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The problem is, until you pay off your mortgages, each property will only generate a few hundred bucks a month. And, if you have an unexpected repair, you may be in the red for several months before the cash flow comes back to normal again.

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Do You Want Consistent Cash Flow Without the Aggravation of Dealing with Tenants?

Most traders plan on retiring with the aid of using obtaining condo houses for coins waft. The trouble is, till you repay your mortgages, every belongings will most effective generate some hundred dollars a month. And, when you have an surprising repair, you’ll be withinside the purple for numerous months earlier than the coins waft comes returned to regular again. In the meantime, you need to cope with tenants, toilets, and the complications of belongings management (except you’ve got got a belongings manager, and that eats extensively into your profits).

If you need coins waft NOW each month with out the complications of rentals, then pay attention cautiously to a concept

that I will introduce to you. It’s referred to as a “wrap” or “wraparound”. A wrap is an owner-financing transaction that creates masses of greenbacks a month in on the spotaneous coins waft – FOREVER (well, 30 years, that is ALMOST for all time in case you are over the age of 50!).

A wrap sale places ALL of the obligation for repairs, insurance, taxes, and preservation on SOMEONE ELSE, because of this that it is a actually PASSIVE shape of profits. And, you may deal in NICE homes in NICE neighborhoods, in preference to the usually low-profits condo belongings, that is typically a few cracker container constructed withinside the 1950’s!

Here’s What You’ll Get With Your Purchase…

Access to a video and Recording of a Recent Live Streaming Event

Approx 7 hours of recorded content and Powerpoint slides in HD from Zoom.

Answers to Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions answered on the recording. And, get 90 days of email support for your questions for FREE for a limited time!

The Cash “COWCulator”

I am going to include a custom Excel spreadsheet that calculates cash flow and cash on cash return on your wrap deals.

Course Manual, Contracts & Forms

Download la PDF course manual, legal forms and contracts with your enrollment, in blank MSWord, filled out by example, and a video explaining each form.

Here’s What is Covered in this Online eCourse

1 Session 1: The Nuts & Bolts of Wrap Transactions

Whether you are brand new to real estate or a seasoned expert, this session involves an in-depth look at the workings of wrap transactions. Covers title, deeds, mortgages, deed of trust, land contracts (aka “contract for deed”), notes, AITDs and wraparound mortgages. You will have a complete understanding of these concepts as the building blocks to wrap transactions.

2 Session 2: Buying Properties on Wraps

You will learn how to buy properties on wraparound AITDs, mortgages, and land contracts, using little or no money down and without credit. Learn how to find motivated sellers willing to do these transactions and how to negotiate and put them in writing.

3 Session 3: Selling Properties on Wraps

You will learn how to SELL properties on wraparound AITDs, mortgages, and land contracts, getting top dollar and selling them QUICKLY and EASILY getting sizable down payments! Learn how to qualify buyers and comply with lending regulations like Dodd-Frank and the SAFE Act.

4 Session 4: Legal, Tax, and Compliance Issues

You will learn all of the important legal issues involved in buy and selling on wraps, including how to document the transactions from contract through closing. Learn how to minimize taxes, dealer issues, installment sales, and reporting requirements. Learn how to deal with the Dodd-Frank regulations and state SAFE Acts, as well as Truth-in-Lending, Reg Z.

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