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Dear Aspiring Closer & Top Performer, does any of this sound like you?

  • You’re selling a good product or have tons of prospects. However, you close fewer sales than you want and you can’t figure out why
  • You don’t feel 100% in control of your career (or life) – external things keep popping up and thwarting your best intentions
  • Despite your hard work and tenacity, you still haven’t reached the level of success you want – and you don’t know why
  • You want something "more" out of your career, yet you don’t have the clear vision or the motivation for it

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place and the right time… and you’re definitely not alone.

You see, the sales dynamic as we know it has changed: before, anyone who was reasonably good at sales could count on a decent income…

Now – with all the rapid shifts in society, competition, and consumer behavior – buyers just continue to tighten their purse strings.

But even though the "average" sales reps are getting weeded out now faster than ever, the good news is that becoming a top performer has only become easier – you just have to focus on the right training…

Introducing "Sales Success Made Simple" System…

I created this program for this exact reason: to get you to join the top salespeople in your industry – even in the country – and discover what it feels like to achieve everything you want through the power of sales.

I’ve put together everything you need to know to achieve the highest level of sales success possible, all inside 14 audio CDs (totaling of 16 hours of valuable content.)

Here’s just a small sampling of the invaluable secrets I’ll reveal to you inside the program…

Lesson 1: The Inner Game of Selling

  • What are the simple yet POWERFUL reasons, why the top 20% of sales people make 80% of the sales in every industry? I’ll let you in on the exact reasons and how you can use these now to see an instant shift in your confidence and your income – starting as soon as today
  • The 8 laws of the universe… this goes beyond “positive thinking.” If you master all 8 of these, then your success is virtually GUARANTEED to be a walk in the park
  • The first step to "ultra-success" in sales , and how to develop laser-focus so you win the inner game of selling for good… I reveal these in the first few minutes because without this, you won’t make the sales you need and want – PERIOD

Lesson 2: The Development of Personal Power

  • How "feeling good" directly affects how much control you have over your life, your sales, and your success. PLUS, tips and tactics to feel better about yourself instantly (these tactics will have a permanent impact on you, and work for you every single day)
  • How to become unstoppable in the pursuit of your ideal life… plus, the ONE activity that ALL successful people do (and how you can do it for yourself to join the top ranks of elite sales performers)

Lesson 3: Personal Strategic Planning for the Sales Professional

  • How to use a "big corporation" strategy to achieve your personal and professional goals in record time… this approach shows you how to control your destiny, based on what is most important to you, so you can achieve anything and everything you want to
  • What are the "2 great enemies of mankind," and why do you have to overcome them to make a sale? Inside, I’ll show you exactly what they are, and how to overcome them in the easiest way possible

Lesson 4: The Heart of the Sale

  • Today's sales process is more complex than it has ever been… do you know why? I’ll break this down for you inside, plus I'll give you the must-have tools and techniques to sidestep this "inconvenience" and strengthen the heart of every sale
  • The 4 main risk factors in each sale… I’ll show you how to assess them (and ultimately act on them) so you can minimize your risk and maximize every single selling opportunity
  • What is the "new" selling model? HINT: It’s a 4-part model, and you’ll see exactly what each part is and how to be strong in all of them, so you’re 10x more likely to close every sale

Get Sales Success Made Simple – Brian Tracy, Only Price $47

Lesson 5: Building Long-Term Relationships

  • What to do right after you’ve forged a new relationship, and how to do it the right way each time so you can exponentially increase your credibility – and your income
  • Think you’re already a good listener? Inside, you’ll discover “The 4 Key Skills of Listening” that will take every sales conversation to the next level… this will have your prospects immediately trusting your authenticity
  • The 7 steps to relationship building… if you miss any one of these vital steps, your relationship with your prospect will only grow weaker with each passing minute (get these right, and your prospects will keep coming back for more!)

