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Discover everything you need to know about the coaching industry and how to profit from the coming changes.

This event is designed to reveal to you all the fundamentals and techniques to scale your business to the 7-figure mark.

Without losing sleep over having to do more work…

Without sacrificing your intimate relationships ‘cause you need to put out some fires…

Without having to do everything yourself like you are doing now…

This is about removing yourself as a bottleneck from your business and giving you the freedom you and your family deserve.

And if you read this page all the way ‘til the end… you’ll see how YOU can attend and profit from this one-of-a-kind event… for FREE.

Accelerate Your Business Growth While Staying Relevant For The Next Decade

The industry is changing and if you don’t change with it, you will vanish into thin air. We’ll show you exactly what to do to stay ahead of the curve and beat 97% of your clueless competitors.

Discover How To Build A Team You Can Trust Even If You’ve Tried And Failed Before

Sometimes letting go and delegating can be the hardest thing… but you can’t do it all on your own. Not if you want to abolish anxiety and overwhelm. So in this event I’ll reveal my own process for hiring top-quality talent for my businesses.

Establish Successful Systems To Ensure You Remove Yourself From Your Business

When you want a business which works for you instead of the other way around… you attend this event. Discover how to build processes and systems which give you freedom, direction, and control over your business.

Every year, we hold 2 Immersion meetup events for my Mastermind & Platinum clients…

These events are filled with growth strategies, mindset breakthroughs, and fun!

This time it’ll take place on 3-6 September, in LONDON. And we’ll cover your [flights / food / accommodations…]

We give you all the tools you need to exponentially scale your business… in just 4 days.

Get Six Figure Speaker Academy  – Justin Devonshire, only price $89

I’m telling you, you’ll get your money back with just ONE of these highly-valuable sessions:

1. Big Changes That Will Hit The Coaching / Consulting Industry In The Next 5 Years – And How to Ensure You Stay Relevant & Valuable

The coaching / consulting / expert industry is at a pivotal point. I predict a black hole forming under the feet of most practitioners in the industry.

From the over-saturation and fakes shouting for the attention of your prospects…

To industry regulation becoming more & more apparent…

And the rise of automation & tech…

When you discover how (and more importantly, why?) did the coaching industry become the 2nd fastest growing industry in the world… you’ll stay ahead of 97% of the experts who are clueless about this.

You’ll see what this continued growth (and saturation) means for you in the years to come.

This way you can be safe and 100% clear you are building your business on solid ground

It’s time for you to discover not just how to make money today – but how to grow (and KEEP) a business which lasts for the next decade and beyond…

I'll be showing you how to become the #1 trusted choice in the eyes of your market – and how to stay 5 years ahead of the rest of the industry.

2. The Ultimate Team-Building Workshop

You can’t create a successful 7-figure business when you do everything yourself…

And you can’t wear the hat of the manager, CEO, and technician at the same time… if you ever expect to remove yourself from the business and have it work for you.

This is why we'll reveal to you live the best systems I've found to:

– Understand & profile the EXACT team member 'avatar' you want – and where to find them in droves

– How to make your business so appealing and exciting to work for, they'll happily work to help your mission

– Employment contracts – do's and don'ts

– How to onboard & train team members to use your systems and ensure they do what they're supposed to

– How to launch your own apprenticeship or accreditation in under a WEEK – and get paid for it by hungry coaches who want experience & knowledge

At the end of this session, you’ll understand exactly how to build a team of juggernauts you can trust…

A team which will give you and your family more freedom

3. Content-Based Advertising & Social Media

If your leads and sales are inconsistent is because you aren’t yet seen as the #1 expert in your field…

And when your market sees you everywhere they go… you start to build this reputation.

In this session, we'll do a content-creation workshop where I'll take you behind my thought-processes and systems for creating more content at higher quality AND quantity than 99% of my industry peers.

I've built 6-figure income streams by building followings via organic content alone.

When you combine this content with the power and reach of paid advertising – such as Facebook and Youtube ads – the result is phenomenal.

We'll go behind the scenes of some of my best performing FB, Google and Youtube ads, to show you the inner-workings of 'being seen everywhere'.

You’ll start to be recognized as the top expert in your field… and your “lead inconsistency” will pretty much disappear.

4. How to Get 7-Figure Corporate Clients (with Ketan Makwana, CEO & Founder of Enterprise Lab)

When you can add a famous brand logo to your website and mention they’ve hired you to work with them… your status will skyrocket.

