4
  • 4 Upload to Dropbox.mp4
  • 5 Using Trello to track orders.mp4
  • 6 Updating Studio Plus (optional).mp4
  • 7 Production Paperwork.mp4
  • 8 Print Lab and Framers.mp4
  • 9 Received from Framers.mp4

7    Order Pickup

  • 1 The Order Pickup.mp4
  • 2 Interview with Dora.mp4
  • Page.gif

8    Bonus Page.gif

  • 1 Interview with Liz.mp4
  • 2 Dashboard into your Business (Business Intelligence).mp4
  • 3 Urgent & Important – What to do First.mp4
  • 4 How to Double your Profit in 60 Days!.flv
  • 5 Ninja Door Technique – for Higher Sales.mp4
  • 6 How to Cut your work-week in Half!.mp4
  • 7 Conclusion – Do this ONE thing now!.mp4
  • Bonus.gif

Welcome flv

Imagine Owning a Profitable Portrait Photography Business where You Only Work Part-Time & Earn 6 Figures Per Year!

Phil Steele Subscriber Special: For a limited time only, I’m going to knock  40% OFF this brand-new Photography Business Course and completely back your purchase with my amazing 60 day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Unlock the complete Photography-Business-Blueprint that consistently produces healthy profits & gives you the lifestyle your deserve!

  • Turn Your Hobby into Cash: You already love photography, so why not become your own boss and make a great living doing work that you enjoy?
  • Start Out Profitable from Day One: Don’t learn the hard way like I did. Let me show you exactly what works, and what doesn’t, so you can simply relax and succeed.
  • You Get Everything You Need: No need to reinvent the wheel. Just take my battle-tested checklists, forms, agreements, flyers, sales scripts, and use them in your own business for instant success.
  • Watch Me Work with Real Clients: Build your confidence by watching hours of video lessons where I take client after client through the photography sales process. Then simply model my process to comfortably work with your own clients.
  • Earn Huge Sales without “Selling”: If you you think it’s hard to get clients to spend $1000, $2000, or more, then you’ll be amazed when you see my clients happily placing large orders. (My average sale is $1500 per photo shoot).

What You’ll Learn in this Photography Business Course

  • How to attract the right clients – the secret to marketing that works.
  • How to convert your leads into clients, & how to set their expectations for a win-win relationship.
  • Which images to present to your client and how to polish their images to WOW them.
  • How to make your ordering presentation fun & easy, where everyone has an awesome experience.
  • How to produce the prints for your clients, and how to track your production so that nothing gets lost.
  • How to surprise and impress your client with their prints at the order pickup and leave a lasting impression.
  • How to get clients to refer their friends to you, ensuring a steady stream of effortless new income.
  • How to optimize your business to suit your lifestyle. Work less & earn more!

What is included in this course?

This course is broken up into 8 major portrait photography business sections:

Part 1: Prelude

“Start with the end in mind” Your goals, mindset and other important things that are essential to become successful!

  • Overall view of your business & how it all works – what part do you need to focus on right now?
  • Why run a successful profitable portrait business & where do you want to end-up? How to measure success.
  • The right mindset is key to your success in this business. Successful people all think the same way!

Part 2: Client Attraction:

How to attract your perfect clients – marketing that works!

  • How to attract the right clients to you – Marketing that works (and doesn’t work any more).
  • Your website & branding and how people perceive you – and what to do about it.
  • Download my marketing templates and letters (8 years of testing – all yours)

Part 3: Client Conversion:

How to set your client’s expectations – and find out if your client is right for you.

  • What to say when someone calls (phone scripting that works!)
  • How to prepare your clients for a big sale – setting their expectations & showing them the value of working with you.
  • How to WOW your client when they first meet you!
  • Pricing and packages that consistently perform profitably for you.
  • Why a deposit is an essential step, and how to get your clients to hand it over.

Part 4: The Photo Shoot

How to choose the best images for your presentation – edit them – and present them.

  • Which images to present to your client
  • How to edit these images to make them look amazing
  • How to Present their images in the right way- first impressions are what count!

Part 5: The Ordering Presentation

How to prepare and run an ordering presentation that gets you results.

  • 3 real-life case studies – watch as real clients spend thousands on their images and walk away loving the whole experience!
  • Before the ordering presentation – 3 key things that need to happen to ensure success.
  • How to prepare your studio for the presentation – download my checklist
  • My proven 8-step-system for successful presentations, and how you can simply follow my checklist and achieve the same results.
  • How I made over $5000 in one day – and filmed it!
  • Overcoming objections & the one key thing to do right after the client has left your studio (if you forget to do this, there will be problems!)

Part 6: Production

How to produce the final prints and products for your client.

  • Watch how a real order goes into production and how the prints end up ready for the client to pickup.
  • Keep track of all your production in an easy graphical way (that’s FREE too!)
  • Systems and processes to save you time and headaches
  • Watch a real order being produced – from edit, to final prints in my studio.

Part 7: Order Pickup

How to prepare for the pickup, and how to get your clients to refer their friends to you. Watch a real order pickup too.

  • How to impress your client with their final prints & products
  • How to get your clients to sing your praises, and refer their friends to you for a photo shoot.
  • Interview with a real client after receiving prints – find out how this business touches peoples lives in a positive way.

Part 8: Bonus Lessons

Take the next steps to really optimize your business – work less and make more! Practical steps you can take now in your business to make more profit.

  • How to spot trends in your business – where to focus your attention.
  • Urgent and Important – what should you do first and what to ignore!
  • How to Double your Profit in 60 days
  • How to cut your workweek in half – and still make the same profit. (Love this one – means you have an extra 2 days free every week!)

Keep improving yourself today with this “Portrait Photography for Profit – Brent Mail” course at only [$32]

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