Science of Energy Healing 2016 – Bruce Lipton, Dean Radin and others


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Where Practitioners Learn Science From Leaders in the Field

Bruce Lipton – Dean Radin – Gary Schwartz – Cassandra Vietan – Dan Siegel

Rupert Sheldrake – Shamini Jain – David Feinstein – Dawson Church

William Bengston – Jim Oschman – Beverly Rubik

We have brought together the world's leaders in science and research in energy healing methods, including energy psychology and energy medicine, so that you can deeply understand the science that supports your work.

Join over 2400 people who have already taken the course. As a result you will be able to expand your practice, increase your influence, and further the acceptance of energy healing methods into mainstream health care.  After taking this course you will be able to:

  • Explain the science of these approaches to colleagues and physicians in a compelling way.
  • Feel more confident using these approaches because you understand their scientific basis.
  • Speak to groups in a more authoritative and scientific manner.
  • Integrate your clinical practices with the science that supports their efficacy.
  • Describe the current boundaries between what we know "scientifically" and what we know clinically.

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Course Contents 

18 Hours of the Most Comprehensive Training on the Science of Energy Healing

The course is packed with incredible knowledge from the worlds leading experts in the field, divided into 6 modules. Modules 1-5 There are 2-3 world-class faculty members in each module. Each faculty member has recorded his or her own course that is between 1 – 1.5 hours of video presentations with slides.  Each course is broken into roughly 30 minute segments. The total length  of each module is between 2-4 hours. Module 6 has 3 incredible "power pod" conversations. Each power pod includes 3 faculty members discussing and integrating the points of their presentation with the greater whole.  These are videos of spontaneous live conversations that you can't find anywhere else. Tailor the program to your own learning needs. Each module has video files, audio only files, full transcripts and condensed "power summaries".  You can watch, listen or read. You can stream them or download audio and video. Plus you get 2 BONUSES when you purchase the course! You don't want to miss them!

  1. Lynn McTaggart presents a fantastic lecture on The Healing Power of Connection.
  2. Your personal copy of the acclaimed mini-series with downloadable video and transcripts, available only for people who purchase the course.

18 CE, CME and CNE hours are available for psychologists, social workers, counselors, addiction counselors, physicians, nurses and body workers. You have up to 1 year from course purchase to get your CEs – you can get CEs for 2016 or 2017.  Click here to View CE Information

Module #1 The Science on the Energetic Nature of the Body & Mind Daniel Siegel – Bruce Lipton

By the end of module 1 you will be centered within a scientific framework that follows biophysics, quantum physics and interpersonal neurobiology. In this framework everything is understood as an interplay of information and energy.

Module #2 The Science of the Mechanisms of Energetic Healing  Jim Oschman – Gary Schwartz – Beverly Rubik

In this module we delve into specific essential studies and leading edge research throughout the field. We cover areas ranging from measuring energy changes during hands-on healing to new findings about the locations of the meridians in the body to the possible impact of cell phones on the biofield. By the end of this module you will have a solid understanding of the essential scientific information about the biofield, energy medicine and energy healing currently available.

Module #3 The Science on the Efficacy & Mechanisms of Energy PsychologyDavid Feinstein – Dawson Church

Module 3 focuses specifically on energy psychology approaches such as EFT or TFT.  After learning this module you will be able to describe the research supporting the effectiveness of these modalities and some of the mechanisms that underlie why they work.

Module #4 The Science on the Fundamental Nature of Consciousness & the Biofield

Shamini Jain – Dean Radin

In this module you will learn about the science of energy healing from a cross-cultural perspective and modern research on biofield therapies. You will also have a better appreciation of the most vexing problem facing physics today – the interplay between mind and matter. You will learn about key studies that explore the the possibility that consciousness affects physical reality.

Module #5 Paradigm Shifts in Science & Its Applications to Subtle Energy Approaches Rupert Sheldrake – Cassandra Vieten – William Bengston

This module pulls back and takes a wide-angle perspective on the scientific process and its place in the world. It focuses on 4 areas: 1) how to think like scientist, 2) the evolution of paradigms within the history of science, 3) new understandings of placebo and self healing and 4) how this all applies to subtle energy approaches.

Module #6  Power Pod Conversations

Shamini Jain – Gary Schwartz – Jim Oschman Dean Radin -Dawson Church -William Bengston Bruce Lipton – David Feinstein – Cassandra Vieten

These amazing, unique conversations bring it all together. Accelerate your learning by listening to the experts talk about the key ideas they present – and more! There's a lot of cross fertilization, integration of ideas from diverse perspectives and new ideas you won't want to miss.

Improve your learning with these fabulous tools – included in your course!

  • 1 VIDEOS of all faculty presentations that you can stream or download

    There's such rich content in these videos that you'll probably want to watch them repeatedly. We're making it easy for you – through streaming or downloading.

  • 2 AUDIO FILES for easy listening

    You can download these files quickly and listen to them anywhere on your mobile devices.

  • 3 SUMMARIES that highlight the most important concepts for each presentation

    These are great, quick ways to get an overview of the powerful course content or refresh your memory.

  • 4 PROFESSIONAL TRANSCRIPTS that you can study to deepen your learning

    We've created full transcripts for each presentation so you can move beyond merely watching the webinars to making key ideas a part of your work.


    Do you want to go deeper and read the studies the experts refer to? We've compiled a list of references so you can easily find them.

Get Science of Energy Healing 2016 – Bruce Lipton, Dean Radin and others, Only Price $85 

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