Psychology of Human Behavior - David W. Martin

Psychology of Human Behavior – David W. Martin


What comes to mind when you picture a psychologist? If you’re like most people coming to this fascinating field for the first time, the answer may include a leather couch and a scholarly looking gentleman quietly taking notes and occasionally nodding.

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What involves thoughts while you image a psychologist? If you are like maximum humans coming to this charming discipline for the primary time, the solution may also encompass a leather-based sofa and a scholarly searching gentleman quietly taking notes and on occasion nodding. In a few ways, any such image could be accurate, a affirmation now no longer best of the significance of Sigmund Freud withinside the records of psychology however additionally of the diploma Freud dominates the famous notion of this discipline.

36 lectures

  • Modern Psychology in Historical Context
  • Experimentation as a Research Method
  • Nonexperimental Research Methods
  • Evolutionary Theory and Modern Psychology
  • Freud’s Thinking
  • Details of Psychoanalytic Theory
  • Classification of Mental Illnesses
  • Anxiety and Mood Disorders
  • Disorders of Brain, Body, Self, Drugs, Sex
  • Schizophrenic Disorders
  • Childhood, Retardation, Personality Disorders
  • Physical Therapies—Drugs
  • Physical Therapies—ECT, Surgery, Genes
  • Talking Therapies—Psychoanalysis
  • Therapies—Humanistic, Cognitive, Group
  • Behavior Therapies—Classical Conditioning
  • Behavior Therapies—Operant Conditioning
  • Models of Motivation
  • Emotion—What Do We Measure?
  • Emotion—Theories
  • Psychoactive Drugs—Processes, Stimulants
  • Drugs—Depressants, Narcotics, Hallucinogens
  • Social Psychology—Influence and Reciprocity
  • Social Psychology—Additional Mechanisms
  • Simple Learning—Classical Conditioning
  • Simple Learning—Operant Conditioning
  • Complex Learning
  • Memory—Characteristics
  • Memory—Memory Aids and Forgetting Theories
  • Perception—Forming Internal Models
  • Perception—Finding and Organizing Cues
  • Evolutionary Psychology—Basic Concepts
  • Evolutionary Psychology—Altruism and Mating
  • Evolutionary Psychology—War, Family, Food
  • Engineering Psychology
  • Recap, Omissions, and Into the Future

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