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To the Course Creator Who Knows Your Digital Product Deserves the BEST Sales Page:

"Give Me 8 Days & You’ll Walk Away with a Complete Sales Page That Actually  Converts!"

Great Sales Pages Aren’t Written… They Are BUILT!

…one section at a time!

There are 16 Essential Sections Every Sales Page Needs if You Actually Expect to Get the Sales You Want! Read on to see how you too Can Take the Hassle & Stress Out of Writing Copy & Build a Sales Page with Lego© Instruction Manual Precision!

With Results Like These:

“Our sales conversions went from 3% to 6%!" 

"over 10k in sales in just 32 days!"

“My sales page conversion rate increased my profits by $3k!”

It's No Wonder Our Clients Are RAVING About Our Unique Approach to Writing Great Sales Pages!

From: the Desk of James Wedmore, Digital CEO

Writing Copy Kinda Sucks. Especially if you don't know how to write copy, right?! And if you’re like most of Course Creators and Membership Site owners I work with, you got into this business because you want to help more people… 

...not spend all day writing!

Well, the reality is this:

Whether you currently sell (or want to sell!) an online course, membership, or a group coaching program…

Think about it! You don’t just go looking for $997 courses on Amazon, do you? NO! Of course not! So then why would you ever assume YOUR customers are actively seeking out YOUR perfect product?

Digital products do NOT   sell Themselves!  

So, if you’re doing this:

(Simply putting an “Add to Cart” button on your website waiting for people to find you and magically give you money) then...

I mean… has it worked so far? If you’re like most who come to start working with me, it’s very likely a “no.”

But this is all ok! Because when you’re leaving money on the table, sometimes it’s as simple as kneeling and picking it up!

And you will start picking up that money when your future clients see that product or program of yours fully laid out and displayed through… 

a high-converting sales page!


The Right Sales Page Doesn’t Just Increase Sales of Your Digital Product, it also:

Establishes credibility and authority in your marketplace!

Helps you ditch unscalable sales processes like 1-to-1 phone sales! 

Prevents REFUNDS by repelling those who aren’t actually the right fit for your stuff!

Creates a 1-stop shop that accurately showcases your past testimonials and product features! 

And… it does all of this for you without YOU having to sell yourself!

The #1 Mistake Broke Course Creators Keep Making:

When Course Creators aren’t converting, they overcompensate. They stuff their prospects full of more free content. And if you're doing this, you risk leaving your audience completely confused and overwhelmed.

And you already know that an overwhelmed mind does NOT buy.

Or worse! Mistake #2…

When they don’t see the sales they want, they just crank up their FB Ad spend and lose more money sending traffic to a broken page. That’s like trying to fill a leaky bucket with more water

You're gonna waste a LOT of water and never solve the problem!

Throwing money at the PROBLEM doesn’t work! Other struggling Course Creators recognize that their sales page (or lack thereof) is the cause of their low sales, so they go out and find a pricey copywriter to “fix it.” 

But the reality is, throwing money at the problem doesn’t make it go away! Not to mention that a copywriter who is actually GOOD at what they do ain’t cheap! Don’t you think paying someone $2-$3,000 to create that “perfect” sales page is just a little too good to be true?

In fact, until you FACE the copy problem (your business has) head on, that problem is never going to go away. 

And after 14 years of selling digital products and taking my company to over $9M in revenue last year, it’s as clear and simple as this:

You Aren’t in The Digital Product Business… 


You Are withinside the Copy Business!

Your enterprise NEEDS extremely good reproduction. Your virtual merchandise DESERVE extremely good reproduction!

How else do you assume humans to offer you cash if you could’t appropriately speak the way you assist them?!

But whilst you keep “outsourcing” this essential talent to an outsider, your enterprise in no way LEARNS this talent! So, what takes place while this copywriter promises garbage? Heck! How do you realize their reproduction is any precise? 

What takes place while it doesn’t convert?

Or they didn’t write it on your voice? 