Lesson 6: Prospecting Power

  • Does it always take 50 "no's" to get to 1 "yes"? The answer is a resounding NO. Inside, I’ll show you how to dramatically IMPROVE that ratio by making one simple "tweak" to your prospecting strategy
  • 3 things you should NEVER do during a sales conversation. Make any of these mistakes, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to LOSE the prospect (and the sale!)

Lesson 7: Filling Your Sales Pipeline

  • How to determine if a prospect is high-quality and worthy of your time… these simple steps will provide you with the framework you need to become exceptional at having a constant stream of sales – plus, you can repeat this proven process over and over again to explode your levels of success
  • One thing you MUST do once your pipeline is full, and if you fail to do this, you’ll miss out on all of the "low hanging fruit" – no matter how high-quality the prospects may be

Lesson 8: The Profession of Selling

  • Why being a sales person is one of the most important jobs in society… once you fully understand this concept (which I’ll explain to you inside), you’ll turn into a true professional in your attitude, activities, and performance
  • The ONE decision to make BEFORE you can double your income in the fastest way possible. Once you make this type of decision, you will notice that climbing the ladder of success gets easier, faster, and more enjoyable

Lesson 9: Motivating People to Buy

  • How do you excel at selling, complex products, to complex people, in competitive markets? This is one of the most difficult things to do, and I’ll show you exactly what to do to make sure you EXCEED everyone's expectations (HINT: the first step is to listen to what your prospect REALLY wants – not what you THINK they want)
  • The specific words to cue in on when talking with a prospect… this will let you uncover the REAL motivation behind the buying decision and move the sale forward at a faster pace

Lesson 10: Influencing the Buying Decision

  • How to capitalize on the first 30 seconds of a sale…from the clothes you wear, to the pen you use, you must count on your prospect noticing everything about you. Inside, I’ll show you how to create an impressive (and lasting) impression
  • Why people REALLY buy… I’ll uncover this (and much more) inside this lesson, and once you have this understanding you’ll see how much easier it is to control the conversation (and close the sale)

Lesson 11: Making Persuasive Presentations — Part One

  • How to sharpen and perfect the most critical factor in sales.It’s no secret that presentations are CRUCIAL in the sales process, but did you know that a single mistake during one can cost you the sale? Inside, I’ll show you exactly what to to do to sidestep these mistakes, and how to continuously improve your presentation skills
  • How to increase your odds of making the sale during every presentation. In this lesson, I’ll show you what to include – and what NOT to include – in each presentation so you hit the emotional "bullseye" every single time

Lesson 12: Making Persuasive Presentations — Part Two

  • Why the first 15 words out of your mouth are the most crucial in a sales conversation. I'll show you how to set the stage for the entire sales conversation, plus how to strike the perfect balance between personal and business conversation to create maximum rapport (and maximum results)
  • The 4 basic personality styles in selling… and how to tailor your sales presentation to each one, so you create instant connection and trust while shortcutting your way to the sale

Lesson 13: Answering Objections Clearly

  • Do you always have the right attitude when dealing with objections? Let’s face it, objections come up in nearly every sales conversation. I’ll show you how to handle them correctly, along with the right attitude and mentality to have BEFORE the conversation even begins
  • How to turn objection into opportunity… inside this lesson, you’ll also discover exactly how to transform each objection into an opportunity for you to give your prospects more information

Lesson 14: Closing the Sale

  • When 90% of most sales actually take place… after I explain this profound concept inside, you’ll develop the system of meeting specific requirements for making the sale inside the prospects’ mind – before you even ask for the order!
  • The 10 closing requirements you must fulfill with every sale… miss just one of these, and your chances of making the sale become very slim. Plus, I’ll show you the 5 fatal mistakes to avoid when closing a sale
  • The 7 steps to relationship building… if you miss any one of these vital steps, your relationship with your prospect will only grow weaker with each passing minute (get these right, and your prospects will keep coming back for more!)

Get Sales Success Made Simple – Brian Tracy, Only Price $47

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