29$. Shogun Method Black Book Vol 1 - Derek Rake

Shogun Method Black Book Vol 1 – Derek Rake

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Learn how to give a woman the “Illusion Of Choice” – so that no matter what she chooses to do, you win.

Brand New Shogun Method® Breakthroughs Now Available!

Shogun Method Black Book Volume 1 contains NEW breakthroughs on Implanted Commands, the IRAE Model and the Black Rose Sequence that will kick your Enslavement skills into overdrive.

  • Module 1: Advanced Implanted Commands™. Add these two components to your standard Implanted Commands™ and increase their effectiveness by 3X.
  • Module 2: I-R Bridge. Escalate from Intrigue to Rapport stage easily using this one simple hack – a “bridge” between Intrigue Pings and natural conversation.
  • Module 3: “One Step Ahead”. Learn how to give a woman the “Illusion Of Choice” – so that no matter what she chooses to do, you win.
  • Module 4: Multiple-Outs. A simple tweak to standard Implanted Commands which ALWAYS elicit a positive response.
  • Module 5: Black Rose Sequence “Boosters”. Two new “Booster” tactics that will make your Black Rose Sequence delivery smooth and tremendously effective

What’s Inside The Program

  • “The Root” – a simple hack that increases the effectiveness of the delivery of Shogun Method techniques by +300%
  • How to turbocharge your Implanted Commands and make them “sink” into your target’s subconscious mind quickly
  • How to craft ADVANCED Implanted Commands by adding the “S****” and “P*******” components
  • Examples of GOOD and BAD Implanted Commands… so that you avoid making mistakes that WILL sabotage your progress
  • Five ready-to-use Advanced Implanted Commands (including a brand new Boyfriend Destroyer!)
  • The simplest way to know when you’re ready to escalate from Intrigue to Rapport stage in the IRAE Model
  • A powerful technique which you can use to “bridge” the Intrigue and Rapport stages so that you can escalate quickly and easily
  • A three-step foolproof strategy you can deploy that will give you a flying start in the IRAE process (Intrigue Ping – Bridge – Natural Conversation combo)
  • The two important components of an effective Intrigue Ping (L-I Component and C***** Comment)
  • A simple trick to keep a woman in “hot” mode throughout the conversation so that you can continue to exploit her emotional flaws (with four example scripts)
  • How to “steer” a woman to certain choices that YOU want (so that you win whatever she chooses)
  • How to “mislead” her into Rapport by taking knowledge of your target and applying it back to them in a covert manner
  • An easy way to convince your target that you know and understand her more than other guys (important for developing sexual Rapport)
  • How to craft questions that no matter what she answers, you’ll get what you want out of her (with six example routines and detailed blow-by-blow analysis)
  • Two “booster” techniques that will make the delivery of your Black Rose Sequence a breeze
  • What the two “Enslavement Hazards” are, and how to avoid them (important if you seem to get stuck at Rapport or Attraction stages without much progress… remember: Enslavement is the end goal!)
  • Why a failed delivery of the Black Rose Sequence will be completely detrimental to you (and your target) – very important!
  • How to properly “prime” your target for the Black Rose: with the I***** R****** technique (with complete verbatims and word-for-word routine)
  • How to use C*** A******* to make it easier for the Black Rose to sink into her brain as the Enslavement effect takes root in her psyche (with complete verbatims and word-for-word routine)
  • …and more!

Keep improving yourself today with this “Shogun Method Black Book Vol 1 – Derek Rake” course at only [29$]

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