What then? It’s again to rectangular one… minus the $3,000.

But whilst you LEARN and MASTER the abilities of a way to use phrases to sell, you are taking that talent with you anyplace you go!

SEE what is expecting you inner after you end up a member…
Detailed video education & fill-in-the-clean templates for the sixteen critical sections of your income web page!

Training 1:

The sixteen Essential Sections of a High-Converting Sales Page

Every extremely good recipe is made of a listing of components… take a cake for example! Forget even one ingredient (just like the sugar) and the cake is ruined! That’s how the income web page in your virtual product works!

Inside Sales Page By Design, you won’t simply get a listing of the sixteen components required to prepare dinner dinner up a high-changing income web page. You’ll get step-via way of means of-step education on foot you via precisely a way to NAIL every segment while not having to take 10 copywriting courses!

Imagine how a good deal less difficult and amusing it'll be to gather your income web page while you could without a doubt observe the fill-in-the-clean templates and formulation for every segment!

The sixteen “Ingredients” of High-Converting Sales Pages:

Below is a Sneak-Peak at ALL sixteen Required Sections That You’ll Create inner Sales Page By Design:
1. Above the Fold Attention Getter 

2. Empathy & Warning (Consequence) 

3. Introduce the Solution/Vehicle

4. Introducing Your Offer The Right Way 

5. Social Proof 

6. Modules Break Down

7. The Pricing Conversation

8. The Pricing Table 

9. The Simple Pricing Section 

10. Guarantee

11. Bonuses

12. Recap Section

13. The Bind 

14. FAQ Section

15. Earnings Disclaimer

sixteen. Footer 

plus, there is greater!
You’re now no longer simply getting the “recipe,” I’m providing you with everything you want to write, Design, & publish Your Page TOO!
Training 2:
Conversion Copy Fundamentals

How the Pro's Write!

Get inner my mind! When you’ve been writing reproduction and developing income pages for 14 years in severa niches, how a good deal will it assist to get inner my mind and notice precisely how I technique writing and why it’s so extraordinary than most?! In this segment… 

I’ll Reveal the Invisible Elements Beneath the Surface That Creates Powerfully Persuasive Copy!

you may discover…

Including: what I appearance for, what inquiries to ask, and a way to realize you've got got a homerun provide earlier than you write a unmarried phrase of reproduction!


is to get your humans to truly examine your income web page!


"MARKET SOPHISTICATION" and a way to appropriately meet your possibilities at wherein they're at withinside the marketplace.


to hypnotize and interact your readers… even though you’re like me and thinking, “I don’t have any precise stories!”


Training 3:
Sales Page Design for the Non-Designer

"It’s Not Just Enough to Create a Sales Page Worth a Million Bucks… it’s Gotta Look Like a Million Bucks Too, Right?!"

Today, extremely good layout and branding will separate you from the opposition and role you because the established, credible authority which you are!

Think approximately it! What's your first influence approximately a enterprise whilst you see a web page like this:

Outdated? Amateur? Fake?

Is that the way you need humans to consider you? Of route now no longer!

So how do you create professional-looking “on-brand” layout with out breaking the financial institution with an overpriced designer?!

Inside Sales Page By Design, I stroll you via…
Simple-to-observe layout elements every person can examine to “spruce up” your income pages.

How and wherein to lease cheaper designers!

Plus! Get get admission to to our pre-made templates for plug-&-play layout you could use instantly.

Training 4:
How to Build & Publish for the Non-Techy!

The ultimate element you want is the “World’s Greatest Sales Page” sitting in your computing device accumulating dust. Until it receives posted and visible via way of means of the World, it won’t ever do some thing that will help you deliver in greater income!

That’s Why I’ve Included an Entire Step-via way of means of-Step Sales Page PROCESS For Hosting And Publishing Your Page Without a Fancy Programmer Or Techie Skills!

If you could observe directions, you could get your income web page up on-line and posted for the arena to see!

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