It gives validation and prestige to your work.

(Not to mention the massive opportunities and checks which come from working with these brands regularly)

Ketan Makwana will show you the exact process he uses to land 7-figure corporate clients like:



Barclays Bank,






Johnson & Johnson,

E-On Energy

Ketan is gonna talk about his journey to working with clients like this and share some insider-secrets of the massively untapped corporate industry.

Need I say more?

5. Operations, Finance & Scaling

If you aren’t tracking your metrics month after month… and you aren’t building detailed processes to ensure every job gets done right… your business won’t survive

A 7-figure business needs order, structure, and rules. It needs established positions, salaries, and long-term decisions.

This is what we’ll cover in this session:

How do you find and hire a manager to look after your business?

How do you build organized systems and processes others can follow?

How do you track the key metrics – consistently – in your business?

How do you READ the finance statements to make decisions and projections going forward?

And how do you scale what you do WITHOUT tightening your margins or putting it all at risk?

We got you covered in this jam-packed session.

With this knowledge, you’ll lay the foundation to scale your business exponentially without doubling your workload.

Here Are 33 Reasons Why You Must Attend The 4-Day Immersion Event

– Accelerate Your Business By Working With Me In Person And Getting 10x The Investment And Accountability

– Design Your Battle Plan When Together We Break Down And Re-construct Every Aspect Of Your Business

– Implement Money-Making Systems While Sipping Cocktails And Enjoying The Freedom Lifestyle

– How To Avoid The [7] Biggest Changes Coming To The Industry In The Next 5 Years

– The Correct Way To Handle Industry Regulations

– A Virtually Unknown Way To Create More High-Quality Content

– How To Quickly And Easily Arrest The Attention Of Your Prospects

– The Jealously-Guarded Secret Of Staying Relevant And Valuable Over The Years

– Why Almost Everyone Is Wrong About The Direction Of The Coaching And Consulting Industry

– Learn How And Why The Coaching Industry Became The 2nd Fastest Growing Industry In The World… And Discover What This Means For You

– Prepare For The Market’s Over-Saturation And Defuse The “Fakes” Coming After Your Business

– The Little-Known Secret To Getting Corporate Clients And Receiving Higher Compensations From This Untapped Market

– A Simple Technique To Get Incredible Results From Your Organic Content Using Paid Ads

– Get A Behind The Scenes Peek Into My Highest-Performing Ads And Apply These Winning Strategies To Your Business

– Leverage The Pivotal Point The Coaching Industry Is In… And Discover Gold Where Your Competitors Find Useless Coal

– Prepare For The Prediction Which Will Doom 97% Of All Clueless Coaches And Consultants

– The A-B-C Formula For Profiling The Exact Team Member You Want… And Discover Where To Find These Top-Quality Talent

– Uncover [3] Ways To Grow Your Business And Make It Last For The Next Decade

– Stop Chasing Team Members And Discover How To Make THEM Excited Of Working With You

– The #1 Secret Of Becoming The Most Trusted Choice In The Eyes Of Your Market

– [5] Facts You Must Know About Employment Contracts

– A Simple Cure For Getting Your Business Unstuck… And How To Stay 5 Years Ahead Of Your Competition

– Adopt Systems Into Your Business And Convert Unproductive Team Members Into High-Performing Successes

– Discover How I’ve Built 6-Figure Income Streams With The Power Of Organic Content Alone

– Discover How To Launch Your Own Apprenticeship Or Accreditation In Less Than 7 Days… And Get Knowledge-Hungry Coaches To Give You Their Money

– [7] Little-Known Secrets Of Hiring A Manager To Protect Your Business

– How To Make Sure You’re Not Overthinking And Wasting More Time Than You Need Creating High-Value Content

– The Absolute Best Time To Build Systems And Processes For Team Members To Follow

– The Correct Way To Scale Your Business Without Everything Falling Apart

– Quick And Easy Way To Add Automation And Tech Into Your Business… Even If You’re Not A Techie

– A Simple Technique To Read Financial Statements And Foresee The Business Decisions You Must Make Now

– Define And Leverage The Right Metrics You Should Be Tracking Consistently In Your Business

– An Easy [3]-Step Content-Creation System To Beat 99% Of Your Competitors

This Is The Agenda For The 4-Day London Immersion Event

Get Six Figure Speaker Academy  – Justin Devonshire, only price $89